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  1. No, the calculations are all done with bounding boxes if I recall. The 3d model is used for reflections in mirrors.
  2. No, guards are not programmed to see shadows as it creates far too many ungair gameplay issues.
  3. Could the issue be remedied by taking into account how much of the player is blocked by an object + lightgem level + distance. The game already takes distance + lightgem level into account when determining how quickly the guards react. A further check could ease things a bit. Deadly Shadows was able to handle it that way. It checked something like 12 individual points on the player model
  4. Is that still true if they're tagged to be on the same team though?
  5. Can it just brighten the item like classic Thief and then subtly outline it? The thing that turns me off about what I'm seeing is that we're back to solid colors overlaid on items as they were in Deadly Shadows. In the early days of the Mod I figured out the whole material stage brightening to replicate classic Thief and it was then improved / modified over the years but of course all those material shaders are a pain. My only request is to please not go the TDS style route. I think the outlines as springheel suggested would be nice.
  6. Well, obviously the textures are going to be higher res but still retain some semblance of the originals. Models could be higher poly count but not outrageous. I think with Thief, the look of the game was actually part of what made it work. I honestly think there is a market for it. The engine still exists and New Dark has been updated quite a bit already. The main thing though is that all the proven systems...sound / visual...they're already in place. Improvements can be made...and the engine already had some unused enhancements that just didn't get ironed out before the release of
  7. I think you missed my point. What did that extra expense add to the Thief gameplay? Did it serve the type of game Thief is? I don't believe it did. It continued the Deadly Shadows trend of limiting player movement and choice. They scaled Thief up to a AAA budget...a niche title...and in doing so watered it down to the point where it really didn't stand out anymore. I test games for a living. I've seen all kinds come through our doors and there is a very decent market for games that 'look' retro but play on modern systems. I've tested games inspired by classics like Ghouls
  8. Thief The Dark Project was definitely a financial success and a critical success as well at the time. The problem was that Looking Glass was already in bad shape financially and Thief's success was far too late to save the company. The issue with making a game like Thief today is a studio like Eidos Montreal insisting that it be a multi-million dollar AAA title, when it's not really that type of game. It's more of an indie title. Can you imagine how much all that motion capture cost to produce? Did it serve the game beyond being eye candy? I personally think a game like Thief is
  9. That has come up before. The reason TDM doesn't tell you what remains in the level is because there is no way the player would realistically know this. I dunno, I feel it adds to the replayability not knowing. There have been so many times in Thief that I've gone back to a mission years later and found a piece of loot that I had no idea I had missed.
  10. It has pretty much always been handled as it was in the Thief Modding community. Ask for permission to use and if permission is given, list your sources. The issue here is really an edge case and not the norm. It really doesn't make sense to enact such protections in such a small community. We operate in good faith here. It feels like a big ask to develop and incorporate such encryption into the mod as an option and to remove a very helpful export feature from Dark Radiant. I don't mean to dismiss the concerns but given the small size and generally considerate conduct of th
  11. If the incident from Discord is what I think it is, that issue involved someone repeatedly making unapproved artistic and gameplay changes to other users WIP maps when they had only been given permission to do some performance optimization. We're talking major gameplay and map design changes and when those major changes weren't embraced, that user would become angry that their efforts, unwanted as they were, might not be embraced. If this is more if an aesthetic thing, I would say just ask people not to use the high quality assets from you FM. Heck, add a Pop up screen after the TDM log
  12. Just skimming through the topic here so I may miss some of the nuances of the conversation. I've been part of the Thief community since 1999. From the very beginning, mappers have made use of existing assets and often modified them...for better or worse...for use in their own missions. Generally, most asked permission and mentioned original authors in their credits. I've seen horrific modifications made, but those modifications have no bearing on the original assets...whether they were core mod assets or borrowed from an FM, the original versions do not magically get overwritten
  13. Yeah, Eidos Montreal was a train wreck. The Thief Source code was given to them twice in order to try and get the right people to approve officially releasing it to the fans. They lost it both times. Infuriating. They were just the wrong people for the job.
  14. They had him. There was an unreleased Trailer that got leaked. He was brought in and considered but ultimately they dropped him because they wanted the voice actor playing Garrett to be able to do the motion capture nonsense.
  15. I'll add to that by saying they placed far more importance on quick time events, and motion capture than they did on making a 'game'. That's what irks me about a lot of so called 'games' these days. They're not games, they are moderately interactive, casual entertainment. They were trying to make Thief a AAA title. Had they narrowed their focus, reduced their budget and simply focused on a well crafted 'game', they could have pulled off something amazing.
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