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  1. Guys no panic. Springheel maybe havent updated the news section, probably because he didnt thought he had to so soon after a major release.
  2. Great job guys. Its more than good to see the mod alive and kicking.... :D:D:D The Dark Mod ftw!
  3. Hi all. Was off the forums for some amount of time. Still, I was always looking for the News on the mod. However, news section hasnt been updated since 2 and a half months now. I know that the answer should be somewhere in the forums, but i cant search 3 month's posts. So what is going on with the mod right know? Are u guys up to something or is there a pause in development? (Now I read again, I only hope what I said didnt sound offensive...)
  4. Lol, havent noticed that.... Hehehehee
  5. Today at university I picked up a conversation with my programming processor! Well I dont know if this stament stands true however he told be that 64-bit processors can hold double length word commands! Well as a conclusion one 64-bit word stands in for double memory than that of 32-bit! Yes and I know these, but so far I thought that a 64-bit processor with a 64-bit OS would half the pauses between reading 32-bit words. As far as I understood, he told me that this doesnt happen and a 32-bit word is stored in a 64-bit memory stack! Well that means that my memory must be twice as much to have the same performance as the latter one! Still, why do that, since assembly manages things good enough in 32-bit commands. Does this stands true or its just me having not understood well... --> Oh and something else...Uni had given us a free book for learning C++ which is not easily understood and its not in my kind of likes. Despite tha fact that I already have passed both C++ courses I made a small search for good C++ books. I concluded in deitel series (www.deitel.com). If someone knows, are these good books? And if not which would be a good one?
  6. And just imagine that you two are working on the same mod! Its all in workmate relations....
  7. Aceyalone


    Seems interesting although I didnt read the full article (kinda boring observing all functions...)
  8. ???? There are so stupid ppl after all.... 1. You are calling ppl nerd because I wanted to install Thief to play T2X??? 2. Count your posts in the forum and then count the rests! Who spends most of his time next to a stupid PC screen? You may are an older member, so just count post percentage. Still you are one of the most nerdish 3.And you know what? I dont come each day here and write in every thread just to be "considered" and not forgetted 4. Also HELL I would bet my d!c& that my girlfriend seems a LOT better than your does, despite the fact mine should be "nerdish".... I have been seeing you throught the forums oddity, you do nothing but just complaining and nagging and swearing others! GET A LIFE! Stop pretending to be a smart alec! I can accept a different opinion and a justification for it, but certainly cannot accept a dump one playing it "somehow"... Gosh, some ppl here are even worse than ttgl's....
  9. Now you are talking bullsh*t you know that? And how are you supposed to know how many times I have finished playing thief in any way???? Computer geek is someone who has his life centered around computers and not real life! Even the best programmer and hacker in the whole world is not necessary a computer geek if knows how to measure stuff! And one more thing! You DONT know neither me nor sparhawk and certainly you dont know all of us here (I dont know even if you know just one), so do not insult someone you DONT know! God Jesus....
  10. Actually I wanted to install it because I have never played T2X: Shadows of metal age! As for discovering that myself well yes! In the ttgl forums one mentions about a multicore fix but nothing more! In google search multicore fix drops you stupid results! I just got a flashback from my Isssas virus when I had to open each day to task manager and delete from the processes the fake issas! At that time I have seen something like CPU 0, CPU 1 (CPU 1 was unavailable back then) but now I got the meaning of this! Seems to be perfect fot Thief's multicore issue!
  11. Well I have been trying to find a solution to a problem all users have with old thief games in multicore processor based systems. Game crashes after a few seconds. This happens due to the fact that Thief was not made for multicore tasking and games finds itself in an uncovenient situation while performing tasks. That means when an arrow extinguishes a torch, when your player dies there is a big chance of the game to crash! (to hazard a guess this happens most times 2 actions happen simultaneously). So what one must do? 1. Download latest nvidia or ati drivers for its video card 2. While playing Thief press ALT+TAB! Then CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up the Task Manager. Then go to the processes Tab, find the Thief2.exe file and right-click on it. GO to "Set to affinity..." button and unlick all available CPU except CPU 0. This will make Thief up an d running even on Windows Vista! Have Fun!
  12. I am afraid the dont. New theories about universe creation are up and running (at last one university in greece is examining about such a theory - cant imagine how many in the world are conducting similar experiments) and even high-class scientists are mind-boggled about what is really happening. As for the "who", it was an idiom for those who believe that there is a god. If still there is one, then certainly is not like the way religion describes him.
  13. Well I just saw the videos and found the last one the most convincing. Especially the second one was for dummies! Lol the third video had a man expert in biology and yet he had some Delphi books in his bookcase. AS for me I have already stopped bothering who created the world and all such stuff. Experts got confused and even them cant find a solution. I have seen a tv show that showed this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkcvS3tzBLE (for me this is just a monster-born child and nothing more - as are childs who had their flesh for skin) and told us that we were bread from an alien race. I think anyone can tell what he likes and in a way prove it since we dont have clues about that topic. What comes more as reality to me is that all these we see are part of the evolution process. It is true that for some time we have not seen any major changes, but how can we say that in a period of 2 billion years after life apperared? I think noone knows what happened at that time.
  14. Yes and I know! And thats what I was pointing from the beginning! Its not a simple misuse than can kill ppl... Its something that derives from the society itself and the problem also hits society itself! Death is only the tip of the iceberg, there are a dozen more problems below that tip. Sure you cant blame games for providing escapism some ppl need, which is in their nature. Its like you said, blaming dynamite. I think its more a matter of education (strict memorizing, bad teachers, less interaction and communication among children etc) and the way our society acts (giving honor to the gratest, passing false ideals such as fame and power) and less game's.
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