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  1. great work! Maybe his feet could be better. If this is final version, then it's ok with me.
  2. Tips on loading screen remind me DS and they were really helpful. However loading duration was short and I usually missed them. Thank god, tdm loading duration is longer.
  3. I think he is helping to mod in inner forums.
  4. blackness is probably shadow texture which helps to fps. In order to save performance high poly models have less detailed shadows. And you need shadow textures for this.
  5. actually you are right. According to wiki, lots of works already or will be abandoned since there is no news from any of them. I remember one of the team members was going to setp up a website for these assets, but I'm afraid that one also vanished tragically without sharing assets. or are we gonna have a surprise on this?
  6. I see. All taffers are with you! Take your time
  7. if you still looking for a tester, I'm ready to it.
  8. looking stunning JB. any estimated release date for your fm?
  9. thanks ungoliant. Doors are always problematic with sound effects. Temporary solution is to assign push player while moving.
  10. why? It doesn't have to cast shadow, it doesn't have to be high poly. What takes the fps down?
  11. to reproduce second bug draw your sword, keep holding it in any strike direction. Then, suddenly appear in front of AI. You must be in very close distance.
  12. Some bugs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fthGss5y5lQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGFooqzcEbU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FfTVugXQDw to occur candle bug; first use candle to extinguish, then stuck it with wall while carrying it. Then try to use again, it'll spawns in front of you.
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