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  1. May this be of use to you if you need it.

    OK good walk through I did not need it, but then again I played on normal. I did want to know where to go and what to do next at certain frustrating times.


    My advice would be to not use this walk through as much as possible and please play on normal your first time in, this was one of the hardest most frustrating game I can remember, and at times felt impossible. i just finished it so it is in my mind and I am sure I have played harder games but I do not remember.


    This guy in the second episode does seem to know exactly where to go and what to do, so probably not his first run.


    The 4 guys in the plaza shot at me so many times, at every angle no matter where I was, even running they hit me every single time they fired their gun with godlike aim that I made sure I killed them all with the maintenance jack. Not a good thing but I could not help myself.


    Typos, they are embarrassing.


    But that was kind of the point. You were an engineer, not some bloody Isaac Clarke. Alien was the cat, you were the mouse. Both humans and synthetics had shitty attitude towards you. Gunplay was supposed to be messy. And everything you managed to repair was just a glimmer of hope before another thing got broken, or situation went even more downhill. That was brillianty executed, along with all interface elements. Even stuff like saving added to tension. Comparing this to a cripple of a game that is Thief 4 is insane. A:I is 10x above T4 in terms of quality of... everything.

    Judith "controls" "and "the last part of the game" is my main gripe. Imagine having the same controls in any Thief before 4, You had to be quick in Thief games you have simple controls that did not impact gameplay for me at all, whereas in Alien Isolation the controls did impair the game for me. Imagine in Thief 2 you had to hold down the right mouse button and press E and then Q then press the left button once to open a door. This is all console crap, I am sorry for this but it really pisses me off. I am also new to the not being able to fight back games so the impossibility of it just got tedious. When I go in to Amnesia I know I am completely vulnerable and I will be prepared.


    Please forget my Thief 4 comment, it was based on the controls only.



    The AI was good, they outwitted me most of the game. She did have a revolver early on so she at least she could fight back and I do like her lack of strength at certain things she had to do as this would be similar to a person of her build.


    Also the idea that she would know what to do with all of the stations electronic and mechanical components was strange, myself I had no idea of WTF I am doing half of the time, some of which did not make sense and I got stuck almost as many times as in Wizardry 5 - 7



    I think a key aspect my opinion is that not a second of actual fear or scare came when that green beast killed me, I have had 3 decades of real trauma in my own life so it just got irritating for me.


    just a question would I be better of with Mass Effect 1 or Dead Space 1 for my next game, or play some old DOS or Amiga RPG's.


    Haahahahahaha... No. A: I is much, much better game than Thief 4. I finished it on hard, and it was very well designed, and felt meaningful for what it wanted to do. And yes, as most AAA games it was designed with controller in mind, and that's how I played it. One thing I didn't like was the pacing towards the end. I think the game was too long. Seems like devs were so in love with their Alien that they prolonged the last section by a few hours, just to give players more content.

    One thing I didn't like was the pacing towards the end. I think the game was too long. Seems like devs were so in love with their Alien that they prolonged the last section by a few hours, just to give players more content.

    You can say that again.



    The constant press and hold down mouse button and then press S, or hold both mouse buttons and press W. Then elsewhere Press E Press E again then press Q and Press Q again. I got stuck so many times pressing ESC and forgetting to press Q again, it was like being super glued to the device. "Oh F*** I hear that bastard coming I press "ESC" and WTF he's getting closer I press ESC again and WTF "oh yeah I have to press Q"


    How about pressing E, or pressing E then picking options with the mouse and then Pressing ESC. This game was made for a console and they kept the same Press X, Press up now press A twice. This was counter intuitive for PC game play. This was the reason I could not play a large number of console ports especially Resident Evil 3 or 4 I don't remember. The Evil Within is another port that is console heavy and stopped playing.


    The mini puzzles are cool though, as well as the save devices.


    There was a time way late in the game that I could not select a weapon until I pressed on a non weapon 8 times and another non weapon 3 times and then maybe I would get my weapon out.


