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  1. @nbohr1more: Thanks hugely. TDM 2.04 installed using your method.


    The install folder (F:\darkmod here) should pre-exist or the installer will baulk, in case anyone else tries it. Best to run it from there.


    "The Outpost" ran fine, except for a single audio-jarring crash once, near the start. Reloaded and finished. As you might expect with lower settings, torches could occasionally be seen through doors and doorframes, and a plume of black smoke crowned each one. Water surface was black, and sky was oddly mobile. Underwater was crazily magnified-ish.


    "A House Of Locked Secrets" gave up with same error at exactly the same point as before. :(


    Malloc errors mean you are hitting a memory limit somewhere. Typically we see this with texture loading. I think XP has some bad heuristics for this in

    graphic memory allocation because I got malloc errors on XP for missions that would not have them on Win7.


    As a workaround, try using the image_downsize changes I suggested here:



    Thanks. Tried it, with similar results.

    malloc error 02.txt


    Not looking good, is it?

  3. I have Windows 7, 8 and 10, but I continue to run XP by choice, mainly because I prefer it, and it does (repeat, did) the job. This is the first time that TDM has given me any kind of problem; 2.03 ran flawlessly under XP. If 2.04 represents a step change then so be it, and a dual boot system will be the way to go for me. But in that case, I would have preferred someone to say clearly and up front that TDM 2.04 would no longer support XP users (the DarkMod Wiki proclaims support for XP as of today.) The thousands running XP on low-end systems, who don't know how to upgrade or can't afford to, will then know for certain that they are being left behind.

  4. So we can all relax that TDM possibly does work under XP. I am most pleased to present this error to you all and good day.

    Funny, that. Running XP, played first part of "A House of Locked Secrets" by Moonbo, no problem. However, 2nd part did not load due to a malloc error:

    malloc error.txt

    BTW, here are my specs. You might need a pair of your own to read them:


    I seek no pleasure in others' misfortune.

  5. I think that Its not fair for XP-users, who are willing to play this great game

    Knowing that doom 3 runs on it:




    My advice is to ignore the updater. Get the old stand-alone version (2.0) and update with the patches (all from moddb)

    Or try to download the gamefiles from tdm mirrors. (for example, from 2.03 from helium)

    But I dont know if you can run the windows executable. Please let us know.



    @tdm-update compiler:

    I should be nice that people with older os versions systems can run tdm binaries.

    Because its just a simple updater. Please create a copy of the code, change platform toolset in VS, compile it again.

    I develop my (simple) apps always on the most lowest version of application environment possible.

    Is it difficult to change toolset? And test stuff using a virtualmachine with multiple os'ses?


    Let them be. Its not your problem.


    Unpacked tdm_update_2.03_to_2.04.zip from helium into the darkmod folder. Works fine, apart from the updater executable, so can't complain too much.


    Even so ... why?


    @freyk Thanks for the suggestion.


    @taaaki Point taken, though XP still runs pretty securely (as long as you take strict precautions.) One day it'll end tragic, I suppose, but not today.

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