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  1. Mortem: When trying to get gas arrows in another mission the console was giving me this message: usage: spawn classname [key/value pairs] What does this mean? Thanks, Shadowwalker
  2. Mortem Destino: Thanks for the pointer. I did that and found my arrow(s). Is there a way to recall a command without having to retype it in all the time? Thanks, Shadowwalker
  3. Thank you, Mortem. I will look up at the sky before I get the console going and typing commands in, if that's what you mean. Another question regarding how many cheats can a player have at one time? I am guessing one has to choose between more weapons or being unkillable as in god mode. Would this be correct or not? Thanks Shadowwalker
  4. When I typed the spawn command in and and used the ENTER key to enter it into the system, I received the following msg: 'loaded Collision model models/darkmod/weapons/gasarrow. wo' There was an up and down pipe between the period after 'gasarrow and the 'wo' letters. I was unable to find this pipe on my keyboard so I just put a space there where the pipe was. I don't know what this message means but I received no arrows when back into the game. sw
  5. Thank you for this info. Did it work for you? When typed in, do you press ENTER or some other key to leave the console and leave the command intact? thanks, shadowwalker
  6. Crispy: Strange. When I posted this and came back to view it, there were no colors present in the 'spawn' command which is how your list appeared on my computer. If this was a peculiar way my computer displayed it, please disregard my comment on it. sw
  7. Hello Crispy: I note that you have the word 'spawn' in red letters on a yellow background before typing the 'atdm:' and the desired weapon in black on the white background. On the computer in the console mode, how is this done? Or is it necessary? Just curious as to how to make various weapons available during gameplay. Thanks, shadowwalker
  8. Mortem: Thanks for the command listing but when I tried some of them the console didn't recognize them. I guess I'll have to wait for the DM Version 1.01 to come out and then find out if the console behavior is any better. Thanks and happy Thanksgiving Shadowwalker
  9. Hello, Mortem: To begin with, my experience with computer technicalities is modest at best. I am not a mapper but I can type commands on the console command line area. Looking at your example, I imagine myself at the console command line and would type the following: "spawn atdm:weapon_arrows_broadhead_100, weapon_arrows_water_100" providing these were in the "Items for sale" list, or so I think it goes. Would this example work for me in the game? Thanks for any guidance and happy Thanksgiving Shadowwalker
  10. The console itself comes up and when I type in the god mode, all works well. However, when I type in the 'give all' command, it is supposed to give unlimited items, like the soldier in 'Doom 3' gets all the weapons the game has but when I type that command in the Dark Mod, I get only the number of weapons, arrows, that are present when I thought I would get an unlimited supply. Is this a flaw in DM that needs to be corrected or is this the way the 'give all' command works in the DM? Thanks for any feedback shadowwalker
  11. Crispy: Your observations about my computer experience is correct. It's quite modest but I do the best I can with it. Between the time we last exchanged correspondence, I have been working, off and on, on getting the Dark Mod to work and I finally have! Yes, I persevered with TDM, and finally realized success with it, I think it was yesterday and have been running the Training Mission to get the feel of how the game operates. The graphics are tremendous and it has been well worth the effort. But I have run into a problem: Since the Training Mission is already there with the game, I have wanted to get the four additional missions but have no idea how to get the TDM to detect them so I can make use of them. I have looked for directions on how to do this but cannot find any. Would you have any ideas on how I can get to use the four additional missions? I should add that I have dragged and dropped these missions into a desktop folder simply called 'New Folder' which is where they still are. Thanks, and thank you for your patience with me. Shadowwalker
  12. I downloaded the torrent successfully. Now there's supposed to be a 'tdlauncher'? Where does that come in and how do I access it? Thanks, shadowwalker
  13. Well, it didn't work that way, at least not yet. Will need further quidance as I am greatly looking forward to getting into this game. Thanks for your help. Shadowwalker
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