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  1. No probs, here it is;



    Download the file off that page (it's a .rar)


    Put the md5toMaya_019b.mel in a folder of your choosing. Edit the file, near the top is a path pointing to Doom 3 on your hard drive, you have to edit that and save it.


    Then in maya make a button - open shelf editor: click Window, Settings & Preferences, Shelves, make a new shelf, select it, open the script editor Window: General Editors, Script editor, paste below into the script editor, replacing the first line with the location of the mel script:


    source "D:/md5toMaya/md5toMaya_019b.mel";



    Select it all, click File, Save selection to shelf


    Now when you click that button, the importer window should open and you can specify a model to load.

  2. Nice :)


    I know that modeling & skinning is not easy and I do not want to sound ungrateful, but I just wanted to mention that imo those women look a bit too much 90-60-90 with their big bosoms and all. Where are the chubby barmaids and skinny nobles...or vice versa :rolleyes:

    Yes that would be great, but we lost our awesome modeller years ago. Springheel has been pouring his efforts into creating models based on parts of our existing models, and doing a pretty fucking good job at that.


    But without a fantastic modeller like we had, we can't hope to make completely original characters like you proposed. Hopefully a guy I know will manage to do some, he seems keen, just remains to see whether he will be able to stay dedicated, that is always the issue with a mod.

  3. One of the guys at work approached me asking about modelling for us. He's a great "next gen" modeller, definitely in oDDity's rank... But at work we've been making casual games, low poly or 2D stuff. And he's dying for an excuse to do some high detail stuff again. I warned him about how it would be hard to find time, but he's still enthusiastic. So no promises of course, but here's hoping!


    Anyway Spring - was just collecting together some of the pictures you've posted, to show him what our existing style is like, and realised you've already done quite a few models for us. So much that I'm not sure what is left to do, even after looking at the sticky concept art thread.


    So what would you say would be the most urgent modelling tasks if we got a really good modeller?


    New head varieties? Are there characters that need doing still?

  4. I think it's amazing what work you've done only using oDDity's stuff. These models look great and fit right in. From the pics, the neck seem looks pretty darn well covered up. I'm not sure you could do much better in a game where the heads are dynamically attached. Unless we were attaching them at the jawline.

  5. Where is the lightwave source file for the noblewoman? I found "noblewomanposed.lwo" in the proguard folder, not sure if that's the right one (or if it's meant to be there).


    Or maybe you consider the md5mesh to be the latest "source" because they're easily imported & exported?

  6. On man I did the very same! I called them my Jehovah's Witness Stalkers, and they came round every Saturday for weeks on end. Each week I reiterated that I'm a staunch atheist and that they had absolutely no hope of converting me, but that I loved a debate, and secretly thought it might be mice to introduce just a little doubt in their minds. And each week they would come over and shoot the breeze with me on my doorstep. We'd have a lovely debate that unfortunately never went anywhere though, because after every 'profound' point they made about How science couldn't possibly explain X, Y or Z, I'd inevitably answer with "yes, I agree, but I'm happy with that situation" or with "yes but I'm quite content to accept that it was all a massive coincidence".


    Anyway, a word of warning. My wife was getting unhappy about these folk coming round uninvited. It had been 2 months, I had grown tired of the circular debates, the copies of "The Watchtower" were piling up (unread) and they had started to drop hints that they'd like to come into the house. I'd also got a bit annoyed at their narrow-mindedness. They just couldn't accept that my beliefs were as firmly held as theirs and that I was happy with those beliefs. It felt a little intolerant. The problem was that they were just so darned nice. How was I supposed to turn them away? It would be like punching Santa.


    She told me that I need to stand firm and tell them to bugger off, and then she sat on the stairs next time they came over and just glared at me until I'd sent them packing. I did so, and yet they still came round next week. Now here's where it gets a little creepy. I wasn't in, and so my wife answered the door. "He's not in," she said. They didn't believe her. An argument ensued (a very placid, Christian argument), and my wife clearly said she wasn't interested. As she started to shut the door, one of them put his foot in the way to hold the door open. My wife (who's not to be trifled with) was fuming at this and told them very clearly what she thought of them and slammed the door in her face. They never returned, but the missus was (rightly) a little shaken up by the experience. Since then, I limit my theological discussions to online forums and friends.


