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  1. Well I was thinking that would add a level of difficulty (and possibly suspense) to the game. At any rate, I can see it being extremely irritating depending on the number of readables some FMs would have. Ah well, 'tis better to have been considered and shot down, than never to have been considered at all. Or something...
  2. I guess I didn't really think about it slowing the game down, I figured I could just find a quiet and safe spot to fire up my lantern to read a few readables at a time if need be.
  3. I didn't know that, and it is good to know. EDIT > Just tried it and it is nice. With my current key binds it's easy to do: Right mouse (Frob) to grab the body, Middle mouse (Use) to shoulder the body, Middle mouse again to drop the body.
  4. So I'm in the dining room in the church, sitting on the table waiting for the patrolling guard to leave the room, and I decided now would be a good time to catch up on my reading. I whip out the notes I had just picked up and start reading. No problem, right? Same as it's always been with the Thief games (minus the time freeze). Then it dawned on me - How is it that I'm reading this note in an area so dark that a guard passing a few feet away can't see me? Shouldn't I light my lantern or be near a light source in order to read? Wouldn't that be more realistic? So, would it be possible to require a certain amount of light to be available to read the readables? This would require the player to either provide light or be near a light source in order to read, and I feel it would add another dimension of realism along with a little more difficulty if this were possible. The player would then have to be more cautious when reading so a guard doesn't see them. I noticed that if you "drop" a note into your hands and stand near light you can see some text on the note (it's not readable, just visible), but if you are in the dark you can't see the text at all, so it does seem at least remotely possible. Thoughts?
  5. I felt the same way about some of the issues when I started playing it, but found the correct way to do things in time and prefer some of these over the original Thief games. Object manipulation: I do like this, and though it seems unnecessary at first, it is something that can be utilized by mappers. It is more realistic, and can add to the immersion, though it is again up to the mappers to keep it that way. Practice makes perfect - I was able to drop the pallet out of the window, and that isn't an easy task. Using Shift with the Manipulate key can help. Picking up bodies: Right mouse button (frob) works for me, no complaints with that. The Use key (u or enter by default, I mapped mine to middle-mouse) doesn't work with bodies for me. Is the Use key supposed to work? Are we supposed to be able to carry the bodies as well as drag? The only problem I have is how the arms or legs get stuck on the door frame when dragging. That can be difficult to deal with sometimes. Readables: Right mouse (frob) to read, Left mouse (attack) to clear. Took a bit to figure it out, but it's easy. Also, I mapped my Next/Previous Item key to the mousewheel, so mousewheel works for multi-page readables as well. Blackjacking is more difficult, but I understand it's intended to be more difficult (no more frontal KOs, for one thing). I also understand it will be tweaked some more. I mapped CTRL to crouch, ALT to creep. It's not like I'll be jumping while creeping, so using my thumb to creep is easier for me while not losing CTRL for crouching. Guards throwing bottles when I am out of reach is awesome. Guards having an infinite supply of bottles doesn't bother me because I know I wouldn't exactly sit around taunting them anyway. Get out of sight!
  6. I see you, in the shadows over there. Are you gonna BJ me?

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