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  1. On 11/2/2019 at 11:07 PM, Bienie said:

    Oh my ... how did that happen? You were able to grab 500 loot before triggering the first conversation? That happened to me during testing a couple of times, but never if I triggered the conversation at the door. Did you noclip around, or do I have another bug on my hands?

    I've replayed it with the first conversation. Now it worked fine.

  2. On 6/20/2019 at 3:45 PM, peter_spy said:

    I'd say TDM Wiki is as important as TDM forums, at least to mappers. I don't mind different forum layout or functions. Some dark theme would be nice, as this one is pure white.


    Ah, here we are back on track and Judith had a reassignment surgery. :P

  3. Thank you for this excellent mission.


    After I've entered the building through the cellar window, there was a barrel with a candle on it in the hallway outside. The barrel threw a shadow in which I thought I could hide but I couldn't, as the candle illuminated the ceiling, so my lightgem shined brightly although in full shadow, and I got detected.




    Simple Thief style: I grabbed the key from the guard and entered the builduing through the door when he was out of sight. :ph34r:


    I'm still wondering which ...


    ... secret or door is opened by the book in the library.


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