    Wow, what a pair of freaks! Well my ones seem much nicer. It was me who invited them in the first time, and they made sure I was okay with it - I just did it to get them out of the wind and rain, now I just do it cause it's better for us all to sit down. They constantly remind me that they would never force anything on me, and thank me for being so willing to discuss this.


    For me, it's not about me just being happy with things not being explained - they really think they can convince me using reason, and the evolution book. I can't wait till this Saturday when I get to confront them with the deliberate misquotes from the book...



    What a mess :( nobody intends to fold, and several forums members have become a lot less respected by either side. Common guys, I think this topic is a little too sensitive too continue with, I don't like to think of how bad it could get. Too many more topics of this nature are going to leave us bitter for each other.


    Nobody will win, because nothing has changed, and we've both been given the shit end of the stick.

    Religion is not just someone's way of life, it is their world, their life ambitions, their reason to live, they're not going to give it up for anything.


    Please everyone put their pride aside like I have for the sake of rationality.


    I really think this thread has run it's life.


    Man I am always up for a harmless debate.


    I'm generalising here, but in my experience, it's always the ones supporting religion that get all worked up.


    I guess it's because it's a debate about something that only one side has an emotional interest in.



    Yes, I really wish we could disable these silly "reputation" buttons. I'm not sure what purpose they're supposed to serve, but they certainly should NOT be used to knock someone who is participating in a valid discussion, even if you disagree with their views.


    No one deserves a bad reputation for stating their opinions honestly.


    Please, everyone, stop using them.


    Wow, if this is really happening - that's fucked. That's the internet equivalent of turning this into a fist fight. Whoever's doing this, and whatever side you're on, fucking grow up and get out of the cave-man era.


    Another question occurred to me a few days ago and made me think of you: As someone with a good knowledge of history, how do you deal with the discrepancies surrounding the date of Jesus' birth? Luke 2:2 claims it was during the period where Quirinius was governer of Syria, and Matthew 2:1 claims it was during the reign of Herod the Great. These two periods do not actually overlap. Quirinius' famous census was a good 10 years after the end of Herod's reign.


    Most modern historians suggest that Luke's account is mistaken. However, if you believe the Bible is infallible then you would seem unable to accept that, so how do you rationalize this apparent contradiction?


    Anyone who doesn't believe the bible contradicts itself, should watch this and then get back to me with the explanations, I'd really love to see them

    All the contradictions in the bible, in quiz show form.

  7. Ok no problem - I thought you meant just the rig was out of date. Yeah I'll import the md5mesh and add the new rig to it, no worries.


    And yeah good idea, I'll make her a noblewoman_domarius until we're sure she's working, then we can swap her in.

  8. Hahah, this is awesome - Do other mods always have religious debates pop up? Or is it because the "factions" in our game tend to incite this sort of discussion?


    Unfortunately I can't tell from the first post cause it was obviously broken off from another thread. I'd really like to know how this started :) and who made the "Obviously you've never read the bible" comment...





    You know, I think if every religion in the world was replaced with Jehova's Witnesses, things would be probably okay. Say what you want about them, but it seems that they are so fucking passive, they would never cause a problem at all. They say the first part of the Bible is the Mosaic Law, and so you shouldn't obey the 10 commandments or the examples of stoning etc. they say the last half, with the return of Jesus, just says there are only 2 commanments for the future - Love God, and then love everyone else like you would yourself. Kinda harmless. Of course loving god means accepting the bible as truth (except for the mosaic first half) so they dont' belive in gays, blood transfusions, abortions, and sex before marriage, but they don't force this on anyone.


    You see I've been letting the same 2 Jehova's Witnesses come over to my house to educate me on the Bible every Saturday morning, just because they are so polite, and so convinced that they have the answers and that they can convince me. And I LOVE debating... and this promises to be the best debate ever. It can't end in a squabble, because they are polite and reasonable and (relatively) well thought out. And it can't end in them ignoring me, or a live-and-let-live "ah you should just try accepting God for yourself and see what it's like, I don't have all the answers", because they are so convinced they are right, they intend to stick with me to the very end until I'm convinced. And So unlike the religious debates I've taken part in on forums, this HAS to go somewhere interesting!


    At the moment they've given me a very entertaining handbook called "LIFE - How did it get here? By evolution or by creation?"

