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  1. What a nice mission.
    I really liked it.
    Honestly, I knew I was in for a good time when the gate closed on me the way it did.
    The floating eyeballs that teleported that one time - great.
    Bad room? Nice, but I'm confused who was knocking =D
    Olivia is just the right amount of creepy and adorable. Story is dark, spooks good.
    I got jump scared in the attic when the box fell =D
    So tension building 10/10
    A predictable scare in Mom's room, that worked wonderfully for atmosphere.

    Extra objective - very nice touch, but I wonder if there was a way to unlock it, not just complete it.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Frost_Salamander said:

    which readable do you mean?

    In the Widow's apartment, there is her diary that mentions Smythe next door. (Combine that with a Thief-ette's note and you have a hint that you need to visit him) but you can't enter his place. Since my usual MO is to snuff all the lights, I kept missing the Attic.
    (Loved his stash tho)



    20 minutes ago, Frost_Salamander said:

    and what 'panic' are you talking about?  I'm wondering if something didn't work quite right...

    "Panic" - as in, casually leaving the room =D
    They didn't break or anything.
    It's just... Were they expecting ME, after my predecessor failed so bad he decomposed in days? Were they expecting someone else, like half a dozen of other people that they sent letters to, and seeing me they weren't happy? Mission 2 makes it clear they didn't get far but still....

  3. Okay... so... I'll be honest.
    The verticality of the first mission blew my mind, made me really pay attention, explore. But the verticality of this mission made me frustrated.
    It didn't help that I kept stumbling upon things, without context.

    Moreover, some areas didn't have anything, but were traversable, while others had a plenty and required not a clear and direct path but some convoluted route that wasn't obvious to me.

    And the size of the level... It took me 4 and a half hours to search every nook and cranny, find and complete all objectives and discover the loot. But that time was split between two days, because I could only play before work, and I experienced CTD whenever I'd draw a bow inside the manor. So by the end I ran around like a headless chicken, trying to remember where I've left this NPC and where is that NPC and where the safe is...

    Now... some things really gave me a pause.
    For example, the direction of our poor LT's life XD
    Or the fact that we had such a horrible person working for our Target.

    But I really liked the story here. All the twists, the clues (that little thing in the cabinet damn), I liked using Thief's Highway... but man was I lost there.
    I would like to know... how was I supposed to find the Barrel? I had no real reason to actually head there aside from "I see a window open". But since I was thorough, I found the Barrel there before the readable mentioning it in the same place. Was there a hint pointing me there to begin with? (Did I miss it, like the combination to the safe the first time?)

    Also - the Safehouse dude was freaking me out.

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  4. Wow... the sheer verticality of the level makes my head spin. The fact that we can climb pipes (that I still couldn't jump up and grab, had to yoink a chair) blew my mind.

    I got stuck a few times, I couldn't for the life of me discover a way to enter Smythe's apartment.
    I knew it's possible to enter it, and I assumed I needed to enter it because of a few hints.


    Maybe the readable should've read "And that awful noise in the attic" as a hint? Not just "He moved next door"

    I loved extra missions. Really felt like it expanded the world. But I'm still confused about the "panic" they showed.


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  5. On 4/2/2024 at 8:43 PM, joebarnin said:

    What version of TDM are you running? The problem with the elementals happens on 2.11, but it shouldn't happen on 2.12. The keys only show up after you get hit with the appropriate elemental.

    So I was using older version of TDM (not sure about the number) but that's the thing - After getting hit by one - the key didn't spawn. Hence, why I had to "skip" it.
    Will there be a follow-up, where we discover that our "host" is an ancestor to Cave Johnson/SAW?

