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  1. Thanks all! Well multiplayer wasn't a good idea, well. What I like in this game is the medieval feeling, DON'T LOOSE IT! No ghosts, no fantasy. How will it be?
  2. Hi all!!! I'm new here, I┬┤would help you if I would have time Well, I'm starting making music for me and my friends and I heard this music from your music&sound collection (08. Defiled church (Schatten).mp3) and I've loved that one I hope Shatten is here in this forum too. My Queston is... How do you make so great bass tracks? What app do you use? Can I use the 1st four seconds of your bass song (08. Defiled church (Schatten).mp3) For my songs? PLZ! Reply. Thanks all! P.D: This Game will be greate!!! And giving some ideas: What about online games support? Two Teams: Team 1= Thief Team , Team 2= The Castle Wariors. (Sorry 4 my english)
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