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  1. Seems pretty good. A few things though:


    Impact sounds (stuff hitting other stuff) goes in the sfx\movement folder?

    Is an impact considered a movement? I guess it is, sort of, but it doesn't seem logical to me. :)


    Wouldn't it make more sense to put the materials folder in world, and name the sounds wood_impact, wood_destroyed, wood_slide, wood_dropped or something like that?


    @Spring: That's sort of what I was getting to earlier. Some things, like the elemental arrows (fire/water) use pretty generic sounds (explosion/splash) which could possibly be used for other stuff as well. But then again, it might be good to distinguish the weapon sounds from other sounds, so they are easily recognizable.

  2. About arrows, does it make sense to create a folder for each arrow type? Consider the water arrow, or the fire arrow. They have only one impact sound each (splash/kaboom).


    Should there be a /bow/ folder instead, or do we point special arrow types (water/fire) to general water/fire sounds in the /world/ folder?

  3. Faulty EAX setup? It seemed like some of those T2X footsteps just have too much reverb in the sound files themselves. A few of us complained some months ago but apparently the T2X guys don't have the original un-processed ones.

    Yes that is the most probably explanation of course, just forgot to mention it apparently. I'll check it out later today.

  4. I noticed while playing the Bonehoard map that the footsteps seem to be reverbed. It sounded pretty bad in the outdoors section. I talked with Schatten about this and maybe it's got something to do with faulty EAX setup. I'm gonna do a few tests over the next few days.

  5. I'm here!


    Talking to Schatten on IRC, we're gonna sort out the naming conventions and that stuff shortly.


    And hi comp-music. Can't seem to download the file, but according to Schatt it's high-quality stuff, so, glad to have you here. :)

  6. - slamming doors

    - heavy reinforced door (think castle gate)

    - creaks and groans

    - sliding metal

    - sliding stone (this is in D3, but it's kinda... doomy)

    - portcullis as above


    Each would need start, stop, and loop (for during).


    I do have a few sliding stone/metal sounds I never finished. They need a bit of editing, but if you need them soon I could probably set aside some time and get them uploaded.


    I wont be able to do much other than a few sounds here and there I'm afraid, so more people would be welcome.

  7. For now, these sounds are available on cvs/svn:


    water_docks01_loop - mrDischarged

    water_docks02_loop - mrDischarged

    water_docks03_loop - drewb50

    water_drips01 - Saxmeister

    water_drips02 - Saxmeister

    water_ocean01_loop - LiquidBronze

    water_ocean02_loop - LiquidBronze

    water_ocean03_loop - drewb50

    water_ocean04_distant - Darkness_Falls

    water_stream01_loop - drewb50


    And there are several wind sounds as well, I think.

    I've got a few more ocean sounds lying around that I never uploaded, I think.

  8. Yes, please don't overwrite sounds without posting the new ones here first. In general, don't overwrite non-placeholders without getting at least some feedback first. Feel free to do whatever you want with stuff that is labeled as placeholders; consult the sfx design document. (For instance, some decent metal footsteps would be nice :) )


    I have copies of all the original sounds if they are needed. I don't have the mod or cvs here, but I can upload them or send them to someone if you can't figure out how to restore stuff from cvs.


    Oh and yes, Ishtvan is quite right about reverb, don't use too much of it in your sfx, since we'll be using the game engine for that. Ambients, on the other hand, are not affected by this (I hope?)


    (Good job on the tile sounds btw, sounds great)

  9. Well, in most cases you need to pay a fee, and then you are allowed to use the music/pictures as often as you wish. I would assume that if you want to distribute the files in a game there would be some 'special' licence. (I would be surprised if every game project records their own footstep sounds for instance.)


    Sure, there is such a thing as completely free sounds/pictures, but if you want a professional bank (such as Dram's) I would assume that there is a fee involved.


    And yeah, they are usually pretty expensive :)


    Edit - Here is a library that has a licence for PC and video games, so the possibility is definitely there.

  10. Sup guys, just stopping by real quick

    (As you may have guessed I got kind of busy once I got to England and stuff. I do keep myself relatively updated with what's going on around here)


    Anyway, I must say I'm not perfectly comfortable using non-royality free sounds. Yes, I know it can be tempting :) but we shouldn't go down that road unless we really don't have any other choice. Could you ask around and see if you can find out if they're royality free or not?


    (Oh, and the sounds being recorded in surround really doesn't matter, since they'll have to be converted to mono or stereo :) )

  11. Thank you and...errr...how exactly do you upload something to Cvs (never done that before). I use Tortoise.

    There is a thread here but it's really easy with Tortoise so I can just walk you through it.

    1. Place the files in their correct folders.
    2. Select a file (or several files) and right-click. Choose 'CVS Add'. Do this with all your new files. This will add your files to a list of files that is to be uploaded.
    3. Commit (upload) your changes by right-clicking a folder and choose 'CVS Commit'. Do this on a folder that contains all your added files, such as 'models' or even the dark mod root folder. That way, you don't have to commit several times.

    Don't forget to run Putty in the background!

  12. ambient/ambience

    - basement01_loop - schatt

    - city_sleeping_loop - schatt

    - haunted_cemetary - schatt

    - haunted_revenants01b - sax

    - haunted_spectral_loop - schatt

    - haunted_voices03 - sax

    - haunted_voices04_loop - schatt

    - hum_subtle06_loop - schatt

    - mansion_tense02 - sax

    - nocturne01a_loop - schatt

    - nocturne01b - schatt

    - ticktack_loop - schatt



    - clock_tick01_loop - sax

    - clock_tick02_loop - sax

    - machine_distant03_loop - sax

    - machine_noise13_loop - sax

    - machine_start03 - sax

    - machine_stop03 - sax

    - weather_rain05_loop - sax



    - frob_instrument_piano01 - sax

    - frob_instrument_piano02 - sax

    - frob_instrument_piano03 - sax

    - frob_instrument_piano04 - sax

    - frob_instrument_piano05 - sax

  13. @Sax:

    You can always check this thread to see what we have/need:

    Sounds: SFX


    These three would be a good start perhaps?

    - arrow_broadhead_flesh (0/2)

    - arrow_broadhead_metal (0/2)

    - arrow_broadhead_stone (0/2)




    I have a library (that we can distribute) that still has some stuff we could probably use. But we need lots of things that aren't in there, so it might be a good idea to be on the lookout for a good quality library somewhere.

  14. There is a gallery that should have pictures of every model on CVS.

    You will find it here: www.tjoff.com/jens/darkmod/gallery/


    Springheel has been managing it for the last few months but we have now created a generic account that you all can use if you want to add or edit a model. The idea is that this page should mirror what's on CVS, and also include notes about any problems attached to the model. If your model has several skins, please include them in the model picture.


    Login: www.tjoff.com/jens/darkmod/gallery/admin/login.php

    User: darkmod

    Pass: unclegay

  15. Is there anything left to do here? I could lend a hand if it's needed. Did you finish all the concepts or are they still wips? I remember doing some clockwork things but if you finished yours already I might as well scrap them. Would be nice to get this thing ingame sooner rather than later. Suppose we can always fine-tune things (graphics) down the road.

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