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  1. I just downloaded the mod via torrent, the source was from Pirate Bay. When I try to change any of the settings and restart the game for the settings to change it simply reverts back to the old saved settings. I decided to not worry about it and play the mod, so I chose a mission and the mod restarted back to the default mission.


    It seems as if nothing is being saved??? The mod was downloaded into the "Download" folder which is where I am running it from.


    What should I do?

  2. Marcus,


    your server delivers as a mime-type not something like "application/octet-stream" or "application/x-zip", but instead text/html.


    That means simply clicking these links (or copy&paste into the URL bar) will display them in the browser instead asking for "where to save". Not to mention this can cause havoc on downloads (if the browser thinks this is text, not binary, it might corrupt the file)


    Here is a tutorial on how to fix this:




    Simply add a .htaccess file and add this line to it:


    AddType  application/octet-stream  .pk4


    I wish I could mirror these files for you but I am out of space.



    Wait, so what do I do?

  3. I have already attempted to download the mission twice. The first time it downloaded the mission it didn't work for unknown reasons. The 2nd time I downloaded it the file was only 124 megabytes. The missions would not show up in the mission list in the actual game.


    Any help please, I really want to play this mission SOOOO BAD!


    I really enjoy the Heart of Lone Salvation but there are things that have taken me a long time to figure out or find. It took me almost 3 hours to find out how to get the heart of the Diamond case, it took me to replay the whole mission to find the library (first time round the door to the library wouldn't open?) and is taking me over a week to complete the mission.


    Well I need some help finding out where the chapel might be so I can get the holy artifact for the monster that lives up stairs. I also can't get Sams body out of the hole...

    Thankyou in advance!


  5. Should work just fine if you place them correctly smile.gif


    i.e if your temp folder is called "darkmod" and you're using the updater to download it, all you'll have to do is paste the folder into the doom3 folder and run the launcher. If you're not using the launcher to download you either need to make 100% sure you have everything or if you can, run it from the folder once you have everything and it'll just do a final check.


    the final thing will look a bit like this over-simplistic tree :

               other doom3 files and folders
                   the tdm pk4's and all the rest


    Thankyou, it's working now.

  6. I been downloading the mod. But I don't have doom 3 installed on my computer yet so I just been downloading the mod in a make shift folder for the time being then planning to cut the files and paste them into where they are meant to go when I install doom 3. Will this work or do I have to download the files into the the doom 3 folder for it to work?



  7. Ok I'm at the library using up their bandwidth to download this mod. I am using tdm_updater to download the mod and so far only 4 out of 62 files have downloaded. I am getting a little hungry and I would like to get something to eat... Would I be able to close the download and resume it later on or would it start all over again?


    Don't suggest using bit torrent since it won't work in the library, thanks in advance!

  8. It won't be this month. It's a big effort to get it together and few that can do it. Certainly it won't even be considered until the new female voices are finalized I'm sure. Might not even be September imo. You might want to wait for another opinion but that's my confident view.



    If I download the client now and then there is a new update, can I just download a patch that updates the client or do I need to download the new client entirely?

  9. I'm just wondering if there is a new client coming in any time soon? I don't have a very big download limit and I don't want to spend what little gigs I have available on something that is gonna be outdated anytime soon.


    Does anyone know aproximetely if there is gonna be a new client out anytime soon because if there is I'm just gonna wait for it.

  10. seriously come on. at the time you created this thread, there's an entire thread devoted to this FM 3 knocks down from the stickys, where your question was answered like 3 times already... on top of that, reread melan's first spoiler in direct answer to your query in plain english.




    Is the explosive look like a piece of concrete with a nail poking out of it? And is the green liquid your meant to put the explosives in, is that liquid in the same room with that cage in there?

  11. seriously come on. at the time you created this thread, there's an entire thread devoted to this FM 3 knocks down from the stickys, where your question was answered like 3 times already... on top of that, reread melan's first spoiler in direct answer to your query in plain english.




    Damn how can I be so stupid. I guess I didn't read it right, my bad.

  12. HalfKaztBoy:


    1) Get the explosives by manipulating them through a gap in the bars;



    2) submerge them in the vat of green liquid, then get them back;



    3) leave through the window from the attic to reach a small courtyard with a broken statue and a tunnel; if your other objectives have been accomplished, the mission will end when you get inside.



    So where do I get the explosives from?

  13. Ok I have gotten into the Builder territory. I managed to break into the building where the stairs is that lead down to the cell and cellar where the cage is with the explosives and letter of the explosives. I have also maged to break into the little room where the clock tower is. But besides all that I have got absolutely no idea what to do. Could someone please give me some spoilers on what to do next please.


    Thanks in advance

  14. Ok I found the mask and the crown, no problems. But I am having so much trouble just retrieving the Chalice. I am on the third flour and I pick locked the first door but I don't know how to get past the golden gate. How do I open it?


    I also found the key to the safe but I am having trouble finding the safe, does anyone know where the safe is?


    Thanks in advance!

  15. Nope.


    I know there are some people that are interested in making a campaign, but there's no effort ongoing to create an "official" campaign.


    Awww thats disapointing, I was expecting to be some kind of official campaign by the developers. Well I just hope that there are a lot of fan made missions.

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