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Found 1 result

  1. I was surprised to find nothing about HRTF on this site so I decided to make a thread about what it is, how it improves your TDM experience and how you can get it. For Germans: Quasi den gleichen Thread gibt es auf Deutsch hier: http://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/f267/guide-openal-soft-mit-hrtf-als-ersatz-fuer-openal-vorteil-3d-sound-fuer-headphones-1013497.html What is HRTF? To put it simply: Our brain can determine the position of sounds so accurately because depending on where the sound comes from it goes through different zones of our head where the sound is unnoticeably changed but it's enough for the brain to put it into 3d space. HRTF is a technique to improve positional audio in games by filtering the audio signal the same way it would be changed when passing through our heads. This way the positioning is spot-on and feels very real. I have some demo videos on Youtube if you are in doubt it works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVqFbu4gsqs&index=8&list=PL_0EBFw_May-IAaplRFVS5n2-9p3pPR_4 Please note that HRTF suffers greatly under audio compression and is much better in real life! What do I need for HRTF? In this topic I will only talk about OpenAL Soft HRTF because this is the only way at the moment to get HRTF from TDM. You need: - Headphones! (in theory HRTF would work with speakers as well but there are no datasets for speakers) - OpenAL Soft version >= 1.14 (the way how HRTF can be used changed between versions, I will only talk about the latest version, 1.17.1 here) That's it! No specific sound card required or anything. It is however very easy to mess up the setup so that HRTF doesn't work. Follow the guide closely to make sure it works. How do I set it up? Windows 32 Bit: - Download current build of OpenAL Soft - move soft_oal.dll from bin\Win32 as "OpenAL32.dll" to C:\Windows\system32 Windows 64 Bit: - warning: Due to the architecture of Windows the 32/64 bit numbers are confusing. My tutorial is correct, don't be confused! - Download current build of OpenAL Soft - move soft_oal.dll from bin\Win32 as "OpenAL32.dll" to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (for 32 bit games) - move soft_oal.dll from bin\Win64 as "OpenAL32.dll" to C:\Windows\system32 (for 64 bit games) Final steps for both Windows versions: - move standard HRTF datasets (default*.mhr) from hrtf to %appdata%\openal\hrtf - remove OpenAL32.dll/wrap_oal.dll from the game folder if existing - Copy all text from alsoftrc.sample, create alsoft.ini in %appdata%, paste the text from alsoftrc.sample into alsoft.ini and change "#hrtf = auto" to "hrtf = true" (remove "#"!) - make sure your audio sample rate is 44,1kHz or 48kHz - turn on OpenAL in Darkmod.cfg (seta s_useOpenAL "1") - set TDM to stereo sound - To make sure it works run put this in a .bat file and run it from the TDM folder: Check openallog.txt if HRTF is enabled. Linux: - Make sure your OpenAL Soft version is >= 1.14 - Depending on the distribution and OpenAL Soft install you may need to install the HRTF datasets manually: - Download current build of OpenAL Soft and move default*.mhr from hrtf to ~/.local/share/openal/hrtf - Download alsoftrc.sample and save to ~/.alsoftrc - In ~/.alsoftrc change "#hrtf = auto" to "hrtf = true" (remove "#"!) - set TDM to stereo sound Advanced users: There is a way to improve the positioning even more: Because the default HRTF datasets are made for an "average" head they may not be optimal for you. You can create your own by following this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/oculus/comments/1fzonq/psa_for_games_using_openal_including_minecraft/cagd3lb PS: This also works with Thief 1&2 running on NewDark but you have to enforce a frequency of 44,100 kHz in alsoft.ini for it to work because Thief's sounds are in 22,050 khz. PPS: In order to spread the awareness of HRTF I license this forum post under CC-BY so you can repost it anywhere when giving credit to me.
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