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  1. I honestly couldn't say. It was so long ago. There certainly wouldn't be anything left of it ingame after all the work that has been done.
  2. Not really interested in it. I don't care for the effect. It was dabbled with in TDM quite some years ago.
  3. Darkradiant just keeps getting better and better! Amazing work. Thanks Greebo!
  4. Not necessarily. The core mod is designed to be more challenging to experienced players who found Thief too easy. If a Thief player comes into it, who did not try to ghost missions or ran around blackjacking everyone, expecting the TDM AI to behave in the same manner without lowering the AI hearing and visual accuity, then that's a legit question. I work in QA for a development studio...if you don't ask those questions, you can't possibly begin to evaluate whether or not there is indeed an issue. The settings are there to allow players to tailor the AI behaviour so they can play in a way closer to their expectations.
  5. I believe I suggested the hearing settings back then too.
  6. I only mention those settings because they do indeed make blackjacking more beginner friendly and the entire game in general. The default settings are definitely geared toward players who want a tougher go at it but it would likely be beneficial to give more attention to the specific settings that can bring the experience closer to classic Thief.
  7. If you go into Settings / Gameplay / Difficulty, what are your AI Vision and AI Hearing set to? I think a lot of people don't realize that these can be adjusted to help approximate the behaviour in Thief.
  8. My suggestion would be to implement something between the two. Test it and see if people complain or hate it. I think the rules we laid out during development were good on paper but in practice ended up being a turn off for a lot of players. I have never had an issue with it personally but I know how it works and expanded one some of the code when I was doing some tweaking a few years back to make it more forgiving. So yeah, go with some of the suggestions here to find a happy place between TDM and Thief and let people test it. There's no harm in that.
  9. From my recollection it was less an issue of people aiming low and more an issue of them getting too close to the AI and the collision for the blackjack ending up in front of the head cone projecting behind the AI. I had tweaked it a few years back to be pretty forgiving by making the cone larger but unfortunately due to the way the collision worked with the animation, it did have the limitation where it could fail you players got too close.
  10. You need to compile the map from the ingame console ctrl alt ~ You'll have to then use the console to navigate to the folder you saved the map. type dir and the folder path Then type dmap nameofyourmap.map Then if everything compiled, type map nameofyourmap.map My next best advice is to go to the help section in the editor and read through the online tutorials.
  11. Hmmm, it doesn't feel quite right. Intuitively, it feels like it should raise when looking at the base of the neck...or at least be a bit more forgiving in terms of where the player can look / strike to achieve the knockout. Are there settings to achieve that?
  12. Ok, seems to be working now and yeah it's lower than I would have expected. So I haven't read all of the posts in regards to the development of this but if I understand this new system isn't using the old collision method but rather a type of line of sight trace? Is that correct?
  13. Hmmm, followed the directions and checked to make sure the blackjack raise was enabled but I don't seem to be getting any type of blackjack raising animation. Also, when I swing the blackjack it has no effect at all on the AI. Not sure what's up.
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