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    not really following :/ What are you asking?


    Storm Engine 2 has not been tested with MESA. Most likely it doesn't work with it. It was only tested with proprietary Nvidia and AMD drivers.


    As for building, you need to run cmake on Linux, it will generate makefile so you can build it. I don't use Linux, so I can't really verify much.


    Basically MSVC 2013/2015/gcc is what we used to compile it with, nothing else.

  2. If this source release has improved Shadow Map performance compared to RB-DOOM3-BFG (as you previously claimed) that would be something

    to look at certainly. If that part has been kept internal or RB-DOOM3-BFG has improved to be at parity or better then I'm not sure what we would scavenge

    from this. A welcome release nonetheless.


    Yes, SE2 performs better with shadow mapping. It doesn't really have to do with shadow mapping alone as it's almost the same as RBDoom3's (although the matrix is modified). It's the whole complex approach with completely disabling shadow volume calculations (which RBDoom3 doesn't to) and limiting shadows drawing distance.


    Shadow maps are not cheap. Any modern engine chokes on it when there are a lot of point lights and shadow casting objects. That's why UE4 uses various shadow casting techniques for various distances and various types of objects.


    The biggest advantage over RBDoom 3 is that SE2 more stable, better put together, has a lot of gameplay enhancements and all tools (except RoQ converter), which were also fixed up (GUI Editor for example) and somewhat enhanced.


    I don't think you can rip stuff out and use in TDM, due to architecture differences, but for a new project SE2 is a solid foundation.

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  3. A binary? Please a binary! :D (if compatible with Doom 3 BFG game)


    It's not compatible with Doom 3 BFG out of the box (we changed compression methods for textures for higher quality than Doom 3 BFG). Someone could make it compatible with Doom 3 content where engine would take Doom 3 assets and binarize them on the first run. I tried running Doom 3 MP maps as mod and it worked.


    You can build engine yourself. It's super easy and instructions are there.

  4. It would be nice if DarkRadiant could export chunks of mapobjects (exact positions/rotations), so they can be combined in other software. Currently a way I know of doing that is to use the Quake 4 editor, it can export selections of models to 1 OBJ, and even though that version of Radiant is fairly easy to obtain (you can combine the demo PK4s with the patch EXEs and launch the editor from the intro movies, and all freely available) there are a lot of funny-shaped eyebrows about the legality of doing that for "serious" projects.


    I have Quake 4. But it would be nice to use DR instead of some unrelated game.


    Why would you want chunks?

  5. So I am guessing it's a no-go for this project? :/


    Actually, I just got insane idea - I can export Doom 3 map from DarkRadiant into (as-is I guess, too bad patches don't get exported :/ ), then I can duplicate imported geometry in Blender, merge all faces (probably per room), re-UV map it, bake textures from original to the re-UV mapped model (to reduce draw calls), import that into Unity and bake lighting (which sucks, because Unity's lightmap baking tools are _slow_).

  6. Are you sure about that? Keys bound to AI rotate correctly as the AI moves, for example.


    Maybe you guys already had it fixed in TDM. I recall we didn't have it working right and had to fix it in the Storm Engine. Or maybe it worked fine with entity>bone, but didn't work with entity>entity binding. I don't recall by now.


    Would the same principle work if you bound a func_mover to a func_pendulum or func_bobbing?


    Yes, if you modify binding functionality. Currently the way binding works is that bound object will only change location, but not rotation.

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