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Found 2 results

  1. The ELF executable provided from the main download page is 32-bit. It doesn't run on 64-bit systems without adding support for ELF32. Since 64 bit support is now available in 2.06, this needs updating. While the documentation on the download page is accurate in removing the instructions for adding 32 bit architecture support, which should now be unnecessary, the binary download needs updating too. I get the error: "no such file or directory" on Debian Stretch GNU/Linux, on a bash shell. This is perhaps because it requires loading some dynamically linked 32 bit libraries unavailable on my sys
  2. I've been spending the past few weeks adding 64 bit support to the Dark Mod, and finally have something that mostly work. This was only developed and tested on Linux, so a Windows version will probably require some more work still. Things tested: Able to play through the FM "Thief's Den" to completion.Able to play various bits of the training mission. (Was not played exhaustively.)Downloading FMs and switching FMsCompiling for 32 bit with the original build system.Loading 64 bit saves on a 32 bit version compiled from the same source.What doesn't work: AIs are blind as bats and require physic
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