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Found 1 result

  1. TDM currently uses Scons as the build system to build the execuables from the source code for Linux and Mac. (I guess the Windows side uses whatever MS uses). This has been working more or less for a few years, and one shouldn't "fix" a working system. However, the merging of the D3 source code and the TDM source also brougth along a change to try to use pre-compiled headers. This, however, does somehow not work in the combination of scons, and gcc. Everytime a single line is changed anywhere (in fact, even if 0 lines are changed), the entire source code is recompiled from scratch. Due to the precompiled header, this goes a bit faster than before (16 mins vs 22 mins on my old PC), but it is still annoying having to wait that long, not to mention not being able to use the system during that time. So, it is highly desirable to fix this problem. Here is your chance to fame. Go fix it! Related thoughts: * the minimal invasive solution is prefered - if it can be made with scons, the better! There is no real need to rip out out and replace scons with another build system, unless this brings massive advantages (frankly, the only one I can see is "make it work with precompiled headers"). However, if you do so, prepare to get swear words thrown at because a new build system is likely to bring other, yet unknown problems Nobody will complain, tho, if you make the change to whatever, and it just works, tho Bonus points for: * Creating an automated build system. Something living on the greater internet, syncing SVN every minute, and when detecting a new checkin, re-compiling the source automatically, then publishing the build log on the web, and make the result downloadable.
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