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  1. 7 hours ago, stgatilov said:

    I searched over the code, and it seems that loading nonexistent save opens the menu without dropping current game.
    So you can e.g. execute loadGame nothing to get to menu. Of course, you can bind it to a key.
    The minor nuisance is that you will have to click "ok" every time you do so.

    It works perfectly! 🙂

    Really thank you, you saved my day: it's a perfect workaround to have the main menu in game!

  2. 13 hours ago, cabalistic said:

    Well, more like "applied a band-aid". ESCAPE key works for me, and unfortunately I don't have any immediate idea to offer if it doesn't for you. You could try to change your keyboard layout to an English variety, if it isn't, maybe that helps?

    The whole input handling on Linux needs a major rewrite. It is completely outdated and doesn't work well on modern X systems, I'm afraid. I don't know if and when I'll have time to do that, as it's not a minor task, so if anyone wants to tackle this, please do. Might even be worth considering using something like GLFW or SDL to do window management / input handling to free us from having to deal with X and Wayland on our own...

    Ok, thanks, I understand.

    Just for now to play: it's possibile to recall the menu from some command by \ console  in game?

    It's there a command, or I have to bind some key as mandatory to launch the main menu in the game?

    Thank you in advance!


  3. On 7/9/2020 at 4:09 PM, esme said:

    Hi all,

    Just updated my linux version of TDM to 2.08 & tried a new mission for 'Air Pocket"

    First thing I noticed was things were darker than I normally have them set so I tweaked the gamma & brightness & that's fine

    But as soon as I go underwater visibility drops to almost zero, I resorted to turning brightness & gamma to the max & even used the lamp but even then I could only just make out my surroundings, object highlight is barely visible and as soon as I stick my head out of water everything is waaaaaay too bright

    Is there any setting in the cfg file I can tweak to change this, I could see OK underwater OK when I used 2.07

    System info Zorin OS 15.2 64 bit (Ubuntu variant), 7.7Gb Ram, Intel® Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8, Quadro K600/PCIe/SSE2 Graphics

    TDM is the 64 bit linux distro

    I have exactly the same problem. It's darker, and even if I adjust the gamma, then all the light in the game it's unbalanced. Never seen this problem with the 2.07.

    System Info: Kubuntu 18.04 64bit (I don't think it's an HW problem)

  4. Old topic, but same issue (after updating @2.08).

    I tried inserting:

    bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu"

    in the darkmod.cfg but nothing. Tried too on the console of the game when playing, also with other keys rather then "escape", but it's a fail. I cannot resume the "main menu" when I'm in the game, I can exit only via console but typing "exit". The first main menu appears normally, it's the bind with the escape key that it's broken.

    Any suggestion to make working this bind for togglemenu in the game?

    Thanks a lot in advance 🙂

  5. Very good mission!

    Just finished and I think it's insane that it's your first mission, it's all so good, my congratulation!


    The secret area behind the little library in the shop with that little basement, it's a little jam of atmosphere!

    I cannot wait to see more FMs from you 👍

  6. Just played: congratulation Geep!

    It's a tiny mission, but very original, I really like when something happens on the game that change direction and objectives (It reminded me a lot Glenam Tower by Sotha, another beautiful mission).


    Really good idea to change the paradigma, and make the claustrophobic escape on the ship

    , the beginning was really a gem. The rest of the mission, not at the same level, IMHO, but I ejoyed 🙂  Thanks!


  7. 1 hour ago, freyk said:

    a small work around is to remap the key in TDM.
    Change the keybind-value for "togglemenu" to another key, at a config-line in the darkmod.cfg :
    bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu"

    for example:
    bind "t" "togglemenu"
    (the "t"-key because that isnt used in the config)

    Thanks, for your suggestion ?

    2 hours ago, chakkman said:

    Well... this seems to be a Linux related issue, right? Bit misleading topic title.

    Maybe, I don't use Windows, I don't know.

    (anyway I changed a little bit the topic)

    5 hours ago, freyk said:

    and through the bugtracker post, you will find a link to another forumtopic. (but that is for the arrow keys) 



    Ok, maybe it's a problem with Linux.

