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  1. Hadn't seen it brought up here before so thought I would mention it. The studio I work for has a game called Project Winter. It's a survival game of up to 8 players, survivors vs traitors but you don't know who is who. https://store.steampowered.com/app/774861/Project_Winter/#:~:text=Project Winter is an 8,and brave the wilderness together. I do QA on the game and I have to say, I enjoy playing it outside of work. lol I'm not much of a gamer these days so that says a LOT. If anyone is interested, it's currently 45% off on Steam for Windows PC. Not my intention to promote th
  2. Always blown away by the continuing improvements in DR. Thanks for all the hard work!
  3. Have to do some shopping tonight but will try to hop in discord when I get back.
  4. Sounds good. I'm just on my way to bed here but i will add you to my Discord tomorrow. I'm on Atlantic Standard Time by the way.
  5. I'm available and would be interested in taking part.
  6. Dark Radiant had the ability to change to dark colours in older builds, has that changed?
  7. There's also the issue of the D3 engine being an additive engine and the Dark Engine being subtractive. It's two different styles of construction. D3 you have a void and you fill it with solids, and in Dark Engine you have a solid in which you carve out spaces.
  8. It wouldn't need to be perfect. The model has no impact on the 3rd person movement or collision in TDM, as 1st person is a completely separate system. So if the animations in that mod could work with the TDM model, it would be a massive improvement.
  9. Can't remember the name of the mod but someone imported the garett model and animations from Deadly Shadows into their Doom 3 mod. If you could track them down it might simplify things
  10. Yes. No body awareness please.
  11. If you're just adding animation for player shadows then that won't cause any issues since the first person system doesn't rely on the player model for collision. It's just there for shadow projection. If the first person system was adapted for body awareness like tds, then that would cause the same issues.
  12. This feature is absolutely amazing! Should come in very handy for mappers.
  13. As I understand it from a few searches, the raspberry pi architecture only supports Opengl 2.1 and doesn't work with stock Doom 3. The Dhewm port of the D3 source uses Vulkan which is apparently supported on Pi 4. Dark Mod is now running on Opengl 3.1 if I recall and I doubt there are any plans to abandon that for Vulkan. Someone with a better working knowledge may prove me wrong on all of that but that's my understanding.
  14. Are you running 32 bit for any specific reason?
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