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  1. Switching to cmake would involve learning its syntax, and result in more code to maintain. Maybe if the environment variables were setup as a "best practice" on the systems, that would save the trouble of cmake code generating the changes for you. I know that there are internal Team dynamics and quirks, so again, totally upto you guys!
  2. Hello! First of all, you guys are awesome for bringing out a standalone TDM!! One "issue" that i observed during compilation of TDM2.0 source in VC2010 Ultimate on Windows 7 is that the DirectX SDK path is hardcoded as C:\Program Files (x86)\... which caused the the 'Engine' project build to fail, as my path was different. I had to go to 'engine.vcxproj', and manually replace all such paths for the source to compile. May i suggest that the path be taken from the environment variables (DXDSK_DIR or DIRECTX_SDK_HOME) instead?
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