  8. With the newer  (and updated) version of TDM (2.07) the esc key, it's not working anymore. It seems that the key it's not recognized.

    I already tried on renaming my Darkmod.cfg, but the newer *.cfg created on start has the same problem.

    The first  lines are:

    bind "0x00" "_impulse48"
    bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu"
    bind "SPACE" "_moveup"



    Any idea/suggestion/faq to solve this?

    [I'm with Linux, Kubuntu 18.04, TDM has always worked lovely on Linux for me]



    Maybe it's this bug on bugtracker?


    But I have problems only with the ESCAPE key.

    Any suggestion will be appreciated ?

  9. Played just the beginning

    i'm in the mage tower exploring and I found the magic purple passage



    Only three words: THIS IS ART!



    I cannot wait to play the part II of the mission and explore all the city



    Congratulation for another masterpiece, really thank you :-)


    Just finished: a splendid mission!


    I liked a lot how the mission was "linear" and clear. And the beauty of design :-)


    Thanks another time for your effort :-)


    Hello Ladro,


    I haven't gotten to this mission yet, but next time I fire up TDM, I'll probably run this one first!


    Can you give more specificity, as to what you liked about the mission? What made it stand out, in your opinion?


    Sorry, but unfortunately english it's not my mother language, so I cannot express myself as I would like :-(


    However I can say that in this mission I have appreciated very much:


    - The Shop: a WONDERFUL thing that finally makes it, in my humble opinion, useful to steal gold around the level.

    I remember that there was a level made by "sterlino" (a very good and visionary Italian FM designer, I loved all his FMs with a lot of strange innovations) with an FM for T2 (I think it was named "Horn of Canzo", but I don't remember exactly), also a very FM beautiful, where a shop similar (a live ingame-shop like this) had been created. Here in this mission, however, the Shop was made in an even more interesting way, because you have also side quests, to get even more gold and fun with optional missions (this is good to explore better).


    - The City: I love being able to explore a City/Village, walking even in front of the guards without having to hide me (at least at the beginning of the exploration when you have to understand the main quest :-) ).


    - The verticality: in this level I found a really mature use of the "verticality" to reach certain parts of the city, in full "Thief" style.


    - Presentation video: outstanding. The quality in my opinion, we are almost at the level that seems to be made by a gamehouse for a paid game.


    I have not finished the level yet but I can say that so far it's awesome!


    Add to this that I'm playing with the game natively compiled to 64bit, with the menus translated into my language (italian), with soft-shadows active (what a beauty!) and with all the incredible improvements of the latest release TDM 2.06.


    This too, probably, affected my (very very very good!) judgment of this mission :-)

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  11. I want to say THANK YOU too, this 2.06 release it's really awesome!


    For a Linux user, it's now easier to install and run TDM: with the 64 bit version there is no need to mess and install all the *:386 libs for audio and video!


    (like was needed in the past, cfr. I.E. this thread)





    => I love TDM, I love this incredibile community <=

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  12. In the end I solved the issue in this way:


    I installed too this library:


    => libglu1:i386


    After the command to install this library with:

    apt install libglu1:i386

    The system automatically installed all these libraries (:i386 version, I'm with a 64 bit OS version):

    libdrm-amdgpu1:i386 libdrm-intel1:i386 libdrm-nouveau2:i386 libdrm-radeon1:i386 libdrm2:i386 libedit2:i386 libelf1:i386 libexpat1:i386 libffi6:i386 libgl1:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386
      libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libglapi-mesa:i386 libglvnd0:i386 libglx-mesa0:i386 libglx0:i386 libllvm6.0:i386 libpciaccess0:i386 libsensors4:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libtinfo5:i386
      libx11-xcb1:i386 libxcb-dri2-0:i386 libxcb-dri3-0:i386 libxcb-glx0:i386 libxcb-present0:i386 libxcb-sync1:i386 libxdamage1:i386 libxfixes3:i386 libxshmfence1:i386 zlib1g:i386

    So now TDM it's running :-D


    [i modified the subject to -solved-]


    I don't know if this can/have to be added to any wiki, anyway this was my way to have running TDM on a fresh install of a Kubuntu 18.04 64 bit (otherwise TDM was not running).


