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  1. If you think that was fancy there's a tool some youtuber made, stainless steel, with pin marks, retractable operating shaft and it look like its one of bond oo7 would use

    As for lockpicks, there's a den of hobbists and they fond of picking difficult locks,they do competitions and championships on speed picking, so garret may be overrated a bit )


    Ive just uploaded a replacement, but bloody youtube keep downgrading the qaulity of the video so it looks shit.

    Sony vegas and adobe premier both has settings wich results in hd youtube clips-

    First, theres project settings: hd 720/30fps. And second- output as hd 720 wmf-file. There tuturial on youtube wich explains it nicely.

  3. Yeh, he was ghosting and had settings set to "automatic die if spotted" and I watched him die quite a few times LOL. He does ghosts of T1 too, and it took him over an hour of quick loads to score a fire arrow shot in Haunted Cathedral without alerting enemies. He actually did alert a spider on the shot he kept, but he said he didn't notice it till completing the mission.

    Is this ridiculus or what)))



    If you're thinking of the same guy that did the T4 walkthrough I saw, he also did the original Thief walkthroughs and he knows those games inside and out. Like he was just spouting out the location of every ammo/loot/secret on the map, it was clear he played those games to DEATH.

    So they were ghost playthroughs? Because i did not watched them, only seen word ghost on clip covers. Did not cared for pure ghosting anyways, there is some scenes in thief4 where being spotted is quite appropriate.


    And Ai do a nice job, making hiding even harder. The fact that gurds CAN find garret in the dark made game a lot better. Same with dogs and birds - unexpected but sweet flavour of "something new".


    Put it all together - and there's a sequence of carefully crafted puzzles to ghost through.

  5. am playing with stuff turned off, have objective tracking turned off (it only turns it of on the hud, on the map accessed via f1 its still there), and mini-map turned off (I dont use the compass in previous thief games), loot glint off, and frob hilight off, that press key to do something on screen turned off. Most of the main maps are so linear you don't need to be shown where to go next.


    I looked at some of the walkthroughs for chapters I've already done, and while there are loads of them they seem to have been written by one person, and they use the kill everything that moves option, (xbox version, ps3/4 version, pc version, its the same walkthrough in most cases), I was looking for a loot list as with everything to indicate what is loot turned off, I've missed alot from what is shown on the end chapter screen.

    There's ghost walkthough on youtube

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  6. As i played played om master+ i did found that combination of space+guards+goal was demanding in most cases. Playing thief4 was like a picking chest lock - took me several attempts for difficult scenes, taking the right course of action required some exercise and what fun and thrill it was!

    Memories of pawnhouse still fresh - i liked the way i could create chain of distractions to ghost locations seemed impossible to enter.

    And looks of The Lost city - its like dark messiah of m&m but 10 times stronger

  7. I like it. I don't like it as a Thief franchise game because it just isn't. I like it for what it offers. I've played far worse games that didn't get this amount of bashing.

    Do I think that this was wasted potential? Oh hell yes, this could have been a phenomenal Thief game, but they failed.

    The technology, at least on my computer, is excellent. The game looks phenomenal, is organic and alive for the most part. I'm having fun with it.


    Is it worth 60$? No. 30$? maybe. 20$? Definitely.

    They could easily put 60 price tag, its worth it. Would one buy it for 60 is another question. With all theese torrents probably not. And it lacks online features so official and torrented versions do offer same expirience. Wich would explain 25 tag. Stick of truth is coming for 60,ill pass it

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