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  1. Some of my favorite scary games are:


    Resident Evil Nemesis (PSX): Nothing like getting that keycard you needed only to hear "S.T.A.R.S!" OH SHIT!


    Condemned 1 and 2 (Xbox 360): Great atmosphere and crazy gameplay. I really like going into rundown buildings and streets in videogames.


    Quest for Glory 4 (PC): My favorite of the series. I love the transylvania feel along with the Lovecraftian horror that lurks beneath. Plus John-Rhys Davies narrating is just AWESOME.

  2. My Halloween FM was released internally last year's halloween time. I planned on releasing it with the than next update but school sucked out most of my time.


    So now its a year later. It would be cool if I could finish it and release it this year, however, I'm back at school again and its a real time vampire.

  3. It is probably a lot more banal than that. Developing current-generation games has become so expensive that companies find it impossible to justify the risk of not playing safe. Making something like Underworld with modern assets (highres textures, highpoly objects and AI etc.) would also be an incredibly large project, requiring more effort than a development cycle could sustain financially. There are probably a lot more reasons that don't involve anything particularly evil or assholish.





    I remember watching a video about the early years of Mortal Kombat. I think the first game was made by 1 programmer, 1 sound guy and 2 artists. Along with Boon and Tobias.


    As technology gets more advanced and complex, it takes more to get a project going.

  4. But science is so far from human it is inapplicable to our day to day lives.


    Says the person typing on a computer, who (I'm assuming) lives in a house designed by modern architecture and drives a car.


    Unless you mean something else by inapplicable?

  5. Baddcog,


    This one is great!


    The thing that strikes me most about this one are the visuals. The beginning was looking good

    I kinda wanted to explore the town :D




    in the actual rift there were some stretched textures, and some misaligned textures, but other than that, the rest was fine. The mineshaft really looked and felt like a mineshaft. When I got to the secret treasure place, when I surfaced and looked up at the entrance I thought "Woah, thats pretty".




    Half-way through the rift, there was some ambience playing that had some organs in it. But it sounded out of place, like there was a carnival in the distance :P



    I completed all the objectives, but I couldn't finish it because I had a quicksave crash and it killed my save, so Doom3 would crash whenever I loaded my game (this also happened on Sotha's FM).



    Nice job BC :)

  6. Just finished.


    The dark, creepy atmosphere was excellent.


    I really liked the

    flaming revenant, I was going to do something like that once. And also that glowing sphere of undeath reminded me of an idea I had planned for an another FM, which the player had to enter a part of the plague ward and retireve a sacred builder artifact, but it gave off holy light, thus making the player always lit, so it would be a challange to get back to the start. Great minds think alike? :D



    Speaking of

    the orb of undeath, I climbed all the way back up the tower only to find it blocked :(, so I couldn't finish the optional objective



    I found a bug.



    In the room with all the revenants and the orb, I was being chased by them all, I ran down, got in a corner and all the AI froze in place. Than I took out 1 by 1 with my holywater arrows. Haven't tried to repeat it, but just thought you should know.




  7. Hey Jesps,


    Just finished with this one. Very nice!


    I really liked the way the caves look. I probably would of gone with patches which would of taken forever and I'd get too frustrated laugh.gif


    Your caves looked simple and they worked. The layout was great too

    Lots of little areas to explore and find goodies :D


    Lockpicking underwater was getting scary at the beginning



    I especially liked that cannibal guy with the brain fork ohmy.gif



    I thought the glowing fungus was overkill in some areas, but worked pretty good for the most part.



    I managed to find all the loot.


    Overall it was simple, easy, but fun.





    Oh and I did manage to get stuck twice.

    I tried dropping back down on the metal cage with the dead guy in in near the beginning, and I think the other spot was near where the spiders are, by the crates. I was forced to noclip


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