    Thanks to all for the kind assistance! :-)


    I love this game and I love this community :D

  13. glxinfo  | grep -i renderer


    glxinfo return this:

    GLX_MESA_multithread_makecurrent, GLX_MESA_query_renderer, 
        GLX_MESA_multithread_makecurrent, GLX_MESA_query_renderer, 
    Extended renderer info (GLX_MESA_query_renderer):
    OpenGL renderer string: AMD KAVERI (DRM 2.50.0 / 4.15.0-19-generic, LLVM 6.0.0)

    So, if I understand this message, the OpenGL renderer it's up and running ("DRM 2.50.0 / 4.15.0-19-generic, LLVM 6.0.0").


    But the bad news it's the Xorg.log when I read:

    [ 45792.481] (EE) RADEON(0): failed to set mode: Permission denied
    [ 85341.984] (EE) RADEON(0): failed to set mode: Permission denied
  14. Ok guys, thanks for replies :-D


    As suggested, I installed also libxxf86vm1 (32 bit version), that was requested.


    So the 32 bit libraries are there... But now I cannot run because:

    execing Darkmod.cfg
    Couldn't exec autoexec.cfg - file does not exist.
    I18N: SetLanguage: 'english'.
    I18N: Found no character remapping for english.
    I18N: 1229 strings read from strings/english.lang
    I18N: 'strings/fm/english.lang' not found.
    ----- Initializing Sound System ------
    sound system initialized.
    ----- R_InitOpenGL -----
    Setup X display connection
    signal caught: Segmentation fault
    si_code 1
    Was in fatal error shutdown: Unable to initialize OpenGL
    Trying to exit gracefully..
    About to exit with code 0

    So now the problem is the opengl drivers of my card :-(


    (with the previous Ubuntu I was running TDM without any problem with the same HW)


    I'll try installing some other drivers (I use an AMD CPU/APU 7700k)

  15. Hello guys :-D


    I've installed Kubuntu the latest 18.04, and KDE rocks (far far far better then Gnome, IMHO, Plasma evolved incredibly). The problem is: I cannot run my lovely TDM :-(


    If I launch it from shell ("./thedarkmod.x86") as I was doing in the past versions of Ubuntu, I receive this message:

    error while loading shared libraries: libXext.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I tried with "apt search" to find out about this library and:

    libxext-dev/bionic 2:1.3.3-1 amd64
      X11 miscellaneous extensions library (development headers)
    libxext-doc/bionic,bionic 2:1.3.3-1 all
      X11 miscellaneous extensions library (documentation)
    libxext6/bionic,now 2:1.3.3-1 amd64 [installato]
      X11 miscellaneous extension library
    libxext6-dbg/bionic 2:1.3.3-1 amd64
      X11 miscellaneous extensions library (debug package)
    libxmu-dev/bionic 2:1.1.2-2 amd64
      X11 miscellaneous utility library (development headers)
    libxmu6/bionic,now 2:1.1.2-2 amd64 [installato]
      X11 miscellaneous utility library
    libxmu6-dbg/bionic 2:1.1.2-2 amd64
      X11 miscellaneous utility library (debug package)
    libxmuu-dev/bionic 2:1.1.2-2 amd64
      X11 miscellaneous micro-utility library (development headers)
    libxmuu1/bionic,now 2:1.1.2-2 amd64 [installato]                                                                                                                                         
      X11 miscellaneous micro-utility library                                                                                                                                                
    libxmuu1-dbg/bionic 2:1.1.2-2 amd64                                                                                                                                                      
      X11 miscellaneous micro-utility library (debug package)

    So the "libxext6" is installed.


    Any suggestions to solve this?

  16. Mission finished yesterday :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


    What to say: I have no words. Kingsal, You really are an ARTIST!

    This mission has the best Thief classic touch on TDM, I liked a lot exploring the world and the atmosphere created. Outstanding vision on gameplay and "architecture", but this beauty was all already present in the first "Volta" mission.


    You really are an inspired and gifted guy :-D



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