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  1. Uhh I just saw the new model of the Noblewoman and I was thinking she looks pretty damn real! But anyways, my idea is that in the options menu, there should be an option wether or not to enable/disable underwear, so like, you can knock her onto her back and well you know..

  2. Well yeah in the citadel you can fling enemies. But thats only in one friggin part of the game. 1 freaken part! And you could never like, grab a bullet or some other projectile fired by any other creature in half life 2 and shoot it back at them... But then again... how effective would it be catching one smg bullet and shooting it back... but still... Oh wait... there were small enemies you could throw... but those were jus lil hovering things... and... Ah screw it, The Grabber still looks cooler

  3. HOLY EFFIN CRAP! I mean! I was hyped up about Doom 3 RoE before but jesus christ. Go to http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?id=1508 and check out this kickass trailer they have for Doom 3 RoE. The Gameplay is high paced, i mean. Jesus. It'll make you piss your pants. I'm so excited about this expansion pack now. And better yet, IT HAS CTF FOR MULTIPLAYER!!! Thats always fun!! I Forgot to add, that THIS gravity gun looks WAY better than half life 2's. I mean, come on, did Half life 2 allow you the ability to grab an enemies projectile and shoot it right back at them, did it allow you to grab small enemies and fling them to their deaths? Jesus, Doom 3 RoE is going to kick SO much ass!

  4. Today I learned in the newspaper, and some magazine (well my dad did, and he told me about it) that America is working on some robots that they can send to war, different models, some that can hover, some that can fly, some that crawl, so on, with a whole bunch of high tech stuff attached. Supposedly these things are gonna be ready in about 20 years. I mean I'm no fan of war, but I mean... robots like that? Thats just like, starwars stuff. I mean, thats pretty damn cool.

  5. I dont know if they've done this in any stealth games like thief, hitman, or splinter cell, as I havn't played any of those games (except Hitman) For at least 3-5 years now. I know that you could suffocate in hitman contracts, except that you needed to find an object like a pillow, and the target needed to be sleeping, plus I only managed to find all that in one mission. But what I was thinking, is that the thief could sneak up from behind a guard and just strangle a guard with his bare hands (not all cartoony simpsons style strangling, im talking about like, judjitsu style strangle where you wrap one arm around the neck, and use the other arm behind the head... well you should know what im talking about, if you don't, just look up jujitsu or judo choke holds on google or something). I mean, i think it'd be a great addition, because, well, I think it would add more variety to the way you took down your enemies. Anyway, what do you guys think about it?

  6. First of all, I am very pissed off at this steam thing. Basically, if one error occurs on steam, you can't run any of the bloody games. This has sadly occured to me. Now I can't play any of the games because steam wont open even though I have a connection to the internet, my firewall is allowing it through, I have no programs like KaZaA or whatever people use running, nothing. I read the troubleshooting, nothing helpful. This has gotten me SO damn mad at this game. I mean, Jesus. I might have to try to re-install steam now! Which brings me to another topic! THE DAMN LONG INSTALL TIME FOR HALF LIFE 2. OK, FIRST OF ALL, YOU NEED TO INSTALL THE GAME FROM THE CD, WHICH ISNT SO BAD, BUT THEN, YOU NEED TO DECRYPT THE FILES OR SOMETHING FROM STEAM, WHICH TAKES FUCKING YEARS!!!! JESUS, WHEN HALF LIFE 3 COMES OUT I SERIOUSLY HOPE THAT THEY DONT TANGLE STEAM AND THE GAME SO TIGHTLY TOGETHER SO THAT THERE IS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE BUT TO USE STEAM! By the way, heres the error I get whenever I try to start up steam,


    Connection Error

    Could not connect to the Steam Network

    It appears that you are not currently connected to the internet, or that your internet connection is not configuired correctly for Steam. Either check your internet connection or click 'Retry', or start steam in offline mode.




    Now, for another long part of this article. A small Half Life 2 review (I don't want to spend too much time writing this as its pretty late over here and I'm heading off to bed after this). Personally, I hate it when crazy half life 2 fans say that half life 2 graphics are better than Doom 3 graphics. Thats insane, just read the intro to the article comparing the 2 engines over at http://www.devmaster.net/articles/source-vs-doom3/ It clearly states at the top "To give you an idea of how weird it is to see people comparing a Valve engine to an id engine, consider that without id, Valve probably wouldn't be in existence. Gabe Newell left Microsoft and went into game development after he talked to the id development team and saw what they were doing. Even more ironic is that Half-Life used the Quake licensed engine from id. Now these are the top engines out there and something no other game will be able to top for a couple of years (Unreal Engine 3). Here's a comparison of each engine, not game, in each critical area of game development"Ok, another thing I dont understand is why people are going all nuts about the AI. I didn't notice anything too friggin special. They didnt run for cover or anything when I came charging with a shotgun. They just stood there all lined up going "Huh?". Same as when I threw a gernade, I'd hear them yell "Gernade!" but they hardly ever lifted a foot to get out of the way. Make no mistake, Half life 2 is pretty great to look at, as is Doom 3. The gameplay in Half Life 2 is decent enough, but Half Life 2 is the only game where I stopped playing for at least a week or 2 when I got to the middle because i got bored. I have never done this, for any game I have ever bought. The physics however, wow, I had a great deal of fun with that. I would always be jumping on barrels, lifting bricks up, throwing them in water. That was fun. I felt that the weapon choices were a bit limited though. I hardly ever used the crossbow, I mostly just used that Super Rifle gun thing. When that ran out of ammo, I would use the shotgun, and when that ran out of ammo, I would use that Smg Thing. The gravity gun was a pretty great addition though. Well If your still reading this, it either means you are EXTREMLY bored, have no life, or just, I dont know... sick or something, BUT PLEASE, CAN ANYBODY HELP ME WITH MY FUCKING PROBLEM IN OPENING STEAM!?!?!?


    By the way, out of ten, I would give Half Life 2 a 7.8 or something around there... I wonder if any Half Life 2 pcyco fans will find themselves to this post and spaz out at me...

  7. Jeez, I'm really loving the forum community for TDM. I mean, the replies I get for my topic is damn amazing. I jus post a topic asking about a release date, and I get 50 replies talking about wether or not we should add a bloody sword to the game(I personally think you should, as it came in handy when I got cornered). And im getting tired of people saying "If you get caught, or if you run out of flashbangs to use to run away with you dont even deserve to be playing the game" or something like that, I mean, not everybody spends so much time playing a damn stealth game so that they never ever get caught, plus a sword, and (my favourite weapon by far in any theif games) the bow, added more replayability, so you could always replay the game and just try to rampage through the level, or sneak, but be a bit more brutal, using the aggression to pick off your enemies in the dark with the sword, or bow, or (I almost forgot another useful tool) the blackjack. If theres one this that I dont like about the forums its that I cant figuire out how to reply in a topic... or maybe thats just my problem for being so stupid, but either way, can somebody please tell me before I have to start a new thread everytime I want to say something?!

  8. I was just wondering if you guys got a release date scheduled, for perhaps a demo of TDM, or somethin. I mean, I don't want you guys to rush the mod just to make a demo, take your time, but I mean, do you guys got any predictions on when an upcoming demo or alpha of TDM might be released?

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