    The alien during the final parts I literally hated, I could not wait until I finally finished the game. The get from here to there and then go from there to here and back to there with 1 hallway to do this in while the alien is just a deterrent to annoy you, and I started to lose my patients with it, and after seeing the "Angry Video Game Nerd" I try my best to keep my temper down.


    The gun play was not as I hoped and there was some in it, but the enemy had perfect aim even if you were running, every bullet hit you no matter how far away you were.


    Like you and I say the last parts were unnecessary with boatloads of cut scenes, frustration, and it felt almost impossible. Like getting off of Sate Hospital Parole, 8 years that took an act of god - as they tell me - to set me free.


    I will not add the good parts of the game but they far outweigh the bad. Seriously there was very good aspects to the game but it would take way to long to type


    I am not trying to discredit the game it's just my opinion and the game has far greater aspects to it to weigh in the god to bad I would say 3 good 1 bad, if this would matter.


    Also Judith, the comment I made about Thief 4 was about the console reminisce and the constant odd keyboard and mouse controls.


    So a dummy like myself to review this game I would give it 65 out of 100 - this is due to frustration in "some" of the game play aspects (mainly keyboard and mouse controls, but also a feeling of impossibility to finish the game), that tried my patience for far too long

  4. OK I just finished and I don't think this is a spoiler so I believe it to be a lot like Thief 4. I am sure we all know about the games that had console versions to be considered first and this and thief 4 were chalk-full of it, but I did find Alien Isolation to be worse at times. I also played the game at normal difficulty so that would be a consideration in my views I guess.



    The search with "E" and then sticking to it while an enemy is around until you press "Q" is UN-intuitive and frustrating. You would be on a rewire and it would take way to long to quit sticking to the device after remembering "Q". i must have pressed "Escape" at least 1/4 of the time before remembering "Q"

    I know I died over 100 times in the game - thanks to steam to point out my skill in the game, but again and again in the last quarter of the game. It was a chore to go back and forth to get anywhere further in the game. I don't like hand holding in most newer games but I must have been stuck at least 50 times wondering where to go or what to do, sometimes the map was also limiting in this affect.

    And the battle to get to the ship was almost painful, this filler is not needed, just make a shorter game.



    But as said the graphics are nice, and really reminded me of System Shock 2 - the level design anyway - but with way more detail and shader effects. Back then the polygon count was an issue to keep it optimized, last play of Thief 1, the guards looked like they were about 10 ploy's.

  5. I am not a person to pick apart engines in a game and or their tech. Its just the similarities are amazing to me from ID tech 4 game engine in 2004, has a similar look to the "Cathode Engine" in 2014. ID has always used OpenGl for their games when DirectX 10 cane out ID still used OpenGl I believe even Rage may have used OpenGl.


    Otherwise they look similar.

  6. I have been playing this for a couple of frustrating days and the worst part I hope is over, the alien which is always there no matter how you try to avoid it - it will kill you again and again.


    Now this would be lame to start a topic for its gamplay I realize, but it has an engine almost exactly like IDs OpenGl engine that would be very well known here. It is almost identical to the Doom 3 engine at first glance and the one thing that tipped me off was the refraction in the glass and the gaseous vapors that exist in areas.


    The only thing I notice when I was not trying to find a way around that damn alien bastard ("Alien" and not "Aliens" is one of my favorite Sci-Fi / Horror movies although everyone swears Aliens is better but is a matter of opinion) is the lighting and of course the advanced rendering, this one supposedly caters to AMD, but my GTX 1080 see's no stuttering at all, which again reminds me of IDs famous (to me) optimized OpenGl engines.

  7. I'm friends with Komag on Facebook and he'll sometimes post things he's up to. Pretty much it's just that he has a family now & is busy with them. Occasionally he'll let the gaming fan part of himself show a bit. I wouldn't be surprised if he sometime in the future he'd poke his head in, but I don't know if he'll be making FMs. Be cool if he did of course, but he's more than put in his time to be well remembered. (I had the idea he was in Farmington MA though.) I got Komag's DVDs, but I did it the free way by sending him blank DVDs with a SASE.


