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  1. What about not distributing TDM, just your mod and making TDM's existence known on your Patreon page and wherever else you talk about it, along with details about it and its COMPLETELY FREE nature, then state clearly that your patron is for simply for your mod work and what it contains. If someone from that patreon pages says to himself, "free? Lets check that out." and comes to TDM.com and says, meh, no thanks, not for me, and doesn't use it, then TDM and all its coding potential technically has zero value to them. They can use TDM alone if they choose, but presumably wouldn't unless its using his/her mod. Its still running off a mountain of insane labor by TDM devs (possibly including a years worth of most of my free time animating), but i know wouldn't mind so long as it was handled right. Just only distribute the mod as a separate patch-like addon? Wouldn't that work and please everybody? That way, your supporting this guy and his generation of the mod, only. They can always hop in and use TDM's existing functionality at any time and stop paying the patreon if they so choose.


    I deleted this before, having jumped the gun, but ill leave it up because for anyone interested, this is why i feel like erring on the side of generosity, in our world.


    I see camps full of homeless people on the streets in Seattle and homeless all over the place. Meanwhile, renters are jacking up their prices taking advantage of a surplus of population looking for a staple need of shelter, made possible by our continuously rising population. My own 27 year old landlord pulled up to my apartment in a super high end brand new ultra shinny black Mercedes to oversee the removal of our two massive trees, the only natural things that made our tiny apt look nice, that they wanted to save money on cleanup with, next to the front garden that spanned the apt that they left to turn into a desert, having been formerly a beautiful garden that shockingly rivaled any professional garden location i've ever seen. They raised our rents from 895 to 1200 in one shot. I had to move out, well, i didn't have to, i could just continue working a blue collar job and just hand it all over to them at the end of every month ( would that be a cousin to a slave?), and they just live off my money, all of it, contributing little of actual value in return, a close cousin to a slave, but i didn't want to. That is all our economy is to some people, a video game. Or do you think she and people like her actually contributed something to your country at age 27, just out of college? to take $80,000 worth of other people's hard earned money while having contributed jack and shit to society. They do this by simply inserting a barrier between you and your staple need of a home...

    On a second front, so called "businesses" all across the planet take advantage of the same surplus of labor and blindly following the laws of supply and demand, paying people a competitive wage in leu of what 100 other applicants are willing to work for, or a 1000. Some of who must feed their children tonight. Not paid what your % contribution to the sale of whatever good or service is being generated, in fact, in my experience, sometimes much much higher than the owners, every day, all year long. Not only can they pay less, but all the power is in their hands in these cases of surplus, so they can treat you worse, crack the whip harder, offer less benefits, be less attentive to your hourly needs, etc.

    What is a business if the owner didn't use his own money to start it, got a loan based on the presumption of the workers doing the work, didn't hammer a single nail to build it, doesn't do any work after a few years, months, days, or possibly ever and takes a majority share of the money the workers made at the end of every day. Anti-[insert your countries name here]? Parasite? They might open up a new business and temporarily create some new jobs, a good thing? Does the new business that opened up because of an expansion, in these instances at least create some new jobs? If a new pizza resturant opens up, the money that goes to them will no longer go to prior food companies it went to before. Worth it? That level of inequal pay across our planet? How many resturants that you used to love are closed now?

    Our society works to sap money from those at the "bottom" yet if you look outside, almost everything you see is the result of a low or middle income worker. In fact if you don't like it, you can probably blame the higher paids.

    Moral of the story: There is a lack of ways to make money, especially good money, and lots of people are under undue pressure to pay the bills. Someone looking to get paid for building something and providing exchanging it for something of equal value for the purpose of paying for staple needs is not immoral. Especially when the thing just wouldn't exist without compensation.

    Holy long winded post Batman.


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  2. Have you guys tried the new Edge browser? I switched to it on my laptop because the scrolling speed and smoothness was so much better than firefox, its amazing. I'd describe it as almost instantaneous 1:1 mouse movement with a smooth scrolling mouse wheel, in the way that it feels and looks on the browser. Its totally smooth. I didn't switch to Edge for a long time because it didn't support loading only the existing tabs you click on instead of all at once, but they finally put that in so i switched.


    On my main computer im using Firefox on Win7, but am so tired of how slow Firefox feels, im going to try this Quantum version out.

