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  1. Okay, I already repaired this. OrbWeaver already said what had to be done. I guess that was to easy...

    So a bigger task would perhaps be better.


    ps. What about SVN access vs. sending patches to one of you?


    Edit: I would prefer patches atm as I would really like someone having a look at what I screw around in there.

  2. Okay, so much for the search feature.

    But the box is editable, at least for me. It looks just like a normal text box. The information can be edited. Selecting another item and reselecting the old resets to the original info though. I think there are other ways to display text with GTK, but I didn't look into GTK yet.

  3. As I have no idea what is easy and what is hard or impossible (for me) to do, I think a little help with a what I can/can't do is a good idea.

    The first thing that came to my mind while doing the first Doom 3 map was to changing the infobox in the entity creation menu (radiant/ui/ortho/EntityClassChooser.cpp) to a real non-modifiable box and add a search box.

  4. I think mapping tutorials aren't the problem. As I said, I did some (ugly) maps (basicly oneroom maps with funny waterpiles, mirrors and all the fun stuff there is, simply playing around with all those features). I know what entities are, no idea about spawnargs.

  5. I was looking at /include/iscenegraph.h iregistry.h (and some others). I do understand it, but I don't like it. Might be a matter of taste. Might also be that I just don't get the big picture yet, but that will change I guess.


    Another question: Which header files are located in /include and which in /radiant? Seems like the ones in radiant are mostly the ones of the .cpp files, but there are exceptions. So, by what criteria are they sorted? (Hm, I do feel like a noob...)

  6. Importing the game? Where are you from? Isn't there some local store with sold-out stuff or isn't amazon or anything else having a copy to order?
    I'm from Germany, I just ordered on amazon.com (US) because here in Germany we can only get censored versions of Doom 3. So I simply ordered the US version to prevent any problems arising from a modified version of Doom 3 and additionally I just like games in english as the rest of the software I use is english too.
    with a name like mohij I assume he's from somewhere less commercialised than all us westerners, but that's just a guess
    No, mohij is not my real name, just as Komag is probably not yours ;-)
  7. Yes I know, my Doom 3 should be on the way soon, importing takes time. But I found another bug, so I have something to do until Doom 3 arrives (Radiant crashes when adding a light without a brush selected). Will take a look at it tomorrow.

  8. So just wanted to post what I am stuck with at the moment, perhaps somebody knows how to solve the problem.

    There is an infinite loop that keeps calling until Sys_Print segfaults, because the string buf got too big.

    This is the backtace I have:

