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  1. I had similar problem half-year ago, when I left any tries to done with existing models. Broken notebook, 5 monthes of waitng from Service Center, working on low one, result - buying new one, but burn out and can't handle myself to turn back to this process.


    1.5 week I spent to found all staff and seting up all like it was before, but today I remeber almost all I had known when I stoped last time ))).

  2. Wow )) How much letters I found))

    Don't worry about replacing - all I do is adding polys by spliting existing one and moving points, except of very poor items, like legs in armchair. I don't try to create absolutely new model, just upgrade existed one. Problems can be, but chances are very small.

    I want to save all texture maps and skins 100% working on upgraded models.


    New staff is much more huge work, and doing it after RL work is hard enough. Instead of upgrading existing models.

    Plus I agree with Springheel - today there are almost all needed objects in TDM build and I decide that more usefull to redone them. After playing few missions I saw that there are models look like from quake 3, when all another is looking pretty well. And big role in replacing old one with upgraded is to involve more users in this project.

  3. Pillow was untoched since spring 2014 %) Bed cover I use custom not-mine texture founded in internet. I want to find tdm texture and model for this both positions. Gold... I like polished shiny gold, that's what kind of gold prefered to me %))


    Thanks for your comment.


    I planned, how I said higher, to make corrections on weekend, because there is a chance that I should make new UV maps for some of the models


    About help - I think would be great to male some modeller's group in community, where every member can have access to work models and fix some issues

  4. And how can it be implemented to existed maps? When I change models, I just replace them in *.pk4. I understand that if I want to make them "LODable", I need to correct every entity in map or not?


    @Springheel. Can you share for me some directory where I can drop remaked models? I think it must be more comfortable...

  5. About LOD system, I've read something half year ago, but understand that it is not very useful. Maybe I'm wrong about it for today


    @Melan - Good question, if I can have access to hi-poly models with texture, this make work much easy


    Question from me:

    I always can't understand why round objects ingames can't be with 16 or 32 vertices to look almost like real?

    My version of it. Cost additional 80 triangles (40 ontop and 40 onbottom. Old 160 triangles, renewed - 240 triangles)




    I think this difference doesn't cost too much to leave models like on left screen...

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