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  1. Thanks for a grate update love the new AI sounds as they walk by Just had a quick run throug Too Late and all seemt fine but noticede one littel thing, if I pick up a candelstick and poke the candel end at a wall or what ever it makes the metal sound? shoudent that be a soft squice sound for candels and the metal sound for the holder? THANKS again for a GREAT update
  2. When you look at a building you walk by and think it must hav ben hard align all thouse brush´s
  3. when you get dissipointet not to hear that sweet loot sound picking up the change at the supermarket
  4. Very nice textures, looking forward to seeing the rest I whas thinking it lookede like walking around an old bunker og bomb shelter
  5. Biker is the SP texture´s going to be part of futer DR/TDM releasses?
  6. Nice to see missions being translated to at wider audience keep up the great work, and thanks for widening the opportunity more players playing mine and others missions
  7. Thanks for the kinde words and Im glad you enjoyde it and just maby one day I´l atempt another mission, but I fear I can´t reach the level of other builders at this forum
  8. Happy new year to all you taffers out there :oD

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    2. nbohr1more


      Happy New Years! Here's hoping that 2012 will bring as many terrific missions as 2011.

    3. Jesps


      Happy new yar, mateys!

    4. Springheel


      Hopefully more!


  9. hi hi that was a nice surprice and her i thourgt the thief was on the naughty list Thanks for the present
  10. Prefab´s is you´r friend make them "face" north, south, west, east and oppe each way
  11. Hey looking good yer the original whas "a bit" heavy performace wice that´s whay I askede for a textur for the strings og tuning pegs but I think fidcal just don´t hav the time as I hav´t heard from him he he yer a goonies adventuer with waterslides, giv away floors and all would be great
  12. and the mapper makes maps FOR you like THEY want it to be but you play it like you want to
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