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  1. Challenging map! Really well done . The sounds the skeletons were making made it hard to pinpoint their location, which definitely added to the horror feeling of this map!
  2. Haha, that is so awesome. I hope that guy does well for himself, soon - if not already.
  3. Cool, here you go ~ http://rapidshare.com/files/440848632/beggarWalk.zip
  4. I do have the files, but I'd like to revisit it and give it another shot - if that's cool. This time, I'll use the proguard rig instead of using the same rig used in idle_beggar. That should clear some of the errors up. Thanks! Animation is really fun, I highly recommend it mike
  5. i've got 3 more terms left before I graduate college :)! Got a bitter schedule, this term..

  6. That's weird, since I was using the rig from the idle beggar animation...
  7. About the arm swings, that's what I'm thinking about. I guess it's really just more of a balance to have inbetween stiff arms and lively arms. I'll see what I can do to make them less lively, but in the meantime I've put the md5anim file in the beggar-2010 folder. Also, I tried testing the animation in-game again and it gave me an error saying that the beggar mesh has a different number of joints than the animation . mike
  8. Made a second cut and improved some aspects of the animation with ideas and comments given (both here and on youtube). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FMdeaKLYB8 I'll work on making a sitting anim for the beggar as well as a lying down anim. mike
  9. Well, like I said, man, it's always a great idea to collaborate with people! I think that through collaboration you could make something really unique, balanced, and heavily worked upon. But, that opinion is only coming from my current project with a large group of friends (i'm making a 2d animated series). I think that your idea about the visions is a great one! It's a very unique idea I've never really heard of in the thief/TDM community and could probably be very successful if done right. I wish you luck, man mike
  10. Haha, I see. I was just goin for what I was told. I had this walk idea from the description, which was that he was "shuffling". Maybe I'll make another version, though, idk. Haha, I can see that. I was going for "down on his luck", but I guess it would help more if I was able to show the animation in-game with the beggar model. That's lame :\ ... I'll put in an md5anim file. Alright, I'll update it with less stiff arms. Thanks for the crits, it helps! mike
  11. That'd be awesome if there was an animation viewer program EDIT: Here is a playblast of the animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1rwOmJJI2c I'm open to critique, so don't hold back! mike
  12. Holy crap, this sounds amazing . I'm sure that if you post a project proposal topic in one of the threads with an outline, ideas, and concepts that you could collaborate with a group of people in making such a mission. Good luck, man! I look forward to playin either FM's mike
  13. 2009 You can open it up in an older version and save it out as such. There's a setting in Maya (that I can't remember where it is) that allows you to ignore software versions. Or, if you like, I can give you a copy of the md5anim file instead. I'm not sure of the rules of access, but I'll post a playblast soon for critique. If you're interested in animating, i can point you in a good direction . I've got loads of material and resources (i kinda have to because of school ), if anyone is interested. mike
  14. The beggar.ase was before I used your method. If you'd like to give it a shot, it's in the model_src repository in the beggar-2010 folder. It's titled walk_beggar.
  15. Yeah, I used the rig from the idle_beggar
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