    Incidentally one of the most interesting projects of his to me was an unreleased map pretty much just of a tower with a bunch of rooms. It might have even been for TG, it was really early on. Instead of carving out individual rooms, normal dromed style, he actually used positive brushwork with lots of microdetail--like each wall was its own brush, with another brush for each border, etc--ending up with these winding chaotic series of tight rooms and passageways, with random stairs everywhere. It was terribly inefficient and gameplay would have been hell, but it still sticks out in my memory, the sheer organic chaos & detail of it all. I have a mind to make something like that someday, because it's a style actually kind of suited for Darkmod.

    I am familiar with that FM just out of curiosity but do not remember it. My praise to Komag was his amazing and somewhat comical ways of explaining things in his tutorials.


    here are some labels I made (low res to fit)




  8. I have the same copy, from komag right..?

    Exactly, but did not want to drop names (because of money being involved). I was the last one to purchase the DVDs before he closed up shop.


    Where is Komag anyway? other than in the same county in CA where I live. My Thief 3 FM was made possible by his tutorials, and I think Dark Mod as well.

  9. OK I see the transformation from season 10 to season 11. Wished I knew earlier before this thread, so sorry about the start of this topic before doing my research.


    I loved episodes 3-5, some of the best I have seen since earlier on in the originals.


    Typos galore with almost every post. I try to proofread the text but I still come up with typos.


    Original "I loved episodes 3-5, some of the best I gave seen since earlier on in the originals."

  10. I'm surprised you hadn't heard of season 10 since it was heavily promoted as a six episode event.

    And in watching the first few episodes I am sickened with the inclusion of deformed children, that goes beyond what I can stand, and I have watched many horror shows that do not even go farther than irritate me as they are almost always the same.


    Too bad they had to put that crap in it. Aliens are interesting seeing deformed kids is sad and sick. There are massage parlors out there that from what I heard that harvest peoples sperm to make future sex slaves. This is the kind of act that makes me my veins drip with evil, in the intent to slay these people.


    If someone knocked at my door and offered me 1,000,000,000 dollars for my sperm I would say no way, get lost. This is a true fact and not just talk - if you do not believe me, find a billionaire and ask me and then you will get your answer.


    The x-files turned to human ugliness rather than focus on the interesting discovery of the supernatural.


    OK I just realized this may not be the conspiracy to follow in the entire season, (or mini-season) I sure hope not.


    Another Edit: the children thing is a bit personal and therefore angers me more than most I guess, so sorry about my rant.


    Episode 3 was great, I am glad I was wrong.

  11. I don't know exactly how it works either. For Steam, official trading only works with one "gift" for another. It all sounds like a nuisance though.


    And you are correct.. once added to your official library (even if unplayed) no one else can get your game. This only works for games in your gift inventory.


    If you have any unclaimed keys: The other way to do this is more crude but works if both parties are honest. Just find the unclaimed Steam key for the game you're not going to play (from a Bundle, for instance) and send it via PM, in exchange for another. I've also given some away that I'm never going to use for nothing in exchange, might as well give it to someone who's interested.


    Any of these options would work, lemme know what you think.


    Titles I'm looking for:




    Assassin's Creed 2




    Max Payne 3

    Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments


    Let me know which older titles (or indie games) you're seeking and I'll see if I have any.

    Bulletstorm is the dreaded dual DRM Microshafts Game For Window Live and Steam.


    I would look for people with GamersGate purchases, the cool thing about GamersGate is that they sell most new games with keys to unlock games on Steam, so these keys are actual currency. Unfortunately Assassin's creed before the third installments are just setups to install. After that Steam will send you to Uplay, another dreaded DRM to play. Any Far Cry 3 and above and Assassins creed 3 and above will be Uplay controlled.




