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  1. ok that sounds good. Like i said im currently working on concept art for the awaken mod. But once im through with that, ill come back to you guys and see what i can do. Mods looking great btw, keep it up guys.
  2. Heyas TDM, My name is Thest....but you can call me jester. I know you guys have about three concept artists if im correct? How about a having a fourth? It seems that TDM has alot of character models finished along with some maps...So atm, i dont think you guys really need any more conceptual artwork. But ive been following this mod for a bit, and looks very impressive. Besides that im a huge thief fan A sample of my work? Sure, im currently working for the only F.E.A.R mod in progress entitled "Awaken" as a Lead in the Art department, and a Texture Artist. You can find some of my a
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