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  1. Great FM Goldwell, the intro was amazing!!, it really sets the mood for the rest of the mission but it sets a great story but there is no payoff (i was hoping to stop the ritual or at least delivering the journal to the city watch) As for the FM itself i liked the city section but it was a little too clean, it needed more debris, dirt and stuff lying around to make it more interesting visually. The bathhouse was great all around, you did a great job with the design and visuals but it was too small and easy (in my case too easy because for some reason both guards stayed sitted the whole time and never moved, making too easy to break in the other rooms, a conversation bug perhaps?) Generally it was great but a little too short and it left you wanting for more Great work!!, can't wait for future installments!!!
  2. A horror mission would be nice, i never made one.However, ending the contest at end of july would be a little tight for me, i don't have a lot of free time for mapping so even a small mission would take me a lot of time to build, August is a more realistic date for me at least
  3. Thanks, i'll send you a PM with the details as soon as i can
  4. Hello everyone, my FM is nearly ready, i still need to do plently of testing but i'm stuck with some of the readables, i'm just not happy with my writing skills and i end up rewriting them every time. I thought i could ask for help in the forums, if anyone has the time to help me i would appreciate it
  5. I played it last night and it was a wonderful experience!!, impressive visuals and architecture (the uneven ground in particular), great gameplay, this fm has everything i like about TDM. I especially enjoyed the worldbuilding, i'm a big fan of fms that explore the various criminal groups in Bridgeport and your missions explore that theme very well. Overall, a must play for thief fans
  6. Hello everyone, it has been a long time since i've been on this forums but a month ago i went back to TDM and i was impressed how far it has gone since . I'm working on a small fm in my spare time, there is still a lot of work to do but its slowly getting finished, here's a little peak
  7. That a great way to start promoting, i think i'm going to promote the mod in a few forums i know, it's the least i could do to help
  8. Damn....i've been gone for so long i had no idea things were this bad around here , its too bad TDM hasn't gotten more popular but i doubt a campaign will make a difference, there's already plenty of FM's to play. I think the others are right, the mod needs more publicity
  9. Wow, i can't believe it has been more two years since i released this mission, time really does fly To be honest i was always suprised that people liked this mission because for me it always felt unfinished, but maybe i was too hard on myself Anyway, thanks everyone for the comments!!, i'm glad people had fun with this mission
  10. Oh man:(, a FM contest just when i have to work on other projects. Its likely i won't be able to build something before the deadline but with a little luck i can release a little mission after it Good luck to all those involved in the contest!
  11. A very impressive campaign GC and MD!, both of you have certainly raise the bar for TDM missions and i'm hoping that after a little break the two of you work on another project, you work great as a team I really liked the small bits of dialogue the main character dropped while in the mission, it added some depth to the main character and made the story a lot more interesting Mission 1 was great, good gameplay and architecture all around. I liked the journey from the city to the cathedral, it made the map a lot bigger in scope I also loved the prision area although it could have used some decals, the place looked too clean for an abandoned prision Mission 2 is definitely the best of the series, a great looking city with excellent gameplay and lots of things to do, the only thing i didn't liked was the lack of rope arrows, i really missed after using them in the last mission Mission 3 is also very good (although i could be a little biased here), the forest section is incredible, it proves that TDM can make great outdoor environments. I liked the changes that you made to the mansion (the thunderstorm was very impressive) although the bathrooms felt a bit unfinished to me. There were also some minor texture issues (in the library and the sitting room with the fireplace). Also it would be good if you give some feedback to the player on which windows are openable and which are not, when i first played i left the mansion though the front door because i didn't know how to get out any other way Well, this was all i could think of. Again, great work!!!
  12. Sounds interesting, count me in although bear in mind that i can't do a lot of work until the end of may, i have to finish writing my thesis but in june i can do more serious work Unfortunately my skills only extend with mapping, I could help you with mission 2 since i have a small city section that i could expand or work with mission 3, i'm good making mansion missions Send me a PM with the details Edit: Sure, no problem (ignaciokeegan@gmail.com)
  13. Those pics look amazing, great job Can't wait for the final release
  14. Well, if anyone has any great ideas i could also get behind a project. I'm very interested in making a campaign about the inventors since we know almost nothing about them and they are a very different faction from the mechanist in the thief world, unfortunately i don't have much ideas about the plot but here's hoping somebody does
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