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    I'm not a fan of that position. It's already a little squished and makes it harder to see the "More" button, and if the date has a lot of larger numbers, it will become even more squished. If there is a general desire to add that to the main download page (rather than the extra details page), I would prefer replacing one of the existing fields. The "Size" field seems like it is the least important at the moment--I doubt anyone is making decisions about which missions to download based on whether a mission is 10mb or 100mb. Moving it to its own line would also eliminate the need to choose a single descriptor. At the moment, missions are uploaded by team-members who have access to the online mission download archive. I don't know what is involved in adding new information to that archive for existing missions.
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    Thank you Destined, this is very much what I meant. What's funny is that there already seems to be an implicit understanding, especially within the TDM fan mission designers (less in Thief FM designers), that torches in particular have a certain limited use to mostly dungeons, basements, castles or outside areas, whereas oil lamps and candles are preferred for house interiors, manors or palaces. Two good examples of that are Tears of St Lucia and NeonsStyle's Briarwood Manor. From Tears of St Lucia - the crypt and back-end levels feature torch illuminated walls, whereas the church itself and the builder's quarters are lit by lamps and candles. From NeonsStyle's Briarwood Manor - the cellars and back-end stairs are lit by torchlight, but as you go up oil lamps become the rule instead. So there is already an implicit restriction imposed by a fair number of FM designers on where torches should belong. My goal with this appeal is for FM creators to update this design standard, and let candles and oil lamps take the place of torches in dungeons and basements as well, letting torches remain on outdoors settings. The point is that beyond torches being impractical for indoor usage, both oil lamps and candles are cheaper, last longer, and are easier to maintain. Several maps already do this without acting in detriment of either aesthetics or gameplay. Some good examples: A New Job - no torches are present in this mission whatsoever. The basement section of the inn is lit instead by oil lamps. Grayman's Wm. Steele Part 1: In the North - All basement levels are lit by candles. The only torches present are used outside. Dragofer's Down by the Riverside - all the interiors are lit by oil lamps or candles. Some torches can be seen outside. Another alternative that could be considered would be to replace standard torches with oil-fueled ones instead. Something akin to a tiki torch, that is to say, a large bottle of flammable liquid placed on a torch stick/fixture. These usually produce a much bigger flame that could be matched to the current wooden torch radius very easily.
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