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  1. Is it also coincidence that the clock and unicorn images are so similar in shape? Both the hands of the clock and the body and head of the unicorn are at similar angles, and both are enclosed in circles?
  2. LeatherMan

    Fox News

    Fox news reaches out to dumb people, so it's no wonder those people trust them... (For the record, I removed all network news stations from my TV scan list because IMO they bullshit entirely too much)
  3. Considering only 30 FMs have been released for TDS in the 4+ years T3Ed has been available, and already 10 or so have been released for TDM (most of which just since October), I think it's safe to say Dark Radiant is easier to use.
  4. Total downloads since 10/17/2009 = 1485. Assuming a few downloads of SL and TD, it's safe to say 1450 total for TDM 1.0. Fileplanet shows a total of 279 downloads, and Fileshack shows 376. (I'm assuming you aren't including these in your mirror totals) Given the torrent downloads of 1244 and mirror downloads of 3285, the overall total would be 1450+279+376+1244+3285= 6634 Total
  5. Finally got around to finishing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC. Time to get back to TDM. :)

  6. This statement is confusing. Being a Linux user of 8+ years, I love "hand-holding" "file management" (eg, repositories) as opposed to The Windows Way™ of searching for a program, jumping through several webpages to find a download mirror (all the while shooting popups like a swarm of zombies), hopefully downloading the latest version and correct architecture, then finally installing the program while unchecking the "Install our toolbar!" option. I'll take "urpmi <package>", "sudo apt-get install <package>", or "yum install <package>" over The Windows Way™ any day of the week. For this reason the TDM updater is awesome IMO. Nonetheless, I don't see any problem with you or anyone else creating a third party FM manager, even if it isn't platform agnostic.
  7. ThieveryUT had that if you went into spectate mode! *chomp* *squeek!*
  8. Springheel, are you able to get a warranty replacement for that card? If not, I just read an interesting fix for the card, you may want to check it out. You have to bake it in an oven. Really. Farther down the thread people say it works!
  9. That's kinda sad that you're just now discovering the power of session management. Opera has had sessions since 1996. Many other innovations that are now standard amongst most browsers (though some still require add-ons) were introduced by Opera as well, such as pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, ad blocking, flash blocking, fast forward, mouse gestures, and speed dial. Opera also includes Email, IRC, and Bittorrent built-in. They just introduced Opera Unite which I like a lot, and Opera Turbo makes my shitty internet at work (384/384) feel quite snappy. I do wish there were a DownloadHelper add-on for Opera, but I just use FF when I need that function. As for Chrome, I wasn't impressed and uninstalled it less than 24hours after installing it. I've been using Opera as my primary browser since 2001, and I haven't been impressed by any other browser since then (though Konqueror had some nice features as well).
  10. I did the same for a while, but then it gets to be boring having all the AI in the map "sleeping". I try to ghost but don't force myself. If someone gives me trouble I will occasionally immobilize them, or some lights will be doused. The self-imposed restrictions are challenging and fun.
  11. There are several interpretations, but basically it means to complete the mission without being seen, and without blackjacking or killing (unless it is required to complete an objective). Some take it to the extreme and complete the mission without being seen or heard, while leaving everything in the mission untouched other than those things absolutely necessary to complete the mission. That means no dousing of torches or candles, no rope or broadhead arrows left behind, if you move something you put it back like it was, moss arrows cleaned up, nobody KOed or killed, etc. Basically you leave no trace that you were there. More detailed ghosting rules can be read here. Ninja'd!
  12. shadowwalker, those mission files you downloaded should be placed in the \darkmod\fms folder located within your Doom 3 folder. Do not extract the files, and be sure they have the extension pk4 and not zip. TDM will do the rest.
  13. What virus scanner? I feel pretty confident it is a false-positive, but it's not an executable, and Doom 3 can't use it to install anything to your system, so it would be harmless anyway.
  14. I'm assuming you are playing Crown of Penitence, and if you are you just need to go back outside to enter that room from the courtyard. You will need a key.
  15. Check your Doom 3 base folder for a file named "doomkey". Open it with Notepad/Wordpad and you should see your CD key on the first line. If it doesn't resemble the key you are entering, then replace that line with your CD key, no spaces, no dashes, all letters in CAPS. Also, your CD key should be 16 digits total, and make sure you are using the correct key (inside case, not outside).
  16. Click Start > Run and enter %Temp% You will see a list of temporary files that can all be safely deleted. Delete them.
  17. Check your math. I think you mean 4449... (I think you added my torrent totals (actual) with your torrent totals (estimated))
  18. Torrent was showing 860 downloads earlier today. Did you include FileShack (355) and Fileplanet (189) in the mirrors total?
  19. A technical help subforum is a good idea, with a few "most common problems" threads stickied.
  20. All configs have been added to the wiki up to this point.
  21. I double-checked the other day, and no, there is nothing about shouldering bodies in the training mission.
  22. It's not really that big of a deal, and I know you are busy (or have been). It also helps me to keep svn and 1.0 separate, the console works better (working history), and it helped to iron out any annoyances with Wine. I will definitely want to test the Linux binaries before any updates are released, so I will nag you before then, if necessary.
  23. I see you are on XP, so has ATI stopped supporting XP?
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