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  1. I'm no expert but I still think we're on the wrong track. The original Doom3 plays OK but small Dark Mod FMs do not.

    Not always, I sometimes have to relaunch Doom 3, 4 - 5 times with the same error message before the game dashes???


    Thus therefore, the fms of DarkMod has the same error



    I use the default DoomConfig.cfg provided by the updater installer

    and for tdm_update :


    Your installation is up to date

  2. For the antivirus, I have nothing fact concerning Doom 3


    C'est bon Briareos smile.gif


    Juste corrigé cela à l'instant


    Dans l'écran de mémoire virtuelle, je te conseille de choisir "Taille gérée par le système".



  3. I downloaded directX and to reinstall, the error arrives less often and I was able to play with Doom 3 during 45 minutes without having the error message.


    On the other hand, the message returns to the load of a mission of Darkmod in spite of a new installation




  4. I uninstalled the new drivers (catalyst 11.1) and I put the drivers Catalyst 10.12.


    Now I manage to enter the darkmod but the game crashes at the end of the load of Training Mission


    http://support.amd.c...aspx?os=Windows XP - Professional/Home&rev=10.12






    I have DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)



    The game Doom 3 works correctly nevertheless

  5. In other forums the most common next thing they say is to completely delete & reinstall Doom 3, from the beginning.


    I have already made it but nothing better


    The same error by deleting *.cfg

  6. The original game Doom 3 gives me an error.


    I put well the TDM_uotader in the darkmod file and everything is well.


    Then when I launch the darkmod, I have the same error message, on the other hand I manage very well to download various fan mission.







  7. I do not speak English and I pass by an automatic translator


    I cannot reinstall TDM as long as I would have this problem of error with Doom 3



    I have just reinstalled Doom 3 and always this error and the patch is put













    Microsoft Windows Xp Professionnel

    Service Pack 3



    AMD Phenom 9600 Quad-core


    2 31 GHz

    3,25 Go de RAM



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