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  1. Ok, will do, thank you for informing me as to the status of this project. I agree, releasing the materials early would ruin the surprise fo the project.Ill get intouch with Thief2D, and hopefully well see what can happen from there. Thanks Again, and good-luck.
  2. no, Ive never heard of Theif2D, but i will look it up. Would you be willing to help me/us with this project, or helping Theif2D if I join their team?
  3. yes, but its a bit outdated and not as advanced as the things i deal with now, one of ,my current on-hold projects i can upload momentarily, butits a bit glitchy. i will edit this post with my links. Old Project the second link will be up in between half an hour - to an hour, since i need to do some touching up to make the project presentable. i appologize for the wait but it is neccesary.
  4. Hey, I found your site while looking for 3d models from the Theif series to incorporate into my isometric version of the game. I had an Idea (whilst watching Shaolin Soccer no less, great movie btw) to remake Thief: The Dark Project, in my vision, and my vision is isometric, similar to the Diablo series, but far less hack-and-kick-to-death action that those game force you into,and more suspensefull finessant shadow-to-shadow, slice-yur-throat-while-yur-not-looking action that Theif:The Dark Project give you. So, enough hype, heres what I'm Emailing you for. I need sprites. Ive seen your work a
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