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  1. It would make sense to not pass lockpicking sounds to EFX. They're not THAT loud that they should be echoing to that degree. lol
  2. I had mentioned this somewhere a long time ago, but I was part of a farmers market project years ago. In order to protect ourselves, we formed a type of cooperative where our organization, Empress Merchants, could be disolved and no individual held responsible for any debts. As it turned out, the business failed and we had to do just that. I wasn't involved in the day to day running of the market but I took care of the debt collectors who tried to threaten us. Once I told them the type of cooperative we had and that it had been disolved....they went away. I don't know if that would work for a broken glass cooperative but might be worth looking into if someone in Canada is so inclined.
  3. Yeah, definitely leave it on by default.
  4. Yeah, replacing the frob helper with a disable outline can't really hurt. I personally haven't had much of an issue with frob and brighter light in too many instances. If people want the classic look, it wouldn't hurt to make outlines easy to turn off.
  5. Who wants to go through every possible loot item and reskin them to ensure they are recognizable as loot? In theory it would be wonderful to have all of the assets refreshed in order to avoid measures to assist players but that's going to be one hell of a lot of work to put into place. Who has the time, energy and dedication to do it? It's perfectly reasonable to argue the point but will those arguing the point step up and assist in the work?
  6. My plaque hangs proudly next to my computer.
  7. You're father will be dearly missed and I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my own father back in 2006. It leaves quite a void. Thank you for taking the time to come to the forums.
  8. Oh no. Very sad news. Such a wonderful human being. Rest in Peace Grayman.
  9. Not only that but why is the lighting changing so drastically?
  10. I think someone from here donated! I have to say, thank you so VERY much. Just a reminder about donating today, if you donate today then that amount will be matched by a corporate sponsor of the run. Fifty dollars will become 100 dollars! It's a great way to make a large impact quickly. Thanks again
  11. Hey folks. This Month, I have joined a running group in the Million Reasons Run. It is collecting money for the Sick Kids Foundation which will then give that money to children's hospitals and related organizations in Canada. Today, all donations will be matched dollar for dollar...so your 10 dollar donation or whatever you choose to donate, will be doubled. So yeah, I am asking for money but it's a great cause. If you choose to donate, just use the link below and it will take you to my fundraising page! Thanks! https://www.millionreasons.run/fundraisers/timgormley/mrr
  12. No, the calculations are all done with bounding boxes if I recall. The 3d model is used for reflections in mirrors.
  13. No, guards are not programmed to see shadows as it creates far too many ungair gameplay issues.
  14. Could the issue be remedied by taking into account how much of the player is blocked by an object + lightgem level + distance. The game already takes distance + lightgem level into account when determining how quickly the guards react. A further check could ease things a bit. Deadly Shadows was able to handle it that way. It checked something like 12 individual points on the player model
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