  3. Always wanted an actual hand come out with a compass in it. I had planned on making some intricate, believable animations for such a thing with some coding support. Like, the compass would stay down a bit and you'd have to look down a little to view it, but instead of basic AAA hand behavior where your hand stays basically still, we could have made some animations for it to give the hand some behavior, like the hand would come up just a bit when you looked down again indicating your intention to look at the compass again, stuff like that, very subtle though because the game can't know if your looking down to look at the compass or look at something below. That, and idle animations for it. Ideas like that were met with yells of Blasphemy by my memory.

  4. How about not giving swear words a power they don't deserve in the first place? Shit = poop, but "shit" is "bad"? In the end its all just emotion being tossed around via sound waves. Furthermore nobody thinks of having sex with mothers when they say "motherfucker", when people say its they've jammed their toe or are saying it to someone to simply highlight their anger. Your parents are teaching you to feel bad when you hear these words and potentially to look down on others for using them, that is wrong to a large degree. Well it comes to real world use, its all about the intent, and only that, because some people are taught to use those words and get in patterns of use so frequent that the term "motherfucker" becomes as synonymous as the word "dude". Literally used in place of "dude" sometimes. They're just sound waves.... Don't blame your parents if they don't know this, not many do it seems, at least not put into words as much. They may have other reasons and are just doing their best to protect you and give you a good life. I mean you can get a vague idea about someones likely background based on how they talk and it will indicate a general sense of how much care other people into the comfort level of those around them, things like that, but thats about it. For example, many super polite people you might expect to be thoroughly nice to the core won't go into a burning building to save a stranger, but some silent, truly *nice*, but not overtly "friendly" people will (and that included people that swear up a storm while chatting about physics).

  5. @Destined: It is definitely possible, especially with the source code. No need to worry about that. No "key frame" animations would be needed at all, all the limbs would be controlled by simple code. Maybe animations for the feet, but i think it would be better with just code for now. When the head goes down, the pelvis will too, and will need to start moving backwards to a degree. That would be coded. The legs would follow the pelvis. The feet are perhaps the only thing that *might* received key frame animation, but i doubt it, i think it would be more dynamic to add translation, acceleration through code. Keyframe could work too, but i think you are going to have a lot more fast jumping between between animations in that mode.


    I think it would be good to have an option for crouching via buttons. I know my knees probably couldn't handle all the necessary crouching i would do, not for hours on end. The reason key frame animations are not going to work very well *i think* is that that computer only has your head movement for reference to what your body is doing, it doesn't know whether you've gone down to one knee or are crouched with two feet on the ground, for example. Maybe with the help of button presses it would work and look better, but you would have to signal TDM each time you crouched. The good thing is that it just needs to be good enough to look decent when you are actually in view of your body.


    Elbows are a tough one, because only the hands are tracked and the computer can't know what the elbows are doing. If you want arms, you may have to get used to see them clipping stuff sometimes. Not a big deal in my opinion, or at least, better than no arms. The IK arm chain could be contextually located depending on the item selected though.


    Theres no need to speculate, the programmers here probably know exactly how this would be done just by looking at the existing VR videos. I wouldn't expect this soon though. VR is expensive right now and smooth, natural movement requires "VR legs", something the willing programmers might not simply have enough time to obtain, or willingness, should be they find they are highly susceptible to nausea. I DO think this is something some of the older TDM programmers might come back to help with. TDM was blessed with many talented programmers.

  6. Not sure you'd need animations. For what? YOU'D be the realtime animator of yourself. If you're talking about animating the arms so they look right no matter what the hands are doing, i'm not sure about that, only that many other games have done it and luckily you don't see yourself in the game much so don't have to suffer watching yourself walking along like they do in Onward, for example. I wouldn't get your hopes up about having perfect bodily movements.


    New player model: why?


    Im running under the assumption that TDM is open source now, please correct me if im wrong. Not sure if that matters or to what degree it is an issue because the modder of the VR mod for Penumbra said he could probably "reverse engineer" games with the same level of functionality as his Penumbra mod without the source code, or something like that. But some of the TDM programmers were experienced professionals if im not mistaken. The guy who did the Penumbra mod was a college student. Not sure if that means anything, but im really just thinking out loud here.


    Yes, it it possible to implement the motion tracking code, why wouldn't it be?


    Here is the thread for reference if anyone would like more info.



    Downsider is the creator.

  7. In my experience, If you want to have something in tdm, you must do it yourself.

    And someone did that in that topic.