    This looks like If you buy a game in a bundle for yourself gifting is not possible, but I do see your logic, gifting a super sale bundle of games you do not particularly like, to use as a trade. Then comes the question of, If you only want a certain game, can you just wait for a sale. Usual bundles for Bethesda and ID are fairly expensive, with fallout and Elders Scrolls as being AAA games.


    I think the trading of keys should be done with GamersGate as they literally just sell anonymous keys.

  12. Hasn't there only been one episode aired yet?

    Now there is 2 new episodes, they come out on Monday, next episode #3 will be January 17th


    "But I haven't seen season 11 yet. Going to watch it"


    Coming from 10 to 11 will at least let you understand WTF is going on. I came from the Original and the Movie during the originals, Season 1 to Season 9. So this Season 11 episode 1 looked like a series of flashbacks and complete nonsense. But again I had no idea this was season 11 and there was actually a season 10 before.


    It's worth a try if you want to feel more isolation-based horror and have a better idea of the story before playing Black Plague. Overture had some unique features that Black Plague lacks, since the devs firmly shifted the focus towards stealth. It also has slightly less polish than Black Plague, but that's to be expected. It's still a nice-looking game, though obviously dated due to ten years of advancements and it being the commercial debut of the studio. One or two puzzles along the way are a bit tough to figure out at first glance, but they're both easily solvable if you pay attention. The story is almost as dark as Black Plague, but there's a sense of easing you into the horror adventure as the story develops.

    The hole digging machine in Overtire had me furious. Puzzles are cool, but without logic they are just annoying and you have to break out of the game to look for walk through just to continue and I believe that was also a anti-climatic end as well. Watch the Angry Video Game Nerd on Castlevania 2 and the idiotic puzzles that make no sense.






    When you find yourself around celestial or similar supernatural beings, then combat is out of the question, Dogs in overture were at least mortal so you could hit one of them with a hammer or similar or dynamite. I have yet to play a run and hide only game, other than Black Plague, so I cannot say if the idea is a of a more frightening type of game or not. Right now I am in Alien Isolation, basically a System Shock 2 game, but will get into a run and hide game soon.


    BYW I could knock out one of those ghouls with a right hock placed square on their chins it they have one.

  14. And why you ask? :D


    It'a mini season, good enough.

    Because Season 11 Episode 1 was absolute garbage, it was by far one of the worst new season episode I have ever seen.


    1. It did not make sense coming from the end of season 9.

    2. It looked like the speed was so hectic that it was a way to cover up such bad writing. (now you see it now you don't - wait WTF just happened?

    3. It was a mishmash of utter nonsense.


    But I was wrong in this was not going strait from season 9 and that there was a season 10, therefore my negative comments will have to wait until I watch season 10.

  15. All Hitmans., All Tomb Raiders, both Kane and Lynch and may others I have never installed them and I have no Idea of how to pass on a key once its purchased.


    Steam, GamerGate and GOG, are loading my hard drive with 500 or more games, it is completely ridiculous.




    Steam: 231

    GmarsGate. (some are just keys) 96

    GOG: 144

    Other from independent studios (legal) downloads about 50

    Retail boxed games: 50


    571 games, give or take a few 50 or so.


    If its possible to trade on these bundles please let me know. Although I think (even bundles) once your game is in your library it yours and cannot be traded. Any Games for Windows,Uplay or Origin game are impossible to pass on, its hard to play games I own on these DRMs

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  16. If we're posting winter themed videos I might as well toss out my best snow-themed gameplay.

    PS2? You know I actually believed that South Korea never had a snowy day, and when I found out about the Olympics I figured it was the summer Olympics and the idea of having the Winter Olympics in Korea did not make any sense. The winter Olympics in Korea? Such as why is there only sunny days in every season of the Trailer Park Boys", its F****** north of Maine (and in my pea brain "it's closer to the North Pole than Maine"). Then I was in total shock as I watched the Trailer Park Boys "Christmas Special" and low and behold "Mr Lahey It's fricking cold without a shirt on in the snow". So I deduced in my pea brain that with the low budge they had it would probably be cheaper to film in summer months, yeah.


