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  1. Hi guys, I have very few source files, and only my own. I remember some of my own loops having problems, but I never thought I actually uploaded those. If you could provide a list of the sounds in question I could dig around a bit.
  2. There are only 10 step_normal_grass as far as I can see. Correct?
  3. Yeah, about that Sitepoint forum, it's a like a new world opening up I had no idea existed.. Basically, what happened was I'm part of quite a complex project, and maintainance was getting out of hands. Whenever you did something you'd break something else etc. Things were, to say the least, a mess. That's why I began looking at design patterns and frameworks which eventually led me to this whole MVC debacle. Suffice to say, it's rather complicated. Even if I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. Actually, I've got the MVC part covered. Now I'm wrestling with how to structure Domain Logic.
  4. Did you even read what I said? I said one that can tilt 90 degrees into "portrait mode". That means you get way more lines than columns. More than on a regular 4:3 screen. Edit - Like this one: http://www.eizo.com/products/lcd/l997/index.asp
  5. Well, take a look at the link I posted above, if you dare.. I'm trying to learn more about object oriented programming, and how you apply it to websites. The MVC pattern seems to be what most people advocates. Even if apparently no one agrees on what it really means.. Just take a look at some of the replies I got.
  6. Well, I've been fiddling with it for a few days now. Read a lot of articles about it. (This is a php implementation we're talking about, and I know it differs slightly from, say, Java) It really doesn't help that people can't agree on how it should function, and that there are countless variations and a whole lot of unfamiliar terminology. (The deeper you dig..) I posted this rather long thread over at Sitepoint today. MVC Madness. Not sure if you guys would understand it without knowing php. I don't really know how similar it is to other languages. Basically it's a lot of information to d
  7. You should get one of them widescreens that can tilt 90 degrees. That must be excellent for coding.
  8. Ha! Good thing I caught it then.. Sounds like you did quite a lot of stuff. Congrats!
  9. Wow, thanks for all the great answers! This is good stuff. So, you guys know anything about the MVC pattern... (Sub Effect! You're a php coder! Please tell me you're awsome and will help me understand all my php5 questions!)
  10. Dom, your Facebook states that you put together two maps *zensored* . I hope you were you allowed to say as much! Edited by sparhawk on behalf of Domarius.
  11. Thanks for the replies and examples guys, I think I more or less understand what static does. I've been learning about "accessor methods" or something like that today. Let's see if I got this straight. Objects should be self-contained and their variables preferably private or protected. This means that you have to write Get() and Set() functions/methods to retrieve and update variables from outside the class. In php this looks like: class MyClass { public function __get($var) { return $this->$var; } public function __set($var, $val) { $this->$var = $val; } } I've tried it and it w
  12. pakmannen


    Joined! (I'm the one without a picture.. Gonna fix that one of these days)
  13. I just came across static today actually, while installing php5 on my computer (which has better OO support, I'm told) I've played around a bit, and read some examples at php.net. Here's how I understand it: A function or a variable within a class can be static. This means you can use them without creating an object. In php it looks like this: class A { static function foo() { } function bar() { } } A::foo(); $obj = new A; $obj->bar(); And yeah, that obviously means you can't use $this-> in a static function, since no object exists. Your post made more sense when I
  14. After reading a bit on the python website, I think it seems a fine starting point, and also quite useful in that you can quickly whip up a program to do basic stuff like batch renaming files. I don't see anyone writing a java application for that sort of thing. It (python) does feel more like a scripting language though. I do have php experience, so I know about a lot of the basic concepts like arrays, loops, conditions, functions and classes. Of course, php isn't nearly as strict as C++ or Java. There are no datatypes per se, you just create a variable and it can take any sort of value. As
  15. I read somewhere that C# was a mix of C++ and Java but yeah, I shunned away from it as soon as I read Microsoft. It's not that I have much against them but as you say, why start with a proprietary language? Java seems to be the most sensible option, since I want to learn OO from the start. I'll take a look at Python as well, thanks for that one OrbWeaver. Oh, any of you have experience with Ada?
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