    Please keep the forum clean and post stuff in there.


    Well, im going to have some trouble with that as i don't program. But i am willing to bet that more than one of the professional programmers who worked on TDM will eventually be interested enough in this idea to do it. I provided those links because i don't think they may yet realize the possibilities for the fun to be had, as i didn't until i saw some of those videos. I wasn't a fan of the motion tracking stuff until pretty recently.


    As i understand it, VorpX is 3D plus head tracking.


    What i was talking about was full hand-tracking support, room scale or close too, holding your blackjack in your "hand" and a torch in the other, or a sword. Sword fighting. Throwing. Aiming your bow with one hand, pulling back with the other. Maybe looking down and literally picking a flashbomb from out of out a holster, and physically throwing it. Things like that.


    Btw, here (at 7:48) is an example of using the bow with hand tracking, i meant to show this one before.



    It will be a great way to get some exercise too. Ever since learning how important exercise is, from fending off Alzhiemers to keeping you happy, i have wanted VR in part just to get some exercise. Highly recommend the following Ted talks.


  8. Wow, sorry to take so long to reply, but i had to watch that video, then finish my extended standing ovation, then dry the tears from my eyes, then subscribe to his channel. (searches for smilie to cover that,nope.)


    So yeah, I just watched that video, im amazed, not because it contain any new information really, but its what i've been echoing basically since i switched to 3D gaming since 2010 and have watched the VR push. I have 2,500 amazing, wonderful hours of 3D gaming on my belt according to Steam.


    Noticed how he wasn't that impressed with 3D on a monitor, but said maybe it would be better on an HMD? This is basically what i've been telling people for a long time. That 3D on a display that offers cover a lot of your FOV is the key to good 3D and i believe it is because the 2D size of things, determined by how much of your FOV they cover, is also a human depth perception cue, so that when you are gaming on a screen, the 2D imagery matches up with the information the 3D information is telling your brain, making all the more real. What do i game on that leaves me an unflinching proponent of 3D?


    A 46" Samsung 2nd generation 3DTV, place at about 2.5ft from me RIGHT ON MY DESK. It offers a horizontal FOV of about the RIft when i am sitting upright and i must turn my head a bit to look around the world. At first i was limited to 720p because of HDMI bandwidth limitation and the scaling of 720p over 1080p pixels further blurred the picture, yet i didn't look back from gaming on my 2560x1600, perfectly good Dell monitor, and thats despite the crosstalk and the dimming of the picture that my 1st gen Sony 46" 3DTV had. The 2nd generation Samsung offers "checkerboard" mode thankfully, that is unscaled and looks shockingly near 1080p, while also having far less crosstalk and input lag. Can't recommend it enough guys, and the Nvidia 3D Vision community on the Nvidia forums is great too, with many pro programmers and other helpers donating their time to fixing 3D problems games.


    So i think the key to "good 3D" as he put it (I have started saying "full IPD 3D" to describe "good 3D" ) is literally a big screen, or more accurately, a high FOV 3D display, like an HMD has.



    Back to VR


    Yeah motion sickness, i have only tried a demo so i don't know what to expect for myself, but i have been following the Playstation PSVR reddit this past month since release and from that and from what else i know so far, some people get sick, some don't at all, some develop "VR legs" over time, no idea if everyone can. Some people claim the rate of motion sickness is over half, some people say its only about 15%, some people say they only get sick in games known for being easy to handle while being able to handle the tougher games. These games they are playing on youtube i linked to with "smooth movement" are at a high framerate and that seems to be a big help for some people. Crossing fingers here, but something tells me its going to work out.


    Concerning his other issues with with the display. If i can get used to my 2010 Sony "extra crosstalk edition" 3DTV with a massive amount of input lag and dimmed picture and screen door effect, surely the screen door effect in this can be overlooked? I don't know, i've not tried the Vive or Rift yet.


    What i will say is that people from the 3D Vision forums were not that impressed, but they were directly comparing their 3D Vision setups, many of which have multi-thousand dollar projector setups. Compared that with the people trying the PSVR without having that benchmark in their minds and that probably explains the 1000s of 'HOLY SHIT, I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE LIKE THIS! ITS AMAZING" comments on the PSVR reddit. So a lot of it is perception.


    All that said, i do think VR is here to stay. But these unfortunately are "you have to see it to believe it" technologies which also require somewhat of a calibration to see correctly. Its going to be an uphill battle i think.