    My choice of places to eventually live, is as far from California as possible (other than Alaska) which would be Maine, So I, being a spoiled Californian moaning about lows being in the 30s during our harsh winters in the San Francisco bay area, may have to use a snow shovel myself and feel a wind chill at below 0.


    I played one of the Penumbra games a while back--Penumbra Black Plague I think it was. Cool, but disjointed. That thing with the "hive mind" and the tasks given to you, felt out of place, somehow. But again the atmosphere was great, I'm also partial to Arctic suspense.


    Is the Overture worth a try?

    I played Overture and Back Plague, and finished them but if I remember (10 years ago) I really liked Overture far more than Black Plague and I figured Requiem was going to be an ending to the trilogy and later found out that Requiem was a game to explain the events of the first 2. Requiem did seem a lot better gameplay wise but I did not finish it probably due to another game that I got into, a good RPG can make me forget my age or even the passage of time.


    I agree that the the first 2 were a bit strange story wise and the fact that you could kill the dogs in Overture with dynamite was at least realistic. Where in the second there was no way to protect yourself with any combat at all. I know the later Amnesia was designed like this but it is or was known before you purchase it.


    Its like Condemned Criminal Origins, if there was a psychical living being unlike a spirit or something otherworldly you could hit it with a pipe, or 2x4 or hammer or whatever, this is just basic survival instincts. Amnesia is noted that the beings in this game cannot be fought, which I look forward to - I think I bought this game a week after it came out, and I knew this was a run and hide game already. Same with a lot of new horror survival games. Alien Isolation and The Evil Within infuriate me with unnecessary cut-scenes and press this button and this one and both mouse buttons with the these two keys and move the mouse to the left and then down and up twice crap. I stopped Resident Evil 4 on PC because of these reasons fighting was turned into press five buttons and move the mouse here and there crap again. Fighting is smash this guy in the head or the chest move out of the way block his attack one good hit to the head and maybe you survive. this button mashing has me more furious than "The Angry Video Game Nerd" - and he has nothing on me, the things I did to the Assassins Creed 1 DVD, might be banned by The Geneva Convention, after the fiasco of fight - Imaging you run for a long period of time to find your final boss. During so you wade through at least 50 guys on the way and then when you get to your destination to kill this last person, you actually have to fight 10 guys in a row first - I was furious with this ant-climatic crap that completely ruined the entire game for me.


    Requiem I would recommend, and for the full story I would recommend the trilogy during a DD sale.


    I forgot to include the other game that is made by Action Forms, the ones who did "Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason" which Is "Vivisector: Beast Within":



    Which is also unavailable.

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    Despite its flaws, it was a fairly inventive survival horror. I like what they did with it (the heat = health idea in particular). Are the games' developers still around ? Did they ever work on anything else ? All that I could find on Wikipedia were games from some hunting series of their's, Carnivores. And it all cuts off after 2011. The article also claims they "were". Hm.



    Also... I see your Cryostasis and raise you Penumbra: Overture.



    This LP of the game starts at 2:58.


    I know Frictional have since gone on to bigger things, but I still think Penumbra was very cool for a debut effort. It started strong and got creepier and more focused with the sequel. I have a fondness for the series because of my love of Arctic horror, and because I followed the series' gradual development a decade ago. Even bought the installments as they were released (sans Requiem). Hard to believe it's already been ten years !

    yeah you got me there.

  19. Cryostasis is a great niche game. I suspect it will gather a cult following--somewhat like Sanitarium from 1998--slowly over time.