    Ho man... if you could read this. What I was hoping to actually be the epitome of what they represent - a well thought out, logical, religious argument (oxymoron), turns out to be just like every other religious argument, once you scratch the surface. They love all the "quotes" from "scientists" in this book. Firstly, they quote real scientists OUT OF CONTEXT, EVERY TIME - including the famous Darwin "The eye seems too complex to be explained by evolution" - basically wherever there is a hyperbolic opening statement, they quote that, and omit the actual following text that answers the proposed problem!!

    And then, the rest of the scientists they quote, turn out to be the fringe types that are known to be wrong, and are also into "Dowsing" and other magical stuff...


    And then of course there's the emotional aspect that you always see in this stuff - where it talks about the supposed disagreements upon how evolution occoured, we see illustrations of men arguing (not photos mind you), and then when it gets to the creationist section - suddenly the pages are filled with pictures of sunsets, and birds...


    I can't even begin to describe the audacity of this book - it may seem very convincing to a lay person, but not if they have Google handy...

    Here is a page that points out almost all the flaws in this handbook - and ironically, it's written by a Jehova's Witness!!


  9. Well, you've got a lot of work ahead of you, since only two characters (out of our dozen or so) do. :P

    Ah but I only have to do the majorly different types.

    1. The proguard pretty much covers every regular male. A tweaked copy of that will cover the robed males.
    2. The noblewoman will cover every female with a dress, and a tweaked copy of that will coverall the females without a dress.
    3. And then one more for the stocky men. :)


    Maybe in the future if we have stocky females, I would add that too when the time comes - hahah. (eg. fat washer-women type thing)


    If you want to work with the noblewoman that's great, but just make sure that whatever you do is consistent with the work that has already been done on her.

    My plan is to import the proguard rig into her mb file and re-weight her. Then I will see if the animations need changing, but I want to export her md5mesh from that mb file - so that what you see in Maya is what you get. All characters should be like this. Working on the bus is working out great, so I certainly accept the challenge of tweaking or re-doing any animations.



    That would certainly come in handy if you get a chance to upload it to the ftp.

    No worries, that's definitely happening.


    I just got a portly guy to agree to be filmed doing all the movements we need, so that's coming too :)

  10. I see. Well I want to make sure all the characters are up to date with an MB rig, it will be easier to maintain, and I'm sure you're familiar with how much time having to load up Doom 3 to check your results adds to the development time of animations. I'll start with the noblewoman to warm up, because I'm sure the stocky people will be harder, being so different.


    I have female reference footage (thanks to my friend Kate) for all our common animations (walk cower etc.) even character varieties such as guard, noblewoman, and stocky washerwoman. I filmed that back in 2008 but haven't uploaded it with the other male stuff I uploaded already. I'm copying it to my laptop now to edit on the bus.


    I should also find a stocky person to act for me now... the way they waddle when they walk, and cumbersome way they move, it's very unique...


    I wonder if I should credit these people in our credits... I think I will :)

  11. Hm it seems my little tutorial no longer works



    as all the AI I've tested using

    testmodel defname

    gives the error

    Joint 'Head' not found for attachment position 'velvetcap_1' on entity 'idAnimatedEntity_adtm:ai_head_base_112'


    I've just done a fresh update, so these are the possibilities I can think of;

    • It's not possible to use the "testmodel" command on our AI anymore, and there is another way to preview your changes
    • Something is messed up with my local files, and I intend to delete everything and re-download just to be sure, tonight, once I'm off-peek



    Also - unrelated, the player camera seems to be off to the left - so that the center of the view is actually on the right...

  12. Hm well if the problem with her is that her animations are bad because the skeleton isn't appropriately sized for her - then the only way to fix it is to re-adjust the proportions of the skeleton to suit her, re-weight her vertices, and re-do all the animations. I figured that's what I'd be doing. So I'd have to re-export her md5mesh.

  13. The way I see it, is they'd use the same bone structure, so they get the head turning and all the dynamic stuff - but they'd be rigged and weighted from scratch.


    Also they would have their own animations, not interchangeable with the other types of characters. Men, women, tall, and short, all move differently than each other.


    Noblewoman first it is then.

  14. Hey Spring, I just saw the Noblewoman was done but with the proguard rig. I think you'd want me to re-rig her at some stage, but since she's had so much work done she's probably lower priority than someone else, like a stocky model.


    Could you list in order which models you'd like to see rigged?

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