    #0  Sys_Print (level=3, 
    	  buf=0x835bb80 "include/modulesystem.h:197\nassertion failure: SingletonModuleRef::getTable: type=\"registry\" version=\"1\" - module-reference used without being initialised\n", '-' <repeats 16 times>, "\n", '-' <repeats 16 times>, "\n", length=188)
    	  at radiant/console.cpp:168
      #1  0x08068784 in SysPrintErrorStream::write (this=0x831e130, 
    	  buffer=0x835bb80 "include/modulesystem.h:197\nassertion failure: SingletonModuleRef::getTable: type=\"registry\" version=\"1\" - module-reference used without being initialised\n", '-' <repeats 16 times>, "\n", '-' <repeats 16 times>, "\n", 
    	  length=188) at radiant/console.cpp:264
    #2  0x08060db3 in ostream_write<TextOutputStream> (ostream=@0x831e130, 
    	  string=0x835bb80 "include/modulesystem.h:197\nassertion failure: SingletonModuleRef::getTable: type=\"registry\" version=\"1\" - module-reference used without being initialised\n", '-' <repeats 16 times>, "\n", '-' <repeats 16 times>, "\n")
    	  at libs/stream/textstream.h:173
      #3  0x0806805c in operator<< <char*> (ostream=@0x831e130, t=@0xbfc6829c) at include/itextstream.h:89
      #4  0x0808a5d4 in PopupDebugMessageHandler::handleMessage (this=0x831ee50) at radiant/main.cpp:199
      #5  0x080626c3 in SingletonModuleRef<Registry>::getTable (this=0x831e064) at include/modulesystem.h:197
      #6  0x080626e4 in GlobalModule<Registry>::getTable () at include/modulesystem.h:229
      #7  0x080626f1 in GlobalRegistry () at include/iregistry.h:103
      #8  0x08065f65 in Sys_LogFile (enable=true) at radiant/console.cpp:61
      #9  0x0806638d in Sys_Print (level=3, buf=0x8280930 "SingletonModuleRef::initialise: type=", length=37)
    	  at radiant/console.cpp:174
      #10 0x08068784 in SysPrintErrorStream::write (this=0x831e130, buffer=0x8280930 "SingletonModuleRef::initialise: type=", 
    	  length=37) at radiant/console.cpp:264
     #11 0x08060db3 in ostream_write<TextOutputStream> (ostream=@0x831e130, 
    	 string=0x8280930 "SingletonModuleRef::initialise: type=") at libs/stream/textstream.h:173
     #12 0x08083f4c in operator<< <char [38]> (ostream=@0x831e130, t=@0x8280930) at include/itextstream.h:89
     #13 0x0808a251 in SingletonModuleRef<Registry>::initialise (this=0x831e064, name=0x8280c7d "*") at include/modulesystem.h:190
     #14 0x0808a2f1 in GlobalModuleRef (this=0xbfc68957, name=0x8280c7d "*") at include/modulesystem.h:245
     #15 0x0808989d in main (argc=Cannot access memory at address 0x1


  9. Greebo: I work under Gentoo Linux (I have Ubuntu and XP on external hard discs, but I hardly use them). I didn't look into the code base much more since I had to do a lot for school (just finished my final exams for grammar school). Since I am finished with the written exams there are only the oral exams left (in a month) so I have quite some time. I did some small (you wouldn't be impressed) maps for q3, but that's it and Doom 3 will be ordered tomorrow (I guess that's a must have when coding Dark Radiant ;-). I briefly browsed through the wiki, it helped with compiling but information is always welcome.


    OrbWeaver: I never intended to get anything not Dark Mod specific into the tree, that would basicly result in the same dilemma the GTK-Radiant guys have, just as I said in my last post. And Bugtracker sounds good, will have a look.

  10. Hi everyone,

    GTK- and Dark-Radiant are the only open source cross-platform level editors that exist (afaik). GTK-Radiant development will stop, once 1.5 final is released. The development model of GTK-Radiant didn't work out, because there are simply no more developers that want to build an editor just for others. I think it is better to have an editor that is developed for a specific game and can be adapted by other projects for use in their games than a generic editor that is not developed by the ones that use it in the end. The GTK-Radiant devs got exactly that problem.

    The code in Dark Radiant was cleaned up (it only supports Doom 3 now) and is more easy to handle in that respect. I think Dark Radiant keeps the door open for adaption to other purposes. That's why I think the future lies with Dark Radiant and not GTK-Radiant.


    But I think that's not the point at the moment, since OGE (the engine I mentioned) is not ready for usage yet (so adopting Dark Radiant to it is pointless) and for now I primarily want to get experience.


    OrbWeaver: I think the resource files are the smallest problem when adapting Dark Radiant to another engine. And an exporter to the map format of another engine would have to be written in any case. So in that respect there isn't much difference between Dark- and GTK-Radiant.




  11. This is my first post over here, so hi everyone.

    First I'd like to know if the IRC channel (#darkmod on irc.starchat.net as on the wiki) is dead, because I didn't see anyone on that channel.

    And second, I tried to compile DarkRadiant, but it failed.

    I removed the "Face Instance::" in radiant/brush/FaceInstance.h in line 33:

    FaceInstance& FaceInstance::operator=(const FaceInstance& other);

    After that it compiled fine. Seems like a bug to me.



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