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  1. The mage as in his avatar? If so, yeah, I liked it.

    The other thief pose looks good as well.


    Also, I dont want the images to change that often. Every 30-45-60s or something like that would be fine. Then you wouldn't get much repitition even if we only have say 10 images.

  2. So, I'd like to get some feedback on a certain question. The startup screen we've been working on looks different depending on monitor. The original looks washed out on one of my monitors, especially the trees and the circle around the clock. The trees are almost transparent, and you can see through the branch that intersects with the clock. Anyway, the other menu screens don't have this problem, so I'm currently trying to fix the startup. I've got two versions here I'd like you to look at and compare:


    - Lighter version (This is the original)

    - Dark version/Dark version 2 (This is a new, edited version)


    If the first one looks ok to you, does the second one also look ok?

    If the first one looks washed out/crappy, does the second one look better?

  3. There is also an issue with the concept looking kinda washed out on a few screens. Namely the trees on the left and the ring around the clock. The trees look almost transparent. Anyone experience this? I'm trying to get an idea of how common this problem is. I am planning on fixing it, once I know more about the problem.

    Okey, I now have two versions. The dark one looks better on the monitor where I am now, but I haven't gotten a chance to look at it on my regular one, where the light one looks ok. So, could you guys take a look at these two and compare? Which one looks best on your monitor?


    - Dark version

    - Lighter version (the current one)


    Edit - While I was at it, I made a different version of the forest

    (Again, compare to see the difference)

  4. I'm only going to need it for the intro video, which will be done in AfterEffects or similar (by drewb50). So 1024x756 will work fine (you do the "circular" cropping inside AE). So just upload that one, and I'll pass it along to drewb50.


    Edit - Oh, for the loading screen, do you need a cropped clock in a smaller file size? I could ask drewb50 to make one for you if you want. (Or can you shrink the filesize yourself when you convert to ROQ?)

  5. @Spring: I worked a bit on the PSD. Did a few verisons of the citywatch. citywatch2 might have the more interesting pose, but I still think citywatch1 (the closeup) turned out better in the end. (It's also higher res)


    I'm also starting to change my mind about the priest, it looks kinda plastic or something. Plus the pose is somewhat ridiculous.


    Uploading now Uploaded


    @drumple: Heh, I also started thinking of NOLF when I wrote that post. Snazzy menu that one :D

  6. @drumple: if we're using ingame characters, why not use the actual model? You can put models in a GUI right?


    @Spring: I think a mix between close up and not so close up would be nice. Maybe not 100% full-figure. Currently the haunt AND the priest are posed like this. So that's like, 2 out of 5 :)


    The bot: oh, didn't think of that. A real shame if we didn't get something like that ingame!


    I'm also not sure about having the ingame characters there as well. They don't really look like the prerenders, so there might be a clash. We'll see how that turns out though.


    @Gildoran&Drumple: I'll take a look at those tests

  7. @Spring: The shots are rendered in lightwave, yes. I don't think we can really count on getting any more than we already have. I worked a bit on the priest, it looks a better. Also added the mech bot.


    The only ones I don't like are the citywatch and uncle gay the hammer guard. A few of the other ones are a bit low-res but it's not that obvious, and nothing we can do much about. (Thief, Prelate, Priest, Haunt))


    Also added a few concepts Odd made of other things but I dunno..

    Here's the PSD


    (For the record, good going Gild)

  8. We already talked about having the startup animation thing starting with the clock, then revealing the title, then our team name. I talked to drewb50 about that (he's doing the promo-vid) and he's game.


    So having the initial start screen be a still image wouldn't really be a problem.


    What about the default loadingscreen? Would it be possible to have that one with the animated clock?

  9. I'm not sure that will be possible without ditching the "swirling background" thing. Cause I seriously doubt we'll be able to separate the sketches from the background, and use alpha channels, like drumple suggested.


    It would probably look good though, I dont argue with that. My initial idea was actually to have the characters move, slow-motion, still frame animation kinda thing. :) (That would have been really hard to do with prerendered images though, so I ditched that one)


    Edit - How's it going with the psd?

  10. What's the status on this drumple? Managed to get a version ingame yet?

    Also, did you get the PM from Gildoran about the scaling method? It sounded like a good idea to me, since we could store the images looking the same way as the originals.


    There is also an issue with the concept looking kinda washed out on a few screens. Namely the trees on the left and the ring around the clock. The trees look almost transparent. Anyone experience this? I'm trying to get an idea of how common this problem is. I am planning on fixing it, once I know more about the problem.

  11. Drumple is currently coding a menu framework.

    Napalm has coded parts of a menu framework in the past.


    Drumple has problems getting a custom cursor ingame.

    Napalm has imported a custom cursor in the past.


    The issues are many, gentlemen. Let's sort them out. :)

    Work out what each of you are going to be doing. Gildoran is also permitted on this forum as an advisor, since he has experience with GUI coding etc.

  12. True, and yes I did import fonts, using Q3font, but was having some probs at getting them into game, font wise they worked but sizewise I was having issues do to they way D3 codes into 3 different size levels, they looked blurred like drump was sayng, when I was importing I just ended up using images for alot of the font, and was using d3 text for basic menus with a slight text color. And yes the mouse cursors was found. Anyways, Excuse me for not replying to the thread. Going back to what I said again, is there stuff beyond concepts of the menus. Because from what I read in the other thread you posted, there isn't, which brings me back to the exact same problem I had however long ago...I don't have anything to work with. Constant communication is a good idea, but if little changes over time, and the concepts arn't complete then I don't really have anythng to communicate about, besides pointing things out here and there and building framework, but even thats limtied because the framwork is already there in the original D3 menu.

    Actually, drumple is in the progress of coding all the menus, without any artwork. A framework, so to speak. If you want any more details about that, ask him.


    There is one thing needs to be done, that will be on every menu screen. We want to have sort of a "swirling" motion effect on the background layer (the parchment) which you can find here: Background. Gildoran experimented a bit with some effects, but I never think he managed to get it working. I have no idea how to achieve this effect, but it should be possible. There is something similar on the GUI that shows up when you die in Doom 3. Ours dont need to be that intense though, just a subtle, you know, motion going on.


    You should be able to work on that without interfering with drumples work, but other than that, you should talk to him about what tasks are still open. I mean we've got objective screens, purchase screens etc, all of which will probably need coding.

  13. other than that.. im still adding gui code to nit them altogether.. which still needs work. im building a framework

    which is what i wanted to do in the start, get a working template without any graphics at all going 1st.. then

    just add the graphics where is needed. any new concept artwork can be just dropped in over the existing ones.

    Sounds perfect

  14. i guess i should post an update on the main menus, im still adding in all the text headers for all the menus

    which takes some time since they are multilayered and there's so many, but its coming along. im aiming to

    present a menu with no fire/flame effects 1st since it's easier and if looks and works like ppl have concieved

    then adding in the other razzle dazzle can be done overtime before the final version of the darkmod comes out.

    All the concepts for the main menus aren't done yet, and none have been created in high-res.. Just so you know! As long as you code everything so that images can be easily replaced everything should be cool.


    I wasn't gonna start transfering the main menus to high-res until we had sorted out the startup thing, but is that finished now or what? What remains to be done?

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