    If you ever are curious about 3D in general an easy way to see what its capable of it to simply download this video of Mass Effect 1 scenery onto a usb thumb drive and take it to a TV store that sells 3D tvs and has one that is capable of going into side-by-side 3D mode during usb video playback. The video is made for my IPD of 63.25cm (almost average) on a 46" TV, also should look fine on 55".


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  9. :smile:


    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you are thinking about TDM in VR. This past week a bunch of new developments have happened for a few games that had their source code available and people are getting pretty excited about the few other AAA games with source code available and people have mentioned TDM on reddit many times after the Penumbra: Overture release. For anyone that doesn't know, heres some of whats been accomplished so far, mainly on the HTC Vive thus far, but should work for the Rift eventually too when the Rift gets their hand sensor tech within a week i believe.


    You can sort of see the possibilities based on some of these videos, which i haven't even really thought about yet to be honest, just here to bring this all to your attention for those that haven't heard of it. But check out the arrow shooting in the minecraft video.


    Doom 3



    Penumbra: Overture


    Minecraft: (hilarious, def watch this)



    When you want to shoot some zombies (Onward)



    Still editing, just don't want to lose this info

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  10. No thoughts? The first question should have been, do any mappers have a desire for a theoretically interesting looking elevator at all?


    Also, my assumption is that this would be an optional thing, independent resource, not an overhaul of the existing elevator and system, so please correct me if i am wrong.

  11. Was looking to make a new elevator and elevator system, using steam or electricity, or a bit of both as its power. Im making it for my future portfolio as well, so it will need to be pretty decent for modern standards, yet fit into the Dark Mod world as well. My questions concern mainly practical design concerns and was looking for some feedback from the community of mappers and programmers.


    1Steam or electrical or both: I'd like to make it Steam or electrical based, i think electrical would help "explain" why the elevator moving suddenly in the middle of the night doesn't alert an entire castle as it would be quieter, yet there would certainly be room for a interesting electrical sounds, not just sparks, but for example:

    Obviously not quite THAT, but you get the idea there is some room for sound using a pure electrical design. The use of steam would be great just for its sounds, but timed sounds would require programming effort. Steam could also allow me to make some cool pipes that jetted some steam at when starting or stopping.



    2 Where: I would like to build the motor for the elevator or part of it within the elevator itself, either near the "back" (can there be a back or are elevators needed to be double sided? or even triple/quadruple sided?) corner or off to one side. Is there any reason it shouldn't be a single entrance elevator -couldn't there easily be two or there variations to handle different needs? IE,


    2.5 Another important consideration is that since i am trying to put a small motor in the elevator itself, the gearing that the motor drives would climb up the wall, thus i would like to make some sort of grooved metal tracking going up the walls. What design considerations needed here? Remember, i have only done animating, no level work so im completely new.


    3 Railing: If elevators are single entrance only, can i make a small railing around 3 sides? I don't think you'd even need collision for it for single entrance elevators because of how close it could sit next to the wall.


    4 Anything cool you'd like to see in it?


    5. Are there many programmers left?



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  12. @Springheel: I uploaded what i have here. Unfortunately i don't seem to have any sword attack animations anymore, which means they were probably lost in one of the many OZC Agility 2 SSD drive failures i had. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xrl82shmjjgbz/combat_files


    @Kvorning: Yeah the BF series has great animations, lots of coding involved with it too as i understand it to make it dynamic and fluid. They've always been ahead of the game in first person view screen and gun movements too. I used to reference BF2142 as a great example of the perfect running animation in terms of screen head "bob", although i haven't seen it in awhile, im sure its probably been surpassed. The tech used in the new GTA is pretty amazing too.

  13. Just put some polish on some animations previously done for TDM for my demo reel and wanted to offer them up if anyone wants them. The walk is totally redone, no more accidental swagger, everything is now animated, forearms, hands, etc and its balanced, with tired/bored/but capable condition attempted. A couple are so different that you might put them in as variations if that would work, i forget. The animations may require a little work to be ready for TDM since i don't think i made sure the beginning and end positions were precisely the same, also, i don't think they started at 0, but 1(for some reason). If you need help, let me know.



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  14. On 11/28/2012 at 10:11 AM, STiFU said:

    I disagree with your oppinion on so many levels, that I don't even want to comment on it. ;D It will just turn out as an endless discussion that nobody but us is interested in anyway, so I'll just keep my knowledge to myself! ?

