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  1. Ah, so things have been happening in my absence Let me just say that it's been one hell of a week. Anyway, I've been having a bit of trouble with the wood impacts, but I've managed to get a handle on some other things you guys may need. I've a short set of metal impacts I intend to expand upon by Wednesday, and also some light drips and splashes which may work for "puddle steps" and for ambients. I also think I've gotten a suitable lock pick success sound. I'll probably try to swing by the hardware store some time tomorrow, play around with a few things, and see if I can get an idea of what I need to make the wood hits work the way I want to. Additionally, I'm heading up to the mountains on Thanksgiving, and I think I'll be able to get some interesting sounds there that you guys might end up needing (big splashes, hopefully, among other things -- steps on foliage and generally foliage stuff, perhaps). So, yes, the gears are still in motion on my end. I'll try and get a few things uploaded tonight once I have a spare moment.
  2. Well, the way you've described the little minigame, I'm going to have to take a look at it before I get a good idea of what it should sound like (you'll find that I'm going to be annoyingly picky about this stuff), so you might just want to consider the stuff that follows as a "proof of concept" or a "stab". Anyway, I made a short montage of Thiefish clicks and clacks as well as a distinctive, but decidely somewhat shitty, "fail" sound at the end. I figured it should sound something like a tumbler slapping down hard, though it would most certainly need to be re-recorded to be usable (in my opinion). I added a bit of 'verb to give you guys a better idea about what it may sound like in-engine, and also because I love convolution 'verb so damn much, though the original files enclosed in the ZIP are sans-verb (but they will need to be re-rendered to 44.1kHz to be usable in-game). For reference, the beginning of the file has short rattles, while the middle bit consists of the individual clicks laid out in rapid succession. Lock Clicks/Clacks Montage (MP3) Lock Clicks/Clacks Original WAV ZIP Going to try to get wood impacts on tape late tonight, and I'd guess I'll be able to get them sweetened by Thursday assuming I end up with 40 to 50 takes.
  3. Yeah, that's easy enough. If I just fiddle with the lock and slice up my fiddlin', it should sound natural when they're played back in a random-ish sequence.
  4. Sure. Those would be no problem -- there should be enough "quiet time" tomorrow morning for me to get going on those. I'll mess around a bit with different lockpicky things this afternoon and see what'll work best for that. Wood impacts are pretty straightforward (I'll go light to heavy and try and get 30-40 'on tape'), but you might want to explain what I should do for lockpicking. Do you want single tumbler clacks, or short chains of clacks (similar to Deadly Shadows)?
  5. There's not too much to me, really. I've been following the mod for a fair while now, I think there's quite a bit I can offer, and I'm just looking to be involved with a solid project. Like I said, I'd basically like to try and plug up any holes that need to get plugged before the first release. There are certainly going to be a few things that are going to be difficult to capture, but I'm looking forward to being inventive (and somewhat adventerous). That's all the fun for me, really. The secondary benefit for doing this would be expanding my existing effects libraries for future projects. Eric Brosius's work pretty much convinced me that I wanted to do audio for a living (but not for games, necessarily, though I think that's where I'd be best suited), and I've been pursuing that goal for a couple years now having moved from the east coast to Los Angeles in 2005. I've never been impressed more, audio-wise, than I was when I first played Thief and SS2, and I don't think any game so far has really come close to surpasing them, sadly to say. I think TDM would be a good opportunity (and a good challenge) for me to try and accomplish something like what Brosius and Kemal Amarasingham managed to pull off with Thief even with such severe constraints. I'm hopeful that I can at least scratch pretty close. I'm not the biggest Thief fan out there by any stretch. I play the originals occasionally, and I rarely try out FMs (though I've been getting into that more recently). Honestly, I think TDM has the capability to surpass the orignal games in many aspects, and I'd just like to be a part of it. That's pretty much it. If there's some sort of task you'd like to set me to before bringing me into the fold, just let me know.
  6. sparhawk said I should post here, so that's what I'm doing To get to the point -- I'm a formally-educated audio guy who can do fairly high quality Foley recording and sound design (at home or on the go), mastering and sweetening, as well as implementation, assuming it isn't too complex. Basically, if there's a need for something particular, I'm going to try and get it. I can also edit and mix FMVs if that's going to be a requirement. I use mainly Pro Tools for design, then hop in to WaveLab for final edits. I'm also quite familiar with OGG Vorbis and have a pretty firm idea what kind of bit rates are going to be required to achieve good quality for different types of files, so I can be responsible for final encoding if need be. I've also ammassed a few gigs of FX libraries from Sony, Sound Ideas and Video Copilot's Designers series that I can use as necessary (these are royalty free libraries, though I'd rather not try and use a lot of it, as some files are fairly recognizable). I uploaded some samples of 'appropriate' stuff I recorded+sweetened (page_flip and slide_lock_clack) and files from sample libraries that I've sweetened (again, I tried to only include stuff that would be usable for TDM). Megauploaded here in MP3 format. A question, though, out of curiousity: approx how much audio is 'done' so far?
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