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  1. Anyhow, I'd still really like to be involved with the Beta. I haven't done much for TDM in a long time.
  2. I'd very much like to be in the beta. I'm a Dev at Microsoft by day, but happy to lend a hand testing at night... when the work of a thief should be done. On a semi-related note. I have an oculus rift if anyone wants to work with me to integrate VR
  3. Well I was married once and it ended when I came out as polyamorous and she wasn't having any of that, which I totally understand. Either way, I'm happy not being married again and have no desire to repeat :-P Good luck sir.
  4. See first thing that comes to MY mind on this is, why not let her decide what to do about it instead of fretting about it? I'll grant that my world views are very different from most, especially when it comes to relationships as I am polyamorous. Her getting remarried just leaves me scratching my head thinking "people still do monogamy after divorce? wtf? Isn't that the definition of insanity right there?" So I guess I don't see why she can't just have both of you :-P. With that being said, if your reason for telling her is that you expect there is some chance in 10,000 that she will call off her wedding and be with you forsaking him, you're deluding yourself sir, and it's not healthy at all. If your reason is to clear the air and feel that you can maintain honest communication regardless of her marital state then by all means, tell her. I hope this helps! Edit: On a related note, if this woman DOES call off her wedding to be with you, I'd be seriously concerned about her mental and emotional state if she's so quick to jump out of an engagement... Just be aware that as wonderful as this woman, her crazies may not line up with yours (and remember, we ALL have our crazies.)
  5. Where is that? It kinda looks like Avignon!
  6. Any coders want to take a peek at the frob highlight code? see how tough it would be to use a different frob color for instance on loot? (just as a simple test of trivial/non-trivial) If not i'll take a peek myself.
  7. New Horizon's Minimalist mod (thank you ser!) Added very short range loot glint to TDM (frob distance only) which was nice, but still a little jarring to me, the above sounds ideal so long as the glint plays immediately upon mouse over and is mild. I think a quick shine glimmer shader or something would work well rather than a glint sprite that looks like some odd form of lens flare.
  8. Springheel, I could certainly offer my services as a reviewer and for the popular maps, expert mode walkthrough provider ;-). Especially if you don't mind hosting them on the FM section?
  9. hmm as for community stuffs, do we have an IRC channel? and if not, would anybody use it? I'd be more than happy to host an IRC server for tdm.
  10. Sounds like a good place to start, one of my girlfriends is visiting and has taken an interest in game design, futzing about with Dark Radiant might be fun. I hope things haven't changed too much in the past decade of world design since the last time I did anything was counter strike mapping :-P
  11. Well, I'm finally back in a position where I think I can help! My work situation changed and I'm no longer stuck on 60 hour stressful weeks. New job, new company, new hours, new found free-time! I'm out of practice with cpp, but I've been in the C# world for the past 4+ years, and know C really well as well, I'm sure I can lend a hand on crunching some outstanding bugs. I don't plan to do primary development tasks until I've cut my teeth on bugs for TDM, but I know I for one want to see some velocity back into TDM. Some things I think I can tackle. "Sleepers can become alert while asleep" "AI react too fast to missing objects" "Minimum reaction time for searching alert" "Add wind/current to the location system" I would need a mentor for the first bit, mostly to point me into the right directions and show me the dark mod's ropes, but I assume I could move into a larger role once I'm familiar with the overall design.
  12. oh and by the way, I agree with the above, in game would be the preference, is there any recent news of Doom3 source?
  13. Mmy ONLY gripe with this solution is I lose WPF, other than that, i've been meaning to play with GTK sharp, time to dig up \\REQUIEM and set her up on my kvm so that I can work in ubuntu I guess. *le sigh* and I do such beautiful work with WPF too :-/
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