    Not a big deal.

  15. I wouldn't worry about rigging unless thats of interest for you, or your trying to get a job. As far as animating, all you need to know to get started is blocking, blocking and blocking, don't worry about any timing what-so-ever until your all blocked in. Google is your friend.


    That Kinect motion capture video is cool. Would be cool if you could get that going.

  16. However, I can't do it myself either, since I have no experience with open GL and furthermore I am not a supporter of s3d gaming. I love s3d (after all I am in IT doing research on s3d Displays) but I genuinely dislike it in gaming. The reason for that is that every 3d displays induces certain conflicts to the human visual system. In movies, directors and stereographers take care that these conflicts aren't too big1. This is not possible in gaming though. There is no such thing as a director, hence massive conflicts are generated. This has the potential of damaging or degrading the human visual system on long term use, especially so for children, since it is a proven fact that the visual system of children develops over time and wrong stimuli offered by s3d displays may alter this development. This is also the reason why I think that the Nintendo 3DS should be illegal.


    Stereo 3D in games IS the epitome of 3D dimensionality - is IS the holodeck viewport, or "window to the world" look, only limited by current graphics technology and resolution. 3D in movies is a huge conglomeration of compromises and calling it 3D in the first place is misleading imo. In movies, they lock the convergence point of the cameras to the focus. So whatever is currently being focused on is placed at screen depth, regardless of its real location from you on the 3rd axis, totally ruining any chance of a "window to the world" look. They do this with the idea that it *might* reduce eye strain/headaches. To illustrate the large difference in 3D depth, between movies and games, consider this: When viewing an object on the horizon, your eyes must stare pretty much straight on right? In a game, you are able to set the depth so that things in the distance cause your eyes to stare straight on, realisticly. With a 6.5cm average gap between the eyes (interocular distance), you might imagine the separation to be near that for objects on the horizon. However, on a 55" screen, the maximum separation between objects in the movie Tron was a 1/2 inch, or 1.27cm. 3D in movies must account for the difference in interocular between children and adults, as well as the potential for children sitting in the front row. In the Tron example, the 1.27cm separation would turn into a much larger, causing a child to potentially diverge their vision, inducing discomfort and possibly causing the effect to break down. So they must stunt the 3D "strength". In the future, i have no doubt they will film with multiple sets of cameras to account for different viewing conditions.


    As far as discomfort and damage, i've seen no evidence of damage, and definitely no proof of it. According to Steam, I recently hit 700 hours of 3D use. I use full strength 3D, so to say. By that i mean, separation between objects at distance causes my eyes to stare straight on, as they would in real life. When I play games like Mass Effect, or any game with awesome, magnanimous scenery, i actually bump the separation up to 12% greater than my interocular to cause my eyes to diverge, making the scenery feel even larger and even more impressive. I did some some discomfort on the first day of usage, but it was light and went away. I had been viewing cross-eye 3D pictures on youtube in the weeks before getting my 3D setup, making me wonder if I acclimated myself to 3D beforehand. I did in fact used to experience near-sightedness and now i don't with my 3D setup. Perhaps thats because my new screen is just under a meter from me now, being a 46" 3DTV. The only other time i felt some discomfort was while watching a 3D movie using passive glasses. It is a theory of mine that because they focus the main object of each scene at screen depth, that CAUSES headaches -due to the re-dimensionalizing of the scene the brain must recalculate. To help visualise: Imagine filming in a small room. There is a apple on the table in the middle of the room and a painting on the wall on the other side. In movies, they put item, the apple and the painting at screen depth when one is important to the story, yet frequently film from the same location, squshing and/or expanding the the room.


    Perspective also plays a part in 3D perception, ie, the amount of field of view it takes up in your vision. Like train tracks getting narrower in the distance. This can be controlled easily in a game by adusting for a proper field of view, but thats impossible in a movie, unless you adjust your seating position, which is a little hard to do once the theater is full.

  17. Noisy,


    I forgot to tell you: your tapper sound-shader 'tdm_footstep_stone_jump_land' refers to a non-existant


    resulting in a jump-sound not played. (default-sound is silence)


    Oh weird, i'll check it out.

  18. Whatever the idea, i hope the result is crammed full of gears and linkages giving it a very steampunk look, rather just covered with a boring pieces of sheet metal. Like Baddcog's moving linkage on his lantern bot, just more of that kind of detail.

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