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Found 1 result

  1. (this is a follow up from a question in My experience with The Dark Mod under Linux) I am writing a new post on a question that I think is better to follow its own thread. If this is against the policy or the custom, I apologise - please let me know in that case. I had not tried. I am not very willing to play that mission since I haven't played the previous two (and my skill are shaped so far only by the training mission), but I can do some testing. At this point it's relevant that I know what I am looking for. I downloaded it and started it. first time: looked at the introduction, spent a few minutes to realise I needed to click on the bottom arrow to get the next part of the introduction, then toward the end of the introduction I was slammed at the command prompt, no evidence of crash. Strange... second time: I tried to skip the introduction; I found William in a dark tunnel, very very dark, my desk lamp not helping. So I asked him to turn on his lantern... fortunately he had one. Then I made a few steps forward to reach an intersection, just to hear a person passing in front of me, dressed like a guard. He ignores me and keeps muttering despite my light gem is white surrounded by red surrounded by ringing bells and an orchestra playing Richard Strauss. I assume that he just has nothing against me. After all, not always we are the suspect types. When he gets at the turn of the tunnel, maybe ten meters away, it suddenly realise that somebody was playing Strauss and he has no iPod, and becomes suspicious. I douse my lantern, I let him look for me for a while and then I quit. No crash at all this time. third time: I duly waited for the intro to transition into the mission, and when it did not happen for long enough I clicked on the X at the bottom. The mission started, and I led William to wander around the sewers until a guard caught and sliced him. No crash.What else should I check? Summary: self-compiled The Dark Mod: Gentoo Linux, 64 bit system with 32 bit libraries availableGCC 5.4.0Boost 1.62.0Scons 2.5.0OpenAL 1.17.2FreeALUT 1.1.0The Dark Mode SVN trunk, commit #6731 plus custom patches documented in thread My experience with The Dark Mod under Linux
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