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  1. i tested the demo mod with the green pepper version and all worked!
  2. sry cant edit topic title anymore. you can get the english version at ebay from great britain. ive already buyed games rater 18 from there. and its also sold here in the electronic market (saturn) for 7 € . its the Green pepper version (uncut). and yes u guys are right only the manual is german, the rest of the game is us, at lest the green peper version. case solved : ) thank you for your answers
  3. Hi, just some questions which i couldnt find fast with the search engine. i'm thinking of buying doom 3 cause of this mod.. so, is it in any way preferable to have the doom 3 expansion also installed? and does tdm work with the german version of doom 3 as good as with the english one? Thank you for a friendly answer.
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