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  1. Well... partially. That editor guy did act as an asshole, I cite his edit comment: "Sorry, not notable - feel free to show that it IS notable (burden is on you now, not on me). (TW))"

    Instead of editing the wiki page and writing this log he could just type --the dark mod-- in google to see how notable the mod is. In order to add the missing citations. Even if he never heard of it before. Instead he acted as an arrogant freak with the approach "If I do not know, then it is not true".


    On the other hand under the plethora of evidences he give up.

  2. Hi everyone, I sporadically followed this thread and I felt a descent to madness (I vaguely recall stuff like non-free jumping, same key for dashing and jumping, no support whatsoever for modding...) however now the game is out! It is bad as it seemed?

  3. DRM has destroyed the possibility of modern gaming for so many, myself included.

    Not enough unfortunately, people do not care about basics...


    I dread the day the polymer of my Thief discs will get brittle and shatter, like so many have reported and held little funerals for, ha! If you are privileged, you cannot understand, and unless you are sniffing arrogantly at the idea that you have neighbors who are not as privileged and do NOT take what you enjoy for granted, the least you could do is stop taking our only options just because you don't get it.

    I happened to me, when I saw gog selling DRM-free copies I was SO HAPPY... :)

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  4. You are forgetting the difficult part... AI. Perhaps the vision and pathfinding can adapted with ease, but possibly not.


    I disagree about particles, the player should not be able to distinguish between a teleporter and a normal hallway.

  5. That said the new 3D skybox code by 7318 and grayman should work for this purpose.

    This sounds promising, I always wanted to play around with portals and I think TDM is the perfect context as a single player atmospheric game.

  6. I try to be advocate of the devil here...



    No Hammers/Pagans/Keepers? The lore is completely new, expect surprises!


    -Magic and/or Steampunk

    More earthly medieval setting, more familiar to new gamers.


    -Stephen Russell

    The actor who gave the movements also gave the voice, it will sounds more natural. I will miss Russell though.


    -Limited rope arrow usage

    -Freeform jumping and movement

    -Any kind of editor or SDK

    ... I have no arguments to defend them here. Plain bullshit, overall the last point. F U.

  7. Actually, if you are really that interested, there is a console command that will make loot wireframes appear through walls and such. I can't remember it, but you can look it up. It's technically cheating I guess, but you can do it, and sometimes it can be an interesting challenge finding out how to get to the loot.

    Well, it sounds better than my approach so far. If the frustration get excessive (to me it usually means about 20 minutes after getting all other objectives) I just type: god notarget noclip and scan the map linearly; when/if I get something I reload and continue.



    Another thing is the AI, sometime the characters get stuck around the doors. They walk in circles in front of it, perhaps a check should be added so they notice, go a little away and try again.

  8. You mean doing a secure wipe, yes that would take a few hours. Buyt doinga partition wipe and then a full format of the hard drive wont take that long.

    Thats what I said, isn't it? To delete the partition table you just need to delete about a megabyte in the beginning (and possibly the end depending on the kind of partitioning) of data. Deleting everything means to write on every sector of the disk.

  9. - I am not sure what is a trim texture, yet I guess it is fine...

    - We are not writing a mission, but I thought there is a "default" game dimension such that the texture should be rendered. Considering your answer it is probably not the case.

    - What I meant is that the diffuse map already has shadows in it. According to the wiki they should be removed.

    - It is about a .dds file I made. In the two screenshots in the last message there is exactly the same material, but in one the diffusemap is a .jpg in the other is a .dds compressed with dxt1. I am using gimp with the plugin where I exported the picture using default options but the "BC1 / DXT1" compression. It is probably not very important for the diffuse map as the .jpg as already fine, but in the case I have to write a specular map I would to be sure that my .dds files are correct.

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