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  1. Hey Schatt, downloading the files now. I'm sure they're great as always.


    On a general note, I synced with the mod earlier so I should be able to upload a bunch of ambients and stuff that has been lying around for far too long. Sorry about that.


    (Totally forgot about our :) cruscade Schatt, gotta get back to that someday)

  2. Concepts like kfmccalls could also theoretically be used for illustrations in books and scrolls found in the game. It should be possible to blend sketches like those with the background.


    They could also work on our "setting" a bit, creating symbols and whatnot for all the different guilds and factions.

  3. Personally I don't think the distinction between objects bouncing/rolling/sliding/slipping is something we can do by the first release, but I could be wrong if we get more programmers or find an easy, efficient way to do it.

    Thief 3 did it. Does anyone have the soundfiles extracted? It could be helpful to look at them, and see how they are constructed. Maybe that will even be helpful from a programming perspective.

  4. I'm afraid I have a request that will require a shitload of new sounds:


    Moveable items falling on different surfaces. This could vary by the moveable and the surface. I think we'll be able to make do with some general sounds for this (e.g., small item falling in snow, large item falling in snow, ceramic item falling on wood, etc), but it's still a lot of sounds. Hope we get some more SFX people soon. :)

    Already more or less planned for this from the get go. The impact sounds were meant to do this:


    - material_glass_impact (0/3)

    - material_grass_impact (0/3)

    - material_gravel_impact (0/3)

    - material_marble_impact (0/3)

    - material_metal_impact (0/3)

    - material_porcelain_impact (0/3)

    - material_stone_impact (0/3)

    - material_water_impact (0/3)

    - material_wood_impact (3/3)


    Where we would have three sounds for each material, the three sounds representing different object sizes. However, I think this changed somewhere down the road, since we wanted a bit more variety. Currently we have three material_wood_impact sounds, which all sounds like big objects.


    But anyway, point is, I'm aware of the need for these types of sounds. I'd love to have stuff like things rolling around as well but I have no idea how that would work with the physics engine etc.


    And yes, we need more people. I'm not gonna be able to do all of these myself. I'll try to get organized and speak with NH about some kind of SFX recruitment drive.

  5. Why don't we want the world to continue when you check your objectives? I thought maps and objectives would utilize the same system Gildoran coded for readables?


    Also, yeah, we agreed to use JD quite a long time ago I think, but things have been so messed up with the work on the menus that it's hard to remember what has been done and what hasn't.

  6. Trumpet is one of my favourite instruments actually. Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis.. Great album! I'm also a big fan of mariachi which is very not-Thief but awsome nontheless. Watched Calexico live last month. Heaven! :)


    Anyway. I'm sure a lonely trumpet would fit in well with the universe if played properly. A sample would be, as others have said, appreciated.


    Also, I'm guessing you're sitting on a quality microphone if you do your own recordings? Would you be able to help out with SFX as well?

  7. Sorry, not checking the board too often at the moment (still trying to check once a while and answer any questions. Oh, that reminds me, if you have a question, send a PM since I have email notification turned on, that way I'll answer for sure)


    Not sure I can do this myself right now so if Schatten or drewb or Sax or anyone wants to have a go at it that'd be great. Reg. steam it's under ambient/environmental.


    (Might be confusing as to why steam is there and fire aint but I was originally working under the assumption that we would build the game like Thief where we "hardcoded" sounds for torches and other special entities. Since torches and machines will probably be similar in how they are created (groups or prefabs in the editor) it might make sense to change this someday)

  8. Oh, we can't use those videos, way too low-res, and I don't have the source material anymore. Plus I think we should stick to the parchment theme like everywhere else.


    @Gild: Well, rotating is spinning, I think? :) I just reacted to you saying it would take a lot of time to do the swirling.. How are you creating it now?

  9. @Gildoran: For a swirl, wouldn't this work: Create a new image in photoshop and render->clouds it (black & white). Add it ontop of the background in the GUI and use whatever blendingmode you used for the characters on the menu screens. The rotate/move the image.


    It sorta looks like that's how ID did their animated "creepy" textures.

  10. Jumping in to give some feedback (almost done with my exams.. soooon..)


    First of all, the font, I'd prefer Carleton. It's just cooler. (Plus I think you overdid it a bit with the photoshop filters, but I see the problem here: you can't use a one color font since the background looks the way it does. And having the text be solid orange would probably look pretty weird.)


    When I think about it, do we even need text? Thief had text for mission success, but none for death.


    Anyway, the skull: I like Spring's, but I agree it should be rotated correctly, it does look pretty funny the way it is now :) Like he's kinda, I dunno, happy or something. Hm. :)

    Not sure about the glow in the eyes, can't decide if I like it or not. Heh..

  11. @Ish: Okey, I get it. I'll check with drewb50 if he can do the videos when he's done with the intro thing.


    @Dom: Yeah. I think most of the time you failed an objective which didn't end the mission, you got a new one, and the standard objective sound was played anyway. Probably this I remembered.

  12. And I'm talking about the sounds, not the videos too. And I said, there was only one chime sound for completing. There was no sound for failing.

    There might have been no sound upon objective (mission) failure but I'm positive they used the same sound for completing an objective, getting a new one and invalidating/changing one.


    Ishtvan, we already have an objective sound on CVS, I would appreciate it if you would use that one instead of uploading more temporary sounds. For mission failure, you can play the mission_start.ogg sound (in the same folder as misison_objective.ogg, sfx/game) for now. Both these sounds are already added to the tdm_sfx_game soundshader.

  13. Yeah sorry, been busy as you probably know.. Only got one more week until I'm practically free of all kinds of responsibilities for a while, so I plan to do a lot of mod work then.

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