  6. I have the elemental issue.
    The first room doesn't need them for progress, but the second does. Not a single elemental teleports me. I used noclip to fly into the room to press the button and then ran to the exit.
    The third room had TWO elementals working.
    Orange and Blue, I think.
    But! In addition to the other two not working, the KEYS I need are missing in all four rooms.
    If I use "Show_Keys" command, they display them, but they're not even inside the pedestals.
    I bypassed that with Noclip again.
    The rest worked fine, every TP that supposed to work - does work, so I finally completed it.
    I liked it, but now I can't help but wonder what "piece of evidence" she meant 😃

    On a fun (probably unrelated) note, when you get captured, you still have a blackjack and sword in your inventory, but you can't pull them out.
    So I thought my hands were invisible.
    Out of curiosity, I grabbed one of the knocked out guards and carried him inside the mansion...
    Yup, I still have him on my shoulders after waking up! 🤣

  7. 17 minutes ago, kingsal said:

    Thanks for playing and Im glad you went loud, that was the intention or at least to tease players into killing some zombies.. Also I hear ya on the survivor, I had plans to give him some vocal lines and maybe some interactivity but I ran out of time. Maybe someday Ill go back in and update this mission :) 

    Those fire arrows are OP.
    I mean... don't change them, but maybe have them react with holy water to increase range? XD (Is that a thing?)

    You could, technically, make him either too parched to speak, mute altogether (hence why he lived, since he didn't scream and zombies didn't notice) or too shaken to talk.

    Maybe write a little lore piece where the PC recognizes the survivor as someone who was a good man (unlike our slave driver) and could incite the Player to help him (with an optional mission)

    Maybe have an option to bring him IN (if you found the other key) or bring him OUT (if you didn't) but you'd some food for both of you.

  8. Enjoyed it.
    Got lost a few times, but only because I couldn't remember where the last locked door was. (even though it's the only door that has a consistent guard next to it)

    The only real complaint - the music is way too loud. It's fitting, but too loud.
    I couldn't hear my own footsteps!
    Also, I have no idea how I'm supposed to yoink that other key (not that I needed it) off the guard sitting outside. He doesn't move at all, and he's got that brown eye pointed directly at me.

    Also, from lore perspective, how the hell did we climbed up the cliffs? No rope, no nothing. Maybe add some sort of grappling hook laying on the snow?

  9. That was amazing. Tight, rich and well-made.
    Loved the lore, realism of the Judge, and absolute insanity of the bribe.
    I felt bad for taking it, honest.
    I do think that THREE hints towards the secret switch is a bit much. The bedroom one had two (and people still missed it), they were subtle enough, but this one was like - HERE IT IS!

    That statue, tho... creepy.
    Took me forever to find the key. Even tho, it literally said "Same room".
    (How the hell did that got there? Did the guest casually carries that in his pocket?)

  10. This is my loudest mission. I wasn't spotted as much as I was falling back to the undead slayer mindset.
    The atmosphere is great, no hiccups in sound design either, great voice work too.
    I loved the fact that you have that OTHER key (and I can't believe it took me this long to notice security key)
    Since "He doesn't need it anymore".

    There are only two gripes I've had (aside from bruise ankles from all the drops)... The only survivor doesn't even react that I climbed up to him, I wish we could've left him some food at least.
    The other being that I couldn't find one more blowtorch, if there wasn't one, then it's about making a choice (which is fine), but if there was I wish I found it.

    Great map, really imposing.
    Desert being death trap was great.

    And I really like the fact that we essentially circle back to where we were on the way out.

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  11. I like the setup and the atmosphere, and the new look for the... haunts.
    Even though their eyesight makes no sense =P (You can see their eyes having red glow near the walls, which reminded me of eyes in Gloomwood) You'd think they can see behind them, since the skull isn't in the way, so to speak =P

    And it's fun to imagine that this is what Hammerites Builders go through when they're not outright bad guys.

    But don't you think that it's a lot to expect from someone who never held a lock pick before, to open the 4 locks on the first try? =D

    I had no issue with the mission, although I didn't understand how was I meant to avoid arrows at the start (I just walked past them somehow).

    What I thought was going to happen, when I picked up the lock pick, was that our Builder will become a Thief by the end. Turning into what he despises, all because of Builder's guidance or something like that. That didn't happen =D

  12. I liked the small touches, like spirits that aren't there, casual man-eater.

    Although when things started going crazy, I was a bit shocked to see a woman, whom I put out of the cold, into the nom-nom shack, suddenly back outside.

