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  1. I uploaded a throw anim. This would be going a lot faster if I wasn't working overtime at work at the moment. Usually it only takes 1 hour to animate these short things and I upload in the same evening. Probably 2 hours total including recording myself moving, and then after animating is complete - testing and uploading etc.

  2. Good, that's what I was aiming for, good to know it's going to be used.


    Combat gets a bit tricky. Ishtvan tweaked the combat to play out with no animated response to pain. If they delay after getting hurt, it could get real easy to spam them with attacks and they can't recover before the next one. I think T2 never reacted with an animation from sword hits for this reason. Maybe we should skip pain anims for combat for this release.

  3. ...yes but what I want to know is - is there anything in that list which you won't use? frightened walk sounds like you're not sure - so I'll avoid it.


    I'll start animating "pain" - it says "generic" so I'm assuming this is not from a combat pose. Hope that's what you want. Same goes for walk_blinded.


    I might be wrong but "idle_hammer" seems a bit useless at this stage without a set of hammer specific attacks to go with it. We've only got sword attacks right now.

  4. Well that's what the "in progress" status is for. As soon as you start work, change that status, and then when someone comes along looking for new anims to start, they won't choose yours, and they won't have to wait for an email reply :) So to save the most time, it's important we change that status as soon as we start work on it.


    Also refinements should be left for after release - no point improving one thing when another critical thing doesn't even exist yet...

  5. Still in same location of course



    Now it's using automatic colour coding - just put a single letter in the status field or "exported" field and it will colour it appropriately according to the table on the right.


    I replaced "animated" with "in progress", seems to make more sense.


    With only 3 weeks to go, let's make good use of the "in progress" field, so that we can steal anims from each other if they haven't been started yet.

  6. The physics engine could be completely gutted and replaced with another (probably after D3 goes open-source, because there are some low-level collision optimizations, etc that might not be compatible with a different approach to physics). But that would take a long time. Maybe one man-year or half a year?

    Yeah exactly. When you have an idea of how much work that would be, making D3's physics just work good enough for a Thief game looks pretty appealing. Also there's no reason to believe that we couldn't have door opening similar to Penumbra one day, just by modifying what's there, instead of whacking in a whole new physics engine.

  7. I can't wait to do some female animation, lots of little subtleties with the movements.


    I added a scuffing boot anim, and a warm hands anim for when they are at a patrol node where there's a fire.



    What's the next most urgent one? Hammer combat? More generic "standing there" idles so we don't see the same one looping?

  8. Bah - my old anims are mostly ones that have been superceeded nowadays. I did the boot scuff one just today. I'm taking the warmhands one off you Noisycricket and working on it now.


    We don't seem to have any "threaten" anims in our list - what's the deal with that, does the AI have the ability to call a "threaten" anim when they can't reach the player at the moment?

  9. One thing I hope they'd be able to overcome is the problem where gameplay basically comes down to who has stronger weapons or more armor. Basically you're two (or more) hulking tanks SLAMMING weapon fire into each other, nonstop, no missing, no dodging or evading, just slam slam slam slam who falls first. YAWN.

    That's exactly the opinion I ended up with too.


    When it comes down to it, Mechs are just very awkward tanks! There's not a lot of gameplay opportunity there...

  10. Well it's up to the other programmers to say whether or not you'd be suitable for sure, but I'd say if you haven't had any experience in C++ yet, it could be pretty slow going for a while, even getting everything set up and compiling might take a few days, getting stuck, posting, waiting till next day for response, etc.

  11. Just to avoid confusion: after looking at some D3 NPCs I'm pretty sure that the turn_left and turn_right animations don't turn anything for real on their own. The actual turning is done by the code, but the way they are lifting their feet one after the other makes it look like they shift their weight properly.

    Hm, well that's even SAFER. With the code driving the turning, if the code is turning 90 degrees, then the animator MUST ensure the animation turns 90 degrees and does nothing else, otherwise they'll get feet sliding.

  12. Ah well if you want to use mine as a guide...


    mine ensures the guy never actually changes position - he rotates exactly on the spot. It's safer that way.


    If he changes position in an anim like this, it could open up all sorts of subtle bugs that wouldn't show up for a long time, eg. depending on a certain sequence of turns, he might end up slowly travellling over a long amount of time. Or if someone has him hard up against a wall or an edge, he might intersect something, or fall off the edge.


    This kind of bug showed up in Thief: Deadly Shadows. You just had to watch the guards playing their cursing animation at you while you stood on the other side of a gap, and eventually their cursing animation would take them off the edge to their deaths, because it changed their position ever so slightly each time.

  13. Noisy - yeah I just updated the sheet now.


    Ish and I have been going back and forth with the combat anims so far, so I should probably continue on by doing the bow anims too.


    My old anims that I intend to re-create on the new skeleton include rotating 90 degrees on the spot while idling, and some other idle anims, and threaten, etc. I'll be able to get a complete list when I get home. If I get around to doing them before anyone else, that means that some of the work might double up, so we'll have to update the sheet cause currently squill is assigned to some turn 90 degrees anims, and others.

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