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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, I didn't find any specific topic about this, so I hope this will be useful. What I want to discuss here: - tips about non trivial use of weapons & tools only that make it fun - ideas for changes, extra uses to add [EDIT] What shoudn't be discussed here: - general tips (moves, doors, ...): there is already a topic about player tips, created a while ago by Springheel: here. [/EDIT] Purposes: - give gameplay ideas for players and mappers with the current mechanics - give ideas for the next versions of TDM I don't really care about graphics or realism, just gameplay. If you have a brilliant idea, I think it's better to use it in a FM, give some hints and let people find out by themselves than posting it here right away. That's why I'll use general examples (not that I have brilliant ideas...) For instance: Broadheads trivial: can hurt people not trivial: can make noise and distract people (don't even argue about stealth score/ghostling) smart: allows you to knock items or break glass from a distance ideas: none, you? Fire trivial: explodes dealing massive damage and noise situational: can light stuff (never found it useful so far, you?) not trivial: can make alot of noise and distract people smart: got no clue. Anyone? ideas: make some materials ignite, like straw (not wood!), to get guards busy (maybe complicated for something redundant with with noise arrows); make some doors able to take damage like in T2 Flash trivial: drop it and troll around situational: throw it instead and then move past (typically you'd need to step in line of sight to drop it) ... That's it. (For now. I flooded the forum too much lately). Your turn!
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