    When the door slammed close, and the thing showed up (made me think of SOMA or Amnesia) it didn't see me, and I recalled that there was a window I could use to escape... Maybe it should've been barred as well, forcing us to climb to the bell tower (only to see chilling bones)

  13. It took awhile to get used to the size of this mission.

    The long loading times didn't help, but after passing a certain point, I get it now.
    However, I will say this - the AI is crazy on this map.
    I started, right? And the first thing I see - all guards going ape because some thug cut loose. I sat in the dark corner, for like ten minutes, waiting for them to calm down, because I figured I should look around for loot (I only found some of it much later when I was returning here after finishing the mission)

    The same thing happened later, when I needed to pass an abandoned mansion.
    I waited for the epic battle, instead it was a massacre, but like an idiot I saved AFTER I left the tunnel, not before. So I couldn't reload and see if next time the battle will go differently. (Am I crazy or do leather thugs spawn after a moment?)
    I had to use up all gas arrows to pass that part because they kept trimming the bushes.

    The evidence part got me confused because I dropped a piece of evidence, but it didn't count, so I dropped everything that said evidence. Only then it counted, but later, as I was still hunting for loot, I finally remembered that I had a vent key and came looking and found yet another piece of evidence?!

    Finding Smythe was funny, because he kept saying "Show yourself" and the moment I did...
    I gathered skulls before I was prompted to, but Edgar... I don't get it.

    edit: Those glasses, tho. Holy crap, I did not expect to see "actual glass" in this game.

    The hidden room took me ages to find, despite TWO blatant hints. But I was sleep-deprived at the time.

    There was one snag, and one confusion that I had.
    The snag was that, when I finally reached the alchemist, the note told me to use the vent, right? But... I couldn't open the second vent in his lab. I don't know which key I was missing for that. So I figured - I could just go back the same way... and game CTD. I walked there again - CTD.
    I noclipped through that locked vent, killed the spiders, and tried to open the doors to my left (got spooked by friendly guards) - CTD.
    Only when I walked right and up the stairs did I finally progressed.
    Not sure what that was about.

    The confusion, however, came from Builders.
    I knocked out most of them in the Builder's outpost, but when I dealt with the Mr. Nom-nom-zom, they vanished. I guess they needed that many people to dig him out of the spider outhouse?
    (Never found the second news flash either)
    I still somehow missed 3.5k, and noticed that lights kept poking through walls (there is a piece of light pointed at doors leading into the inner garden of Builder's outpost that nearly got me killed a few times)

    Overall, however, this was an impressive piece of work.

  14. I liked the atmosphere, build up of tension, without actual scares.
    Although, when I started, and got into Captain's quarters... I read the readable and thought.... Okay, so there are 11 sailor thugs, only to find a lot more in the house, and wonder what the heck.
    Maybe I didn't scroll it?

    I liked the dialogue too, but I was a little disappointed that the interior didn't match the description, it wasn't until I returned for the first time did it change to match. And I expected some sort of ghost or ghoul to pop up.

    Then the transition, and when I went looking for the spot, I noticed the way it was highlighted. =D That was pretty funny TBH.
    Then - Two missions in one was a bigger surprise than I expected. How does it even work?

    The only thing I don't get is the finale, but I suppose that's the point.


    (I feel like you're not clued enough that the idea is that you jump down. Why would I run towards the fire?!)


  15. I got lost multiple times. It was my fault, but I had to literally jump off the roof to find my way back.

    The Exorcist room was neat, even if the trigger works from the room next door.
    What I thought was going to happen when I finished the optional objective, is that all the enemies will be gone (since I thought they're kept there by the book) when nothing happened I was disappointed. Hoped to put things to rest, so to speak.

    The atmosphere was great, the coffin was a nice touch, I loved that.

    I really struggled with the Map quest, however. I searched the room top to bottom multiple times, so I guess the readable was correct =D I found it, eventually, but man it was such a curveball.

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  16. So I'm like - He-he the doc is an idiot, he couldn't remember which book is supposed to open the compartment so he made sure all of them open it, and then I find the desk key and find the manual... Guess I'm an idiot!
    Also, the torn pages - nice touch, gets you thinking.

    And then I find the clue how to open it and... I struggle bad. Because, like others. I thought "Color of books, no that's not it, color of bookshelves, also not it" (really hard to see colors on the left side, I got it right but they blend in too much, for me at least) and then I read HERE that it's a different order(!)

    I read the recipe, and I am just going to ask - Six ounces of Snooze berries?! Excuse me?!


