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  1. Is there some sort of trick to it? Many a time I've done what I felt was a perfect knockout, only for the bugger to go "oof", then around and give me the business end of his sword. What gives?
  2. Following on from my last post, I managed to do what I couldn't do earlier straight away today - dunno what went wrong
  3. OK, thanks Fid. It's weird, but I'll keep on it. Maybe it's operator error.
  4. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I'm having a minor problem with breaking glass and don't want to read all the spoilers to find my answer.
  5. Sorry to drag up an old topic, but just read this article. So I guess we were all worried over nothing
  6. On man I did the very same! I called them my Jehovah's Witness Stalkers, and they came round every Saturday for weeks on end. Each week I reiterated that I'm a staunch atheist and that they had absolutely no hope of converting me, but that I loved a debate, and secretly thought it might be mice to introduce just a little doubt in their minds. And each week they would come over and shoot the breeze with me on my doorstep. We'd have a lovely debate that unfortunately never went anywhere though, because after every 'profound' point they made about How science couldn't possibly explain X, Y or
  7. Excellent points, well put. I think you've summarised the debate well Now, back to this discussion with young Springheel, who's starting to get on my wick : All this would "prove" is the existence of a benevolent/meddlesome God and that the Bible was written by men and wasn't the direct Word of God. I never made suggestions otherwise. I also never suggested that the Bible was a literal text or anything of the sort. Throughout this discussion I've been talking about belief in a God or other higher power, not the intricacies of any particular faith, all of which (in my eyes) are largely fla
  8. OK, so I've now read through the previous posts (on Sotha's recommendation) and have realised that much of what I've been saying has been covered in-depth and by much more learned people than myself . I won't bang this drum much longer, but I thought I might reply to some comments. @springheel: So I did. Silly me. I could make a post-modernist case that your interpretation of what I said is subjective and call into question what you can possibly claim to know about what I said, but that would just be silly @sotha: Agreed. Science is more systematic and analytical. However,
  9. @Sotha: Of course science is a belief system. We blur it with words like "evidence" of "a well proved base", but ultimately the entire concept of science asks us to believe that by carrying out experiments and collecting data, we will reach a "truth". There's no concrete proof that this will be the case, but we believe it anyway. This is the same for religion. Replace "evidence" or "scientific methods" with "God" (or Allah, etc.) and you have the same conundrum. You can see that the rain falls, but why it does so is a matter of belief. Some (most?) people believe that science has
  10. @nbohr1more: Just wanted to pick up on your point: yes, we are all inherently biased. We make sweeping generalisations about everyone else as a way of making sense of the world. It would use too much of your brain to make individual assessments of everyone around you. The point of self-reflection is that you recognise these limitations, and find ways to work with them for personal development. You're doing that, so well done you. My guess is that the setup of the family is a little unusual, given the age differences, you're aware of this and it makes you uncomfortable. As for the reaso
  11. @Sotha: Sorry, maybe I was unclear. The prejudice and paranoia referred to nbohr1more's beliefs about his neighbours, beliefs that he acknowledged were irrational. And yes, now that we have shifted to a different topic we are having an equally (if not more) interesting discussion. At risk of repeating something that has already been said (I haven't read the last posts thoroughly) My two cents are that we should probably take the time to realise that no one's right. There is no "one ultimate truth" and the belief in science is no more likely than the belief in God. I myself am a st
  12. I like metcheck. Nicely laid out, really clear and you have long-range forecasts (up to 2 weeks, and they seem to be fairly spot on) which is perfect for planning whether to take your wellies to Glastonbury
  13. Whoa. So I checked in on this thread, thinking "how is this topic still clinging to life?", only to dscover that a conversation about the OP's prejudices and paranoia (and let's face it, that's all it is) has turned into a discussion on postmodernism and epistemology! I really don't want the read the whole thread, so would someone mind telling me how we got here?
  14. That all depends. Take Starbucks for instance. Why are they everywhere? Because, say what you will about the company itself, it's hard to deny that they make damn fine coffee. Why are iPods so popular? Because when it comes to large capacity for low price, they are by far the best quality mp3 players (I'm largely referring to the iPod classic - I'm well aware that there are better alternatives to the smaller iPods such as the nano and the shuffle). Ah, the philosophical question of the nature of quality. We know when something is of a high quality, and making judgements of quality
  15. I agree. This game is great! If I'm not careful, trying to provoke aidakeeley might become more fun for me than TDM And I think that thus far we can say that our experiment is working out nicely. Interestingly, there seems to be a more incendiary reaction from the rest of the community than from aidakeeley himself.
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