    I don't truly understand the plot but the atmosphere--those ice effects--was second to none. It'll chill your bones; if you don't like the cold, might wanna skip. :P


    Otherwise, seek it out. It might just change your life ^_^

    I played and finished it, but the online sales are not available for some reason. And ( know that my 8th grade English teacher taught me you do not start a sentence with "and") GamersGate will not allow a gifting on this game.as I already knew, and unless yo really like the video you can purchase it from Amazon Here




    But like yous said (my English teacher has also taught me to not start a sentence with "but") it is a very original Idea and may not please most people. Also (my English teacher has not said anything about starting a sentence with also) the combat is sub-par in my opinion, F.E.A.R. has the best gunplay and combat I have ever played, a little behind it would be condemned: criminal Origins.


    Off topic has anyone played Alien Isolation, and can confirm that this is yet another Resident Evil console game. The commands are ridiculous,. you have to hold down both left and right mouse buttons and press the a button to take off a door lock with a maintenance jack. you have to press q constantly after you do some hacking or terminal reading, other than just escape key. You have to get by 4 guys with guns that have perfect aim even while running, with a wrench to defend yourself. Boatloads of cut-screens.. It almost reminds me the new Thief game that will be played after I play 90% of my other games. i almost liked Resident Evil, but the GameCube gamepad controls were so unlike the PC that I I am most familiar with II got too frustrated and sick of it.


    Alien Isolation is similar to system shock 2 but without the freedom to do what you want, no objectives no one way to do this or that your own way, and having one of those guys come behind you, in system shock 2 when you were tying to hack something with no care about combat awareness actually scared me. But in all games I have played, I have to say the asylum level in Thief deadly Shadows with those guys with the brace on their face, scared me more than any other game.


    System Shock 2 It is also the only game I have actually cheated in for more ammo, because I was doomed without it.


    Here's a non alcoholic severe-cold-weather-survival-game:




  20. I just finished a game that will get guys in the west some idea about cold weather, Its called "Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason" It has a good story although not very understandable to me, it also has great use of shader Model 4 to give the simulation of ice dripping down the walls and a blizzard outside of the Icebreaker ship that is stuck in the arctic. Gameplay is OK at best. This game is for some reason no longer available anywhere digital (GOG, Steam and GammersGate where I bought it in about 2010). i think you can buy it on amazon with physical copy, but discontinuing this game completely from all three DD stores is a bit bizarre.


    Spoilers as bad as the new king of the realm at the end of the 1st season of Game of Throwns are in this video. So anyone wanting to play should only watch about 15 minutes.



    The Trump Administration had nothing to do with this game.


    I just asked GamersGate if I could gift this game to someone seeing as how I just finished it. The chances of this are obviously not good at all, but if they do grant this I could pick someone here if they would want it - with a new GamersGate account of course, unless you have one.


    They killed Boromir in the first season for F*** sake.

  21. Sorry to those who have to wade in the snow. I just started Game of Thrones about a week ago, being partial to Dexter and Breaking Bad I never gave it much thought, and I can just now see the remnants of Oblivion (Bethasda) and Prince of Persia all over it,


    The more you overthink a show the less you will like it - other than Breaking Bad and Dexter of course. Also plenty of my favorite type of people as well: "backstabbers", I can not watch much of this.

  22. That animation style is neat. And your forum link seems broken.

    Sorry its a retro gaming site that uses torrents for MAME and the like, so I am a member so it will work or registered users. BTW the site has a collection of retro games from say Atari 2600 to whatever and also Arcade and Pinball as well as Fruit Machines if anyone liked that type of thing, but they focus mainly on late 70's to early 90s arcade content.




    The link to the forum still works for me.

  23. I was just fooling around checking out my usually overly hot USB 3.0 controller temp and I saw something interesting. We all know how hot a good 3.3 GHZ CPU can put out. Well look at this:




    This would be a combination of:








    With 2 medium 120s blowing out to another 120 exhaust, look at just the motherboard temp in consideration. My CPU temp is 14 degrees cooler than the ambient motherboard temp.


    This was put together in 2012 and other than a re-seat of the heat-sink without thermal paste this CPU and heat-sink is is over 5 years old.


    I forgot the particulars:





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