    Where the hell am I supposed to find six ounces of DICK?!

    Also, whoever made that ambient track that included fire starter sounds - damn you. DAMN YOU! XD

    (How do you get into a dilapidated room? I couldn't find a switch anywhere)

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  17. As soon as I started, I was hooked.
    Intro, our thief's reactions (can never have enough of those), cutscenes (YES!), dialogue with NPC's... It was great.

    And the further I went, the more it opened up. Overhearing conversations, a freaking tape recorder?!

    I found a very sus table in the pantry, and thought that maybe I need to light the candle, which did nothing.
    But you gotta admit, that looked like a puzzle of sorts.
    Turns out I was overthinking it...


    what a Sus cake, honestly.


    I too completely missed the hidden "chest" with the second book, only after coming here did I went back and found it.


    The fact that ghosts Poof-ed after you're done was a nice touch

    , but it's sad that Mage's readable turned out to be only partially true. =D

    Thank you for your work and release!


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  18. You know what would be neat? If I could sort mission list. Not Download Mission list (it is sorted)

    Sort by size, by date completed, sort by author, grouped by author... by Plot.

    I mean... I look at my list right now, there are check marks, going going going and there is a break, because the mission I clicked said "Play this one first" but despite being "technically" connected by the same story, they're not in order on the list. Not labeled as "Nib the Nip" "Nib the Big Nip 2: Electric Avenue" "Big Nib of Nip 3: Here is a little smut for you and me" and so on.

    Yes, it's because of individual names, which is great mind you, but I'd like to see in which order story lines should be played. If there is an overarching plot, I mean.


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  19. 1 minute ago, Geep said:

    Although I can't take any credit for the idea of dress mannequins with human hands... you'll see them IRL at any mall.

    Not with "real human hands" I don't. This isn't Condemned or Bioshock =D

    I figured it was a model, but not "magic". I wonder if there is a mission with living statues?

    2 minutes ago, Geep said:

    It's 11pm here, and I'm off. Thanks for chatting.

    Thank you for the mission... I'll start the next episode 😃

  20. I played it twice. Maybe it's because I finished first Dishonored not long before playing for the second time, with clean hands, and sought another thrill of picking open a safe while Target is roaming the same room.
    The first time, I did run around killing guards, but eventually I couldn't get past a mission and quit. The second time, I just threw my hat in the wind and used WeMod. Once you're invisible to everything, ghosting isn't an issue =|

    Are there some cool tricks in this game? Yeah. I liked seeing my hands (a real kink at this point) fumble for a hidden switch, or smoothly yoink purses off guards. Focus was cheating, really, but I didn't hate it exactly. I just thought that this is Tomb Raider reboot/Arkham all over again.

    Hub? Nice, shame nothing we collect mean anything.

    Vendors out in the "open"? Hey, that feels like I'm actually in that world.

    What I hated was the ending. Or that Chase sequence.

    Loading screens masked as "cutscenes"? Ugh...

    The plot holes not helping either. But the worst thing are "Hidden" areas in the overworld. I think even with the guide, I haven't found all of them.

    But at least I finished it.

  21. 4 minutes ago, Geep said:

    That "fall" delay was by design. Because there is no animation available to show her actually re-dressing from the trunk of clothing, so instead I wanted you to have to imagine it. Rather than actually catching up with her and seeing the instant body swap.

    You cheeky nandos. XD

    Have you not considered using the screen? She walks behind it, there is a shadow of her lifting her arms, the light flickers - POOF - model swap, she steps out clothed.  Although, there had to be something preventing the player from walking behind the screen.

    I liked how you handled her undressing to begin with.

    What startled me earlier tho, along with creepy music while the Builder's priest sings in the background, is the dress mannequin... with human hands.

  22. 5 minutes ago, Geep said:

    Bonus in the NSFW difficulty setting: One is also seen outside a laundry setting, for its *snort* suggestive shape.

    Yeah... I've... seen it. XD Should've been laying in a... puddle or a stain. Nice touch with cuffs and rope.

    Also... maybe (if you'll be updating it someday) you should add a plank leading from the roof to the attic during the escape sequence, because I saw Emily just hover into it but fell down and missed the moment Emily respawned with clothes on. =D

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