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  1. Thanks alot, oDDity...I'll be messing around with this tonight
  2. ooo he made a mesh...is it a 'for dark mod only' mesh or community...cuz I'd like to play around with the env_rope and i really have no clue as how to make that stuff
  3. @Dram: good idea with the crane! I totally forgot about that level...I'm gonna load it up and take a look at it again. @Domarius & Ishtvan: Thanks for the tips, I had a feeling it would end up being an af, and I was actually look at the idChain earlier today, and I stumbled upon an env_rope that is already in the code! However they removed the mesh files for it...so I can't get it to load to see how it works or even if it works I've also been reading through the different script functions and I think I may have found some stuff that will help me to get the swing working...and I have a
  4. No disappointment...just means I have to do more research, I was just hoping for a point in the right direction So if you have any suggestions on where I can start looking as far as if it should be just a model a new entity with a func_rope entity attached to it...or anything it'd help, but till then it's just alot more research for me
  5. Well I've spent the better part of the day meddling over code on paper, my head, and the sdk...and I have designed a method that I believe (may) work for the hook to realistically (to an extent) hook onto the level...I'm not 100% I will even be able to implement it and it seems like it might just be a kind of "hack"-ish way to do things...but before I can really dive into that part I need to get a working rope, so I have something to attach the player too. So...new question, how/where do I go about creating a rope...should be an entity, an af, or what...Domarius have you implemented a rope y
  6. Ok guys you asked to see a working version so here you go. Note that I used code from Domarius' weapon_broadhead that was posted on Doom3World.org, in order to use this jus rename it from .zip to .pk4 and load it up You should spawn with broadheads, just use prev/next weapon to get to them, it will be a black image that looks like grenades (also note that I have left in my scripts for a fireball and added a light to the pistol, I was to lazy to go in and remove the code and since it has no effect on the grapple who cares ) EDIT: the link is back up, I fixed the corruption in the file s
  7. Everything with the grapple works, for now I don't have any way for the player to cancel the grapple, other than throwing another grapple in a different direction. And in order to keep the player from getting stuck in the wall I'm going to modify the moveToPos(vector) function in the SDK and create a moveToCheckPos( vector ) that basically will check if the moving entity has hit a wall and if so it will stop the move, there by keep the player out of the walls, ceiling, floor. So for the rest of the day I'll probably work on that and also adding new move types, (haven't thought this complete
  8. Alright I haven't found out what exactly waitFor(mover) actually waits for, but I called wait( time ) and that actually works! Now it's just a matter of correctly calculating the time it will take for me to move to the position and then calling that time in the wait function! Thanks for all the help guys, next step will be making the hook throw more realisitcally and attaching a rope to it (I have a modeler friend working on some stuff for me)
  9. Well I just took a quick glance through the SDK to see if I could figure out what exactly waitFor( mover ) does, but the code was a bit to complex for me to follow right now. I'm to tired and I've been swamped with stuff all day, and tomorrow I'm driving back up to Orlando from South Florida so I don't know how much time I'll have to look it over, but thanks for the new ideas
  10. I used the following code (bits borrowed from clusternade mod and a rope arrow): vector lastPos; while(projectile.getProjectileState() != PROJECTILE_EXPLODED && projectile.getProjectileState() != 0) { lastPos = projectile.getWorldOrigin(); sys.waitFrame(); } if(lastPos != '0 0 0') { //added by metal for grapple hook effect mover = sys.spawn( "func_mover" ); mover.setAngles( getAngles() ); // I think this prob useless mover.setOrigin( getWorldOrigin() ); //bind the player to the mover (can only get it to work in this fashion) $player1
  11. Hey guys, I've decided to come over here and post about my grapple hook mod that I'm working on (originally posted at doom3world.org) because well I've decided to go a different route with modding and I won't need a grapple hook in my new project. However I still want to get this working while my new idea is being formulated and planned out. You guys had mentioned some interest in this for your own game and I know Domarius has already implemented a Rope Arrow. So if you guys would like I will gladly donate my code and time for your use (I'd love to see something I helped create actually be
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