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  1. Interesting, Deadly Shadows used a modified version of Unreal 2. I wonder if some of that Unreal Source code could be useful in digging deeper into modding Deadly shadows.
  2. Hello folks, I did this run last year and raised around 650 dollars. Hoping I can top that this year. Today all donations are being matched by a corporate sponsor, so if you donate 20 dollars it will actually count as 40 dollars. Truly appreciate any help, --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This month, I am attempting to run 75 KM in The Million Reasons Run for the health of every kid in Canada! And today is DOUBLE YOUR DONATIONS DAY, a day where ALL donations will be matched up to $500,000! Sponsor me today and your donation will be MATCHED! I am currently nursing an injured tendon in my ankle but am still managing to ease my way through 3km a run. I may not hit my 75km goal this month but I will definitely do my best!! https://www.millionreasons.run/fundraisers/timgormley
  3. That sounds awesome. Sounds like you've covered the bases. I'll leave it to the coders to instruct on how to share your patch.
  4. Oh yes, very different but they did pay a great deal of attention to the originals. I have to give them a lot more credit than just being a fluke. I think the production leads were in the right headspace and they did a good job guiding their team away from the 'on rails' point A to point B mindset . There are interviews where they discuss teaching the level designers to create things that might never be seen by most players. I think the Deus Ex team were a good crew. The interviews with the Thief team were constantly heartbreaking...it was clear they didn't get Thief as a concept and really the proof is in the final product.
  5. No, they were different teams. The Deus Ex team decided to take and 'old school' approach to developing their game. I read an interview where designers would question designing maps with areas the player might never see and the team leads had to explain that this was how the older games did it and that it made the players feel like they discovered something on their own. Paraphrasing but that's the general idea. The designers were of the mindset that the map lead the player from point A to B. The team making Thief 2014 took the opposite approach and repeated all the same mistakes of Thief Deadly Shadows, only worse in my opinion.
  6. Ok, it would need to be thoroughly tested and verified before anything is changed because the functionality should already be there for a delay to scale with distance. There should already be voice cues for suspicion...or at least I thought there were. My original vocal set scripts included everything from the original Thief series. Perhaps they're not being used for some reason?
  7. Depends on what situation the player is talking about. The delayed reaction was supposed to be based on distance. The guards 'should' react less quickly depending on 1. how well lit the player is 2. The guards distance from the player. They may have also changed their audio and visual sensitivity in the main menu and forgotten. So what kind of situations are you seeing this delayed reaction? How well lit is the player and how far away is the guard roughly? Also, have you set the vision and hearing of the guards in the main menu settings any lower? Have you tried increasing the AI's vision in the settings menu to something higher?
  8. I honestly didn't get a Thief Vibe from that Trailer. It doesn't present like a Thief styled game beyond some visual similarities. It's more of a medieval Hit Man to me...what with all the blood and killing. lol Congrats on the release.
  9. Seems to be talking about, Cycle Cap Texture Patch - This cycles the cap texturing type on the currently selected patch. Shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+N. No idea what version of Dark Radiant it was last available in and I don't see it in 2.11.0, but it was a GTK Radiant function apparently. Wonder if it was omitted accidentally very early on or if the version of GTK Radiant DR is based on didn't have it?
  10. I was successfully picking locks a few days ago. If the lockpick glows red it just means the lock can not be picked. I don't mean this in a rude way but just to be helpful, but do try to reproduce suspected bugs before reporting. Could give Developers a stroke thinking the mod went out with a major feature like that broken.
  11. It's not cheating if less of your body is leaning into a lit area. The light gem will pick up less light. Makes sense. There are situations where you lean into bright light though so it does balance out.
  12. Or they may not even notice since it's just that the keypress will just be a second more responsive
  13. Yeah, that would likely work quite well. The technology has advanced quite a bit.
  14. I can't remember who made that video...I thought it was discussed before but the source files no longer existed.
  15. I think way back in the early days there may have been discussion about this behavior but I'm pretty sure there were things we just couldn't change back then due to the limited nature of the Doom 3 SDK at the time. By the time the full source code was released we probably just had gotten used to it. I honestly seen no reason why it couldn't be changed to follow convention. Anyone able to take a look into the code for that function and see if it can be changed to 'key press' for crouch instead of 'key release'?
  16. The TDM main menu music isn't supposed to seamlessly loop, it's intentional. It's like a windup music box at the beginning and then the other instrumentation builds around it. It's not ambience, like the TDM menu, it's more like a theme song.
  17. I think the main menu music is really quite nice as is. It evokes lots of dark moody mystery.
  18. Indeed, the parchment fits the game and keeps you grounded. Could the actual menu flow be more streamlined? Probably. What matters to me most is the gameplay itself. The menus are the least of my worries but hey if they were improved I wouldn't complain.
  19. Ok, gotcha. It may be that way due to limitations of the sdk prior to the full D3 source release. I don't know if it would be a big deal if it were changed or how to go about doing it. Coders want to chime in?
  20. That's because 'Toggle Crouch' is for toggling or 'switching' it off and on, without holding a button down. You would have to disable toggle crouch to make it crouch upon button press. It's in Settings / Controls / General Oh wait, are you saying you would like it to go into crouch mode upon button press instead of release?
  21. The performance improvements are definitely noticeable. I was barely able to play TDM the last two updates but as of 2.10, performance levels are definitely back up. The two missions I've tried so far are nice and smooth. Load times are great as well.
  22. I can share this over on TTLG if it hasn't been already.
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