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  1. I've been playing/fiddling with TDM for a while now, so I guess it's about time I thanked everyone involved in this creation. Is it ok to quote from my original post on these boards? Pretentious yes, but I think many people share my sentiments, though perhaps not in the same way. Thanks guys!
  2. You're right, lean toggle works fine; I was using it improperly. As for key-repeat, I've managed to get xset working, which eases the process of enabling/disabling key-repeat. Apparently the gnome-settings-daemon has had a problem in ubuntu since 9.04. The workaround is here. So now The Dark Mod seems to be working well. EDIT: Here's a little script that conveniently turns off key repeat before starting the game, and then turns it back on after it terminates--for those of us (maybe just me) that can't live without small conveniences no matter how difficult it is to obtain them, and find it hard to take "no" for an answer. #!/bin/bash xset -r tempvar=$(wine /path/to/thedarkmod/tdmlauncher.exe) xset r It took me forever, and the help of someone far more knowledgeable, to come up with this effective albeit simple solution.
  3. I got Doom 3 installed in wine--not the way you said, but whatever. I was under the impression that game performance would be drastically reduced by running doom 3 through wine, but you're right, there's little or no difference, and everything's working perfectly--almost! That key repeat thing so far is impossible to work around besides un-checking key repeat in preferences->keyboard (Karmic Koala). I tried xset (-)r, as well as toggle lean in-game, but neither seems to work. Does anyone have a suggestion? Oh and thanks again for the help.
  4. I know I've been silent for the past oh, 3 or so years, but that doesn't mean I ever forgot The Dark Mod, or lost interest. Things have changed for me since the first time I learned of it, one of the biggest changes being the fact that I no longer use windows. I hadn't tried Doom 3 in Linux (currently running Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty), until I saw that the dark mod had been officially released, and to my dismay found a gigantic problem, not with the dark mod as much as with doom 3 itself. My problem is that doom 3 doesn't seem to recognize the arrow keys, delete/insert/home/end/pgup/pgdn some of the number pad keys, and the ctrl key properly. it seems to think ctrl is pgdn, and all the arrow keys and the 6 keys above them are interpreted as 0x00. I have my keyboard layout set as "Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000" which is what it is, and I have tried setting it to generic--endev hoping that would solve my problems, but no linux layout seems to help. I'm sure you all have guessed by now that I am left-handed, and using WASD is kind of out of the question--it'd be like re-learning pc-gaming. I have tried manually editing DoomConfig.cfg adding the keyboard codes (i.e. 0x103 for _forward), but that has done nothing. Hopefully someone here can help me? I want to play, but it's nearly impossible with a different key layout, and wine and virtualbox would never be able to handle the doom 3 engine with my current PC.
  5. Ty for the welcomes y'all. Oh, and there's no pr0n, dad, or stairs in my life so that theory is out. As to smells, I'm not even going to comment.
  6. Ooh! I think frobbable items should highlight in bright blue, and loot should sparkle--even if it's a bag of spice! And 9 times out of 10, when you blackjack a person, they should fall to their knees, and bend backwards until their head is touching their heels! And barrels... If the player can't throw a large barrel at least 20 feet, then the game is crap. period. I do apologise. It was meant to be humourous as we all know TDM will rival the originals in every way, except storyline.
  7. Late in the blackness of night, my mind, wandering from the task at hand, turned to my love of old, and a pang of rememberance gripped my soul. How I did long for sight of my beloved. As I sat musing thus, an inspiration fell upon me! I would seek news of her to fuel my reminiscent thoughts. When lurking in forums of old turned my nocturnal wanderings to my favourite engine for search, my heart gave a leap at what I did find. Hark! How the all-seeing eye of google doth provide! For there, before my sleep weary eyes, a most wonderous piece of news my gaze did light upon. The Dark Mod, of whose prophesied fame I had read long ago, had grown in beauty and grandeur. And now, before me on this fateful night, I beheld my beloved, as though she were born anew! Dressed all in the fineries of DooM III, she was verily transformed beyond all mine imagining. With tears, wetting my cheeks, as I did gaze upon her, I cried aloud, "Oh! My beloved! How thou hast changed! No longer art thou the low polygon creation of Looking Glass yore. Thou hast ceased from thy whoredoms and slavery to the evil Man Eidos and his treacherous mercerneries of Storming Ions. They who defilest thy bed with Deadly Shadows. Thou art transformed! And lo, behold thy texturing, thy lighting, thy models, and thy normal mapping. Harken to thy ambient music, thy sweet ambience, oh my love! Yes, thou art become a thing of such beauty. Joy in thine re-birth!" I remember thee as thou wert, before that vile toad took thee. I remember the nights long past, we in the intimacy of my solitude. I played thee as only I knew thou desired, revelling in thy foreboding depths, drinking in thy beauty. Oh my love! I remember thy secrets. How I long for thy mysterious touch! Come, my love! Play with me. All is not lost. Nay, all has been regained! Ok, I read briefly about the Dark Mod about a year ago, but as I haven't done much game-playing in the past year, I lost sight it altogether. Tonight, though, I had a sudden inspiration, and after viewing thedarkmod.com, I was blown away. This little bit of pretentious bullshit is the resulting heart-felt awe at what's being done--I couldn't stop it! And yeah, I DO realize that it sounds a bit like masturbation, but hey! It's a single player game, no? Looking good, Dark Mod team! Oh and if you're ever interested, I might be able to provide you with some in-game texts
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