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  1. Hey I'm having the same problems with my HD 6950. The sky bug really spoils the game to the extent of being unplayable for myself, so I've been putting it off for a few months now.


    Is there any update on fixing this issue? Like a workaround? Or just some AMD whippings?

  2. I'd like to say congratulations on such a fabulous mission. :)

    I've now played all but one of the vertical missions and I must say this creation is simply perfect.

    The mines were beautiful with all those colourful mushrooms. The clock tower was also superbly done:

    Those clock faces at the top were simply jaw dropping!

    Not to mention the cutscenes and scripted events really fuelled me with excitement and eagerness to go on.


    The story was not exactly original, however it always makes a winning formula. The point is you did it well! It's like one of those box office hits in the movies :D.



    I'm surprised some found this mission hard to navigate. For me it was very well paced and relatively linear with just enough room for exploration. Again perfect.

    I think the only negative thing I could say is it's too short!!

    I want more :(


    I don't think this is deserving of any less than 15/15.

    Thank you Grayman for this thrilling experience.

  3. Ah thanks, that sorted things out. Well the keys are much better now than they were before (almost invisible :S).

    I found the keys were a little too bright though, enough so that when I 'highlighted' them they weren't brighter at all if only a tiny bit. The blue one especially.



    Like others have said, this is much better than blind frobbing! I'd rather them be a little too bright than almost invisible :D

    Thanks again.

  4. I'm glad my anoott mission is providing players with long playthroughs and open-ended player involvement... it really was experimental, and although this is a bit of a shameless plug, I'm going to say it anyway: I'm dern proud of it, and it seems to be "working" (ie posters here seem to want to finish all the optional quests).


    Though of course I suppose some ppl probably don't like this, I respect their opinion :).


    Curious, has anyone here actually completed ALL of the optional objectives, or found all the loot?




    D'OH, good point!

    Really great campaign you made here. The 2nd mission was a lot of fun. It reminded me of the great open, bustling city in Broken Triad.

    One quick question about the 3rd mission:


    The rope arrow that you find in the show room, does it have many uses in the mission?I only found 1 use for it and that was getting back out of the basement. Was quite cool to shut the doors, shoot the rope, grab it, then open the doors again. A nice lift out :)



    I managed to complete all the optional objectives but never found all the loot on any of the missions :o

    Luckily I found the way into the guards quarters on first glance but the warehouse was a real ruddy nuisance!!

    Took around 20 minutes to find the crate. I hope the smuggler gave his friend directions because he could be there all night looking for an empty box :D


    Maybe someone could do a loot list? I noticed I was significantly off the total loot in missions 2 and 3.


    Also I don't think a solution was given for the crying baby window so here's how I got in:


    Open the door from the warehouse and mantle on top of it. From there you can jump on to the porch overhang on the house opposite. Then it's an easy jump onto the wooden platform below the window.


  5. Wow, great job Komag. I think this platformer could even rival Mario.

    I think it's great with the small swings at the start and I thought "hey is this it?? A bunch of little swings". Then I go up the stairs and WHOAAA. I think having that small section at the beginning really makes the pendulum ship stand out.



    One thing I regret though was I never used the rotating wheel at the very top. I just used two ropes to get up to the playform above the ropes then ran around the top to the dangling tiny steps. They could then be reached with another rope.Also are you meant to stop the vertical spinning wheel with a rope arrow to get to the bottle in the middle? I thought maybe that was just a bug.




    This really is innovative, I don't think I've seen such a mechanic in any other game.

    Well done

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