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  1. The mechanicals of the Saab are excellent, it's only let down by the electrics, but it's not a huge problem. Apparently future Saab cars are going to be made in Germany. What's a Nissan Bus?

  2. I too love the Pathfinder, really rugged, muscular looking vehicle. I like most 4X4's. I just have no use for it. British roads are small, don't go across country and the fuel here is a rip off. I was considering a Audi A4 quattro, but thought against it.


    You ever drove a Saab? The mid range pull is phenomenal. I had the 150 BHP one and it really goes like mad. The Aero goes from 40 to 70 faster than a Porsche 911 apparently !!!

  3. My father had the C class Kompressor and it was really nice. Very smooth gear changes from the automatic gearbox. My brother bought it off him. Thing is I prefered driving the SAAB. The BMW is very responsive. Not as smooth gear changes as the Mercedes. The Lexus looks beautiful in the flesh and it's even more reliable then the German Cars. I prefer the last generation 3 series to the new one.

  4. At the moment I'm driving a Saab 9-3:




    I'm giving that to my father and am looking for a good car in the small executive sector. I've narrowed it down to either the BMW 3 series:




    I'm looking at either 318i, 320 i or the 320d


    And the new Lexus IS250:




    Has anyone got these and can tell me their experiences or anything that may be of use? I know all the car sites like Parkers' etc, just want to know personal experience.

  5. I cannot understand why people even want consoles these days. What can a console give you that a PC game can't, apart from a headache from the crappy TV picture and RSI from the nasty little controller?



    You don't have to upgrade the graphics card to play the games at the best possible settings. Developers will also begin to master the architecture and provide efficient good looking games etc. Also youcan mong out on the sofa nad play games. I see what you mean Orb, but loads of folk can't be bothered with tweaking etc a computer.

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