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  1. did u notice it appear when you are using translucent in your shaders.
  2. what about blend blend and make an alpha channel in your images. adjust untill corect transparency.. another idea is that you could have the texture letters more bold (more white) in alpha channel you might be able to use 1 alpha image and add another stage to shader
  3. file attatched i just copied some lines from the doom3.game <fonts> <basepath>fonts</basepath> <extension>dat</extension> </fonts> xreal.game.txt
  4. ive just got the 32bit pre release. wanted to try the detail brushes.. its working ok, but i cant see an option to hide just detail brushes. if none can you make a filter to hide/show. xreal.game is crashing DR on startup. its missing < fonts > ... < / fonts > if i use Z rotation on toolbar for entities like player start, i get a strange value of